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  1. DemBones

    Ice Hockey Players

    Only American player ever to score five goals in an NHL game, when he was with the Rangers. I’m a San Jose Sharks fan since the team’s founding, and he also has a minor claim to fame in their history too, with an assist on the first goal they ever scored. RIP
  2. DemBones

    FIFA World Cup Players

    Gustavo Pena, who played in two World Cups for Mexico and was team captain in 1970, dead from Covid at age 78. (link is in Spanish)
  3. DemBones

    Canadian Eh! List 2021 (2/50)

    I didn’t even know that Norman Jewison was still alive. Thought he’d popped it a few years ago somehow.
  4. DemBones

    Pop culture you've merged in your head

    One of my favorite movie soundtracks too, by Tangerine Dream. On the topic, when I was a kid I got very confused by the pop group Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. When I saw that name crop up in the charts I thought it was just describing some musical collaboration between The Cult and Lisa Lisa (whoever she was). Wasn’t until years later I actually got that straightened out, but I still tend to lump them both together in my head even though their musical styles are totally different.
  5. DemBones

    Brian Blessed

    I wanted him to play Slughorn in the Harry Potter movies. From the first time I read Half-Blood Prince I always pictured him in that role.
  6. DemBones

    American Football Players

    I’m guessing you can probably thank Shirley Temple for that, she was such a megastar in the 30s.
  7. DemBones

    American Football Players

    There were 18 players left from the first Super Bowl team when I looked it up back in April, though I didn’t list them all out. So I guess 17 now, plus one coach.
  8. DemBones

    Dead Pop Stars

    Sorry. I never looked at the other thread, just this one.
  9. DemBones

    Dead Pop Stars

    There’s still one more left that I know of, sax player Joey Ambrose.
  10. DemBones

    World War II Veterans

    That ship’s already sailed, mate. The last veteran (officially) from WWI was a lady from the Women’s RAF who worked as a steward. She outlived the last combat veteran by about 9 months.
  11. DemBones

    Beauty Queens

    Now there’s someone who lived a full life. Beauty queen, journalist, TV presenter, entrepreneur, and a former First Lady of Kentucky. Although this old Peanuts cartoon will always be the first thing I think of whenever I hear her name mentioned.
  12. DemBones

    Dead Pop Stars

    1980s Bad Company, which was my intro to the band. I have fond memories of my brother picking me up from Sunday School with “Holy Water” blaring on the car stereo and other parents in the parking lot giving us sideways looks. I liked his singing though, even if he was always going to suffer compared to Paul Rodgers. RIP.
  13. DemBones


    Straw has to be the betting favorite to go first from that lot, right? I’m half-surprised he’s not dead already.
  14. DemBones

    American Football Players

    I just did some research, because it seems like Lombardi-era Packers have been dying off at a remarkable rate recently. Sure enough, of the 41 players on the roster for the first Super Bowl champion team (1966-67), ten of them have died in just the last three years, including four already this year alone. That might not bode well for Paul Hornung in particular, given his heavy drinking into the 1970s and more recent battles with dementia. That said, 18 of them are still alive, so it’ll still be a while before we start shifting into “last survivor watch” mode. And one of the coaching staff is also still alive, defensive backs coach (and later Vikings HC) Jerry Burns.
  15. DemBones


    Damaso Garcia, a two-time all-star second baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays in the 1980s, is dead at 63. He was given six months to live about 30 years ago after they found a brain tumor, so you could say he beat the odds. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29038959/former-blue-jays-2b-damaso-garcia-dies-63 I don’t really remember seeing him play, though I’m sure I did, but his ‘84 Topps baseball card was one of the first I ever owned.

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