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  1. GirlSarcastic

    Who Gets A Chop For 2021

    Oprah Cher Bono (Yes that amused me to type.)
  2. GirlSarcastic

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    Ouch! And yes, this is something that I think only Americans do. It's ridiculous and pervasive. Or perverted. You may be on to something there.
  3. GirlSarcastic

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    Here's something we can do - help me come up with a new email disclaimer paragraph. You know the thing after your signature that nobody ever reads? Yeah, that thing. Here is my current one: "NOTE: This disclaimer exists for precisely one reason—to make this email appear more professional. This disclaimer shall not be construed as a guarantee of actual professionalism on the part of the sender. Any actual professionalism contained herein is purely coincidental and is in no way attributable to the presence of this disclaimer. While the sender of this email likes to think the professionalism with which she approaches her work speaks for itself, this disclaimer constitutes (i) begrudging acquiescence to the industry standard, or at least a superficial imitation thereof, and (ii) begrudging acceptance of the paradoxical reality that people who exchange emails with her both expect to see, and pay no attention to, legal disclaimers. If you aren’t reading this, then this disclaimer has done its job. Its sad, pointless job. THIS DISCLAIMER IS NOT INTENDED TO BE IRONIC." I'm good and tired of it and hope you wits can give me some new ideas. And yes. This was stolen from someone else.
  4. GirlSarcastic

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    We need a very remote, very desert island where we can banish all the politicians. What to call it, though... Darwin's Dream? Isle of Pigs? Too many choices.
  5. GirlSarcastic

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    Lard makes everything better. Just ask our president.

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