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    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    Are you predicting a Wombling Merry Christmas? For us wombles perhaps, we're used to hiding underground in the burrow and avoiding humans. We won't be wombling in the snow all day long this year though. For humans it's going to be bloody miserable.....
  2. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    absolutely not, we perform a socially and environmentally useful function. Well, not me so much, I sit in the burrow watching dodgy TV programmes while the young wombles are out saving the planet, remembering they're wombles etc.
  3. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    Enjoy Richard Osman's House of Games, best quiz on TV IMO. After working my way through Last Kingdom (good) and the Crown (series 1 & 2 v good, series 3 less so, perhaps due to Olivia Colman being nowhere near as nuanced as Claire Foy as the Queen) have alighted on Reign (as with the others, several years after everyone else), a dramatisation (complete fictionalisation) of Mary Queen of Scots' time at the French court. Was hoping it would be another Tudors, especially given the presence of a number of rather comely young ladies as Mary and her young ladies. Sadly most of the latter can't act, and all speak neither with French nor Scottish accents but in sloaney English ones, the overall effect being rather similar to Made in Chelsea, an appalling programme which I am subjected to occasionally as one of the young wombles watches it. These women don't even compensate for their acting and historical anachronicity by (Tudors-style) removing their clothing on a regular - or even occasional - basis. We do enjoy referring to Toby Regbo's Francis as 'Ethelred' (his role in Lost Kingdom) but, after 4 or 5 episodes, don't think I'll stick with it, although GAB and daughter probably will.
  4. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Conspiracy Theories

    I don't think the Windsors have any interest in protecting Diana's reputation. The rate at which she went through men in her latter years pretty much did for that anyway. As to Harry's parentage, the dates for the relationship with Hewitt don't work but I'm sure Harry would have taken a DNA test decades ago. If there had been any resultant desire to get Harry out of the line of succession they would have staged something much less complicated than the whole Meghan affair.
  5. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    Very sorry for your loss Torva.
  6. Great Uncle Bulgaria


    Agreed. Martial had to go but I would have sent Lamela off for playacting.
  7. Great Uncle Bulgaria


    Liverpool were a bit unlucky inasmuch as 3 of the 7 were unlucky deflections. Shows how the performance level drops off when Alisson and couple of first choice outfield players are missing though.
  8. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Famous celebrity births , pregnancies and babies

    Rooney, Rooney the Mara Everyone sing her name Rooney, Rooney the Mara Everyone come and join, in all of her games. (To the tune of the theme of 70s TV theme 'Rupert the Bear')
  9. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    The 15th Death of 2020

  10. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Death By Numbers 2020

    Jackie Stallone scores for me please.. Jackie Stallone dead: How did Jackie Stallone die? Cause of ...
  11. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Windy City Deadpool 2020-2021

    Jackie Stallone for me please... Jackie Stallone dead: How did Jackie Stallone die? Cause of ...
  12. Great Uncle Bulgaria


    Margaret Thatcher's nickname at University? Apologies if this is turns out to be a 29-year old joke which someone on here originated...
  13. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    Several years after everyone else, been discovering The Crown. Very good actually. Claire Foy is excellent.
  14. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    The 14th death of 2020

    Bob Dole
  15. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Shadow Lists

    Must be quite a few well-known German footballers of the 60s and 70s who are in their late 70s or 80s now, Uwe Seeler for one.
  16. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Shadow Lists

    Yes, but around half your team I'd either never heard of until I came on here or still have no idea who they are at all (14). I know the real list has Bill Gates' Dad and - as you do - P-Orridge and Tom Smith but I think a significant proportion of the adult population in either UK or US has heard of most of the others. Not intended as a dig at you personally, I'd make the same observation about a lot of the other lists on here being compared favourably to the committee's.
  17. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I have this in a pic sleeve from 50 years ago (pic sleeves were quite rare in those days). Have a feeling when I'm dead and the young wombles go through my stuff they might get quite a bit for it on ebay.
  18. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Centenarians Deadpool 2020

    Wasn't she in 'Carry On At Your Convenience?'
  19. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Famous celebrity births , pregnancies and babies

    An alien reading this thread would conclude that the only fertile women on this planet appear to be blondes who wear copious amounts of make up. Or at least that that is a necessary condition to be/marry a 'celebrity'.
  20. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Guess The Song

    Something (hit for beatles and shirley bassey, though to be about Patti Boyd although Harrison later denied it)?
  21. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Guess The Song

    Because that's where I ... sorry, we, invented it. Tsk, don't they teach history around here anymore?  It seems not. We are of a vaguely similar vintage, although I was elsewhere at the time. My son, however is currently following in your footsteps ( at least he would be if it wasn't summer holiday/middle of pandemic)
  22. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Guess The Song

    Why, out of interest? Number of family members have been there...
  23. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Guess The Song

    Mary Hopkin - Temma Harbour? (Not sure we all want to be there but running out of even remote possibilities)
  24. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Guess The Song

    Sandie Shaw - I don't need anything?
  25. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Guess The Song

    'Young' Etta James - I just want to make love to you?

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