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  1. Bend

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Ah damn. Just realized i missed it. Life hasn't been treating me well as of late, so maybe it's for the best. Good luck to everyone else.
  2. Bend

    George Bush Senior

    Some of the people here are damn fast. I'm always impressed.
  3. Bend

    Stan Lee

    Miss for me, didn't want to believe it would happen. I hate my optimism. R.I.P. Lived life to the fullest, it seems.
  4. Bend

    Stephen Hawking

  5. Bend

    Denis Norden

  6. Bend

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Well. I rushed my list out, but I submit it nonetheless. This is my first time doing this, good luck to all
  7. Bend

    31. Willie Nelson

    Take that out of context
  8. Bend

    New Here And Just Saying Hello

    Well. It appears i missed this thread. Hello, people I uh... i'm not totally sure what to put here. I don't remember exactly when and how i found this website (this year though, i know that much) and i haven't been lurking for that long at all. But the whole idea of this list has interested me for a while and dead pools seem quite intriguing, so i figured i might as well create an account and participate - seeing as it's December and all. Hopefully i won't become as bad as The Mad Hatter seemed to be
  9. Bend

    Who Should Be On The 2018 Deathlist?

    Eh. The only real reason why he's famous is because he's an ISIS captive. If he wasn't, i doubt you would've heard of him. I don't think it's deathlist-y enough.
  10. Bend

    Predictions not death anyone else feeling psychic

    Sometime next year, someone will break the world record for the world's tallest person.
  11. Bend


    Hm. I guess December 27th for Bracknell? Seems unlikely from what I've seen after lurking for a bit but only time will tell.

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