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    Legends in their own minds

    Yeah, so this might get shot down in flames, but my mind is amused by headlines with the word 'legend' in them when only a tiny fraction of one percent of the population has heard of the person. I will start it off with this one- Jordie Lunn, Canadian mountain biking 'legend', dead after a crash. https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/b-c-mountain-biking-legend-jordie-lunn-dead-in-trail-riding-accident If people take offense (really? On this site?), this can be moved to the 'Shove off, eh' topic.
  2. Skinny kiltrunner


    I have enjoyed taking part in a number of dead pools this year, and would like to give back a bit more next year. I'm not talented enough to come up with a brand new idea for a pool that I could run, but there is the low hanging fruit of simply sponsoring a team on the Doug Stanhope Celebrity Death Pool site. I would be willing to put up the registration fee if there is enough interest. Some of you are no doubt familiar with this site, but for those who are not, it's a site where you register your own pool (funeral home) and invite whoever you want (mourners) to participate. The nuts and bolts of it is that you choose 20 celebrities. There are no QOs as such, but rather the celebrity you choose has to be in their database, which you will find is both somewhat American-centric and also sets the bar a bit higher than your average pool as far as celebrity needs to go. Some of your more obscure, especially non-American, celebrities won't be in the database. You can request they be added, but my experience is that they usually get shot down. Regardless, the formula for points is 100-age, with bonuses for pool uniques, site-wide uniques, and various other factors ( ie. suicide, overdose, birthday, airplane crash) each with their own cute title. You are allowed one trade per month, on the 15th, but you can't choose someone who has already been taken in your pool. This pool is how I started out with deadpools, and I take part in about 10 pools. There are other pools you can join if you wish and they have open entry, even some paid pools so you can make a couple of bucks. Pretty sure if we put a pool together, it would vie for the top pool in the site. So tell you what, if you are interested, like this post. If it looks like we can put together 15-20 people, I will register a funeral home for us and send out the invites to those interested. In the meantime, if you are interested, check out the site (dscdp.com) and register a profile. Maybe to keep it simple for invites and competition sake, use your alias on this site, or at least something recognizably similar. If we decide to give it a go, I'm open to suggestions for funeral home names.
  3. Skinny kiltrunner

    Donald J Trump

    Maybe the American people could come together and say yes, we elected him, but it was only a joke.
  4. Skinny kiltrunner

    Donald J Trump

    OMG! It looks like he might have ( *gasp*) heel spurs!
  5. Skinny kiltrunner

    Katie Hopkins

    Shhhhh. Don't interrupt. They're having a dance-off.
  6. Skinny kiltrunner

    Jamaican Jamming

    Ah, now I'm sorry for my initial response. That's a group with some serious history. Hux Brown deserved better. They have been described as the Beatles of reggae.
  7. Skinny kiltrunner

    Jamaican Jamming

    Whatever he bought, I hope he said no to the extended warranty.
  8. Skinny kiltrunner

    Union People

    Saw Union People, thought it must be Karen Lewis. Nope. Invincible, apparently.
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  12. Skinny kiltrunner

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Your average 99 year old:
  13. Skinny kiltrunner

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    So much for permanent, then.
  14. Skinny kiltrunner

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    No, ALS.
  15. Skinny kiltrunner

    Donald J Trump

    I can't wait to hear how the GOP spins this one. Wait, of course I can.
  16. Skinny kiltrunner

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    I think your mothers have some explaining to do.
  17. Skinny kiltrunner

    Jamaican Jamming

    Fake it til you make it, as they say.
  18. Skinny kiltrunner

    MMMDP 2020

    Neddy Smith. No news, just a hunch.
  19. Skinny kiltrunner

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Gotta say doubtful about the immunity. I saw an article last week about Sweden, and even without a country wide lockdown, it looked like the overall infection rate (based on antibody presence) was 7.3%. Nowhere near enough for herd immunity. I don't think we're past this yet.
  20. Skinny kiltrunner

    30. Marianne Faithfull

    So fully back to normal, then.
  21. Skinny kiltrunner

    Dead Pop Stars

    He's definitely in the same league. If Bowie and Prince were like elite soccer/football players, he'd be one of those 9 year old kids they encircle the perimeter of the field with to shag errant balls.
  22. Skinny kiltrunner

    British Character Actors

    So putting aside that this conversation doesn't belong in this thread either, does anyone actually read the thread titles before they get to the post anyway? I start at the first new post and then just keep scrolling through to the next unread topic. There are a few threads I don't care for, but it's more of a hassle to try to avoid them, so i just quickly move on. It would make no difference if it were a happy birthday thread or a happy birthday post in a dedicated thread. I wouldn't mind a feature like " block thread" like we have for "block user", but I don't see a big deal either way.
  23. Skinny kiltrunner

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    So he broke curfew AND killed his uncle. This story just gets better and better.
  24. Skinny kiltrunner

    Deathless Days

    Which is why I will never progress far in the DL Cup. I was just joshing.
  25. Skinny kiltrunner

    Deathless Days

    Damn, had him pegged for the MMMDP.

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