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    Bernie Ecclestone

    To be honest I always thought that was a bit unfair to Heesters.. The question he was asked (in Dutch, a language he no longer spoke well after so many years in Germany) was about what Hitler was like personally. He wasn't asked about his views on the nazi era, but about what Heesters thought of him when he met Hitler back then.. It really feels like a setup when you watch the clip. What a trainwreck of an interview with Ecclestone. Holy shit
  2. Seppuku

    9. Jimmy Carter

    Interesting. I never knew Anne Buydens wasn't his mother. Sorry
  3. Seppuku

    9. Jimmy Carter

    Michael Douglas was 75 when Kirk died.
  4. Seppuku

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Which of you miserable bastards is writing the live blog of the jubilee concert for the Guardian? https://www.theguardian.com/music/live/2022/jun/04/queens-platinum-jubilee-concert-2022-follow-the-platinum-party-at-the-palace-live?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
  5. Seppuku

    Ebola and Other Viruses

    Who would have thought two years ago.. Current global death toll sits around 6,2 million. So they were off by only 90%! Which for National Enquirer standards, is pretty damn impressive.
  6. Seppuku

    Simon Cowell

    Either that or a bad guy from Thunderbirds
  7. Seppuku

    11. Dick Cheney

    Trying to lend us a hand by giving him covid?
  8. Seppuku

    50. Shane MacGowan

    Mumbled his way through Dirty Old Town the other day. Apparently the first time he has left his home since last year's knee injury.
  9. Seppuku

    Queen Beatrix

    Former queen Beatrix has tested positive for the Coronavirus. 'Doing great' and 'in good spirits' obviously. Will probably be fine, but she's also a 83 year old smoker, so..
  10. Seppuku

    Kåre Willoch

    Not a Kåre in the world.
  11. Seppuku

    Who Should Make the Deathlist in 2022?

    That would be a great pick! Big name in science, 94 next year and has been looking like he's in a state of decomposition for years. Also a great candidate to inherit Pri ce Philip's casual racist title
  12. Seppuku

    10. Tony Bennett

    That's not a new performance, but one of the songs they did back in August.
  13. Seppuku

    William Shatner

    Still in really good shape for a 90 year old, going by this video . If he survives riding Jeff Bezos' dodgy phallus into space, I think he has some years left in him.
  14. Seppuku

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Genesis have postponed their last UK shows after 'several' band members test positive. They don't specify which (could also be from the touring band), but if it includes Collins...
  15. Seppuku

    10. Tony Bennett

    I just watched this clip from 60 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNrvXw9juNs&ab_channel=60Minutes Really quite emotional viewing. It is incredible to watch him turn into the performer he used to be as soon as the music starts or the curtain is raised. It is also touching to see him remember Lady Gaga's name when she walks on stage, and how much it means to her. But the bottom line for us is: although he is physically quite fit for a 95 year-old and his voice is incredible for someone that old, his Alzheimer's is more advanced than I thought.
  16. Seppuku

    14. Mel Brooks

    Announces his memoirs.
  17. Seppuku

    Pete Doherty

    Well, to be fair he does look a whole lot better! Good for him, hopefully he'll manage to stay off drugs.
  18. Seppuku

    The Dutch

    Dutch crime journalist and TV personality Peter R. de Vries has just been shot in Amsterdam: https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2021/07/journalist-peter-r-de-vries-injured-in-shooting-in-amsterdam/ Abroad he is probably best known for his work on the Natalee Holloway case. He is one of those people you respect for their work but that irritate you because of the pompousness and bordering-on-narcissism way they do it. Let's hope for the best, but it doesn't look good..
  19. Seppuku

    20th Century Americans Sitcoms

    He does look better. However: https://pagesix.com/2021/05/19/matthew-perry-slurs-speech-in-friends-reunion-promo/ He's not a well man.
  20. Seppuku

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Come to think of it.. I think it was Phil that made me stumble upon the deatlist some years ago. End of an Era.
  21. Seppuku

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Rip and thank you for your service and entertainment! Not a total shock, but I kind of expected him to make it to 100..
  22. Seppuku

    William Shatner

    Saw him being interviewed on the View. Still looking good and mentally all there. It's pretty rare for a 90 year old to be that sharp.
  23. Seppuku

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Left hospital in a wheel chair. That must be a first, they used to drug him up enough so he could walk to the car pretending nothing's wrong. He also looks thin, must have lost a good deal of muscle mass during such a long hospital stay at that age.
  24. Seppuku

    World's Oldest

    I noticed she is wearing a nasal cannula, must have some lung issue. Maybe not surprising at 118, but I thought she also looks a bit worse compared to the last photos I saw of her.
  25. Seppuku

    Meghan Markle

    What I like most about this whole story is that there's something or someone to hate for everybody. The tabloids are disgusting and have treated Meghan horribly from day one. Then there's the dated institution of the Royal family, with among its ranks more than a few nasty, dysfunctional snobs. All the same, Harry and Meghan themselves manage to come across as a couple of disgustingly entitled cunts. Great stuff

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