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  1. amh10

    4. Bob Dole

    Has this thread really been going for a decade? WTF?
  2. amh10

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    And yet here we are 17 years later! Persistent bugger!
  3. amh10

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Nearly 10pm......
  4. amh10

    50. Captain Tom Moore

    Not doubting what you have said, just curious how your GP mate knows that hospitals are a hotbed of transmission?
  5. amh10

    50. Captain Tom Moore

    Fuck me. Which medical school did you go to?
  6. amh10

    The Cardinals Of The Roman Catholic Church

    As it was said on Mock The Week, "Cardinal" is very Irish in itself........
  7. amh10

    The 21st Death of 2020?

    Desmond? No fucking way, blessed by the hand of God, that one!
  8. amh10

    Phil Collins (And Other Genesis Types)

    Who has him in their 2020 pool?
  9. amh10

    Kirk Douglas

    Maybe. Is this guy gonna make it past 2018??

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