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  1. "National Womens Day"... Next time i hear something about womens rights, im going to slit my wrists and hold them both under salted water.
  2. Mr D Mentia

    Room 101

    Private fucking licence plates. These, amongst many other factors in my life tend to really piss me off. Not only due to the arrogance and over-inflated ego of any smug prick who owns one of these, but also because of the fact that the smug prick who decided to invest their well earned savings (typically from hairdressing) into one of these, could have invested the money into something worth while. JFK memorabilia for example. Don't get me wrong, i have nothing against hairdressers. Being a hairdresser is fine. Being a hairdresser and owning a 06 Audi TT is borderline acceptable. Being a hairdresser and owning an 06 Audi TT accompanied by a Licence plate which boldly displays "PRNC355" is fucking disgraceful. You may aswell have a piece of fucking plasterboard taped onto your bonnet which reads: "I Am A Cunt"
  3. Mr D Mentia

    New Here And Just Saying Hello

    Lets keep this clear and concise. I am an ex-milatary officer who has served 2 years in the Afghan war, spending my time abusing slaves and grilling Afghani warrior heads until I had my left arm and both legs blown off by an IED. I joined Deathlist for one purpose. To regularly supply myself with the satisfaction of the death of others and the commotion that surrounds it. Thats all thats too it. Thank you and I am sure my time here at Deathlist will be memorable.

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