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  1. Yama

    The 8th death of 2021

    Dole. Will he him or Carter I reckon, but I decided on Dole.
  2. Yama

    15. Jimmy Carter

  3. Yama

    The 5th death of 2021

    Voted for Jimmy C
  4. Yama

    The Dead of 2021

    In that case then, this year's list was published too early, as it went live in the early hours of 1st Jan UK time. Someone on the list living in America could have died an hour later, where it would still be 31st December 2020, thus being a hit for the 2020 list (if they were on it) and invalidating the 2021 list.
  5. Yama

    Biggest Miss of 2021

  6. Yama

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2021 Deathlist

    Me neither and I'm from the UK. Same with Parker and Menem - never heard of either of them. I think that's the answer as to why they're not on the list. Saying that, though, it does sound like Menem could have gone on in the same vein as Arap Moi did last year - another person no-one's heard of, but a guaranteed hit.
  7. Yama

    The 21st Death of 2020?

    Dole on new years eve
  8. Yama

    Pierre Cardin

    Is this the latest in the year that there's ever been a hit?
  9. Yama

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Queen Sirikit of Thailand could be a good one for the list. Wife of the late king who died in 2016, she's had multiple strokes and other serious health issues and is rarely seen in public. Only question I guess would be if she's famous enough.
  10. Yama

    The 19th Death of 2020

    Went with Betty White this time
  11. Yama

    The 18th death of 2020

  12. Yama

    Peter Sutcliffe

    Arap Moi had loads too before he died earlier this year.
  13. Yama

    The 17th death of 2020

    Betty White
  14. Yama

    The 16th Death of 2020

    Murray Walker
  15. Yama

    Donald J Trump

    From the man himself:

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