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  1. 4 hours ago, drol said:

    Too standard, like thousands of obits which circulated in the last 24 hours. But I can't remember at the moment a DL obit which was particularly witty, though I'm sure there were. 

    I'm almost certain very few, if any of the other obits went straight in with "Duke of Deadinburgh".

  2. On 05/03/2021 at 02:29, Philip said:

    What's the odds he dies when the Harry and Meghan interview is airing 

    Frankie Boyle on his New World Order show put forward the argument "We have 12 hours left to abolish the monarchy", in an episode that aired on the evening of their Royal Wedding.


    When he was asked why we only have 12 hours, Frankie replied that the original motion was "Prince Philip will die on the day of the royal wedding, as a final act of racism", but the producers wouldn't allow it. Despite that they allowed Frankie mentioning that was the original plan into the final recording.

  3. 1 hour ago, Gooseberry Crumble said:

    You now have your answer  with Dame Olivia de Havilland. 

    Is this the first year every month as far as July has had at least one deathlist hit?


    The enema is not fu****g around folks!

    Kirk Douglas, Olivia de Havilland , Stirling  Moss and  Vera Lynn  all in the same year!


    Respect the power of the enema!

    I do think this year is like 2016, if not bigger for celebrity deaths, on and off this year's list. If it wasn't for Covid overshadowing everything I reckon more would be talking about 2020 in this way.

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  4. 18 hours ago, Weebl said:

    Doris Day, Pei and Wouk all gone this week, it's starting to pick up a bit now.


    No idea why I. M. Pei wasn't on the main DeathList.

    Like with buses, the list has waited ages to get another hit then 3 come along at once 


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