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  1. Historically Already Dead Pool

    That's what I was thinking.Logistically bonkers
  2. Celebrity Pets

    Now I don't know about you but I prefer a certain easy going frolicsomeness in all my dogs; the idea of a mutt with gravitas & reserved aloofness turns on its head what a dog really should be about
  3. Queen Elizabeth II

    Her aim is 100% accurate,I hear, when it comes to taking out peasants... Or is that pheasants? I forget
  4. Queen Elizabeth II

    Good job it was tripod mounted
  5. Dale Winton

    It's either JLM or Lewis Collins or David Niven. Mystery solved
  6. Dale Winton

    BTW,what I do with my sock on a cold lonely night is none of your damn business. A man gets lonely sometimes.A man has needs...
  7. Dale Winton

    I'm flattered then. I can assure everyone I'm flesh and blood(or skin & bone as my anti-vegan diet dietician likes to call it). I will being going up in smoke up the crematorium chimney just like the rest of you: I ain't no howling banshee
  8. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Barry Manilow sings the All Time Great Broadway songbook...and fuck anyone who says I'm a shirtlifter
  9. Drunk? Bored?? Psychopath???

    I've spent a lifetime studying illness,usually in others,though the odd squint into the mirror every now and then always helps to determine when early intervention is needed in oneself,and I can honestly report that with a lot of maladies things look far far worse than they actually are. Hope that helps
  10. Dale Winton

    Whatever that means...
  11. Dale Winton

    Lol I don't believe it! Shushhh. Stop spreading scurrilous rumours. I've partly come on to DL to cruise for 'hot chicks' as I've heard it's a bit like TinderĀ®, but for the morbidly afflicted. My kind of woman!
  12. Attenborough would come as a great shock to many. I hope we can squeeze another decade out of him before that happens
  13. Thank you for reminding us all of his BAT days
  14. Cuddly cheroot puffing,hush puppy schlepping,jazz bopping,Brexit cussing,baccy pushing Ken Clarke
  15. Yes,but only up to 12. His numeraliteracy skills sorely let him down after that