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  1. 7 hours ago, Toast said:


    There seems to be a tendency in my family to keep you hanging around for hours and then die the moment you leave the room for any reason.

    I worked in a hospital for years and this is quite common. Long family vigil for days & the minute they nip out for a coffee the patient dies. Some of the nurses would even suggest the family went out for a bit of fresh air, believing that the patient was just hanging on until they were on their own.

    My Dad did something similar. It was the first time we’d persuaded mum to leave his beside in 48 hours and my sister wouldn’t have coped if he’d died while she was in the room on her own. In the end it was just him and me. I think he knew I’d be the one who would cope the best. 

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  2. Up until recently I worked in the emergency department of the hospital he has been admitted to. I’m surprised he went to that particular hospital given where he lives and there is a bigger, possibly better equipped hospital only slightly further away. A lot of it depends on where the ambulance has been sent from tho & how close they are to clocking off! 

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  3. And surely you won’t know who the biggest miss is until the end of the year anyway. Going to be a long year if some tit pops up on here and  claims every remotely famous death is the biggest miss. 

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  4. Listening to tonights episode and it features both Peggy (June Spencer, 101) and Jim Lloyd (John Rowe, who turns 80 years old tomorrow) 

    Both sound like they’ll be around for a few years yet :)

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  5. 1 hour ago, Gooseberry Crumble said:

    Oh I'm listening two weeks behind on BBC sound so haven't  heard Clarrie.  Pat Archer  stands out the most to me as being absent. Ruth, David, Brian and Jennifer, Lillian, Jill and more recently  Peggy all featured.

    I can't remember if Leonard was in any of the scenes with Jill?



    Don’t remember hearing anything from Pat since last Christmas. Some of the other older cast members who I don’t think have featured for a while are Jim, Leonard, Christine and Bert (Bert & Christine haven’t been regulars for a few years but usually get rolled out at Christmas) 
    Most episodes only feature four actors instead of the previous six, so there are loads of cast members who haven’t been heard from for months. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, Gooseberry Crumble said:

    Cant remember when Adam or Clarrie were last on the show.

    I’m pretty sure Adam was on back in the early days of the monologue episodes, when the cast were recording from home, not heard from him for a while tho. Clarrie was on end of last week, first time she’s featured for months. 

    Now they’ve gone down to 4 episodes a week I don’t suppose they need as many actors. 


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