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  1. The Times -

    'The Duke of Cambridge offered reassurance this morning that his grandfather was not in danger during his stay in hospital and that doctors were simply “keeping an eye on him”.

    The duke, speaking to a photographer during a visit to a vaccination centre in King’s Lynn in Norfolk, may even have winked as a sign of light-heartedness, although an aide said that he was merely adjusting his facemask.

    In any case, he was upbeat about the Duke of Edinburgh, 99, who has been at King Edward VII’s Hospital in London since he was admitted last Tuesday evening.

    “Yes, he’s OK,” William told Arthur Edwards, the veteran royal photographer. “They’re keeping an eye on him.”

    Buckingham Palace gave no update on his condition. No visits are expected to follow the one on Saturday by the Prince of Wales.'


  2. 2 hours ago, ECG said:

    I think there's something to be said for the lack of formal statement today. The last statement to come from Buckingham was one which stated that Philip would be staying in hospital over the weekend. However, the weekend has very much come and gone now.


    Obviously, William made a brief remark to journalists today, but you can't make many assumptions from being told that he's 'OK'. That could mean he's feeling fine and will be set to leave in a few days, or it could mean that he's slowly passing away with any pain being well managed by his doctors and nurses.

    Many of the newspapers on Friday said into next week which gave the impression to me that no update till mid week or later.

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  3. 3 hours ago, ECG said:


    Yeah. It no longer needs to be a black tie. Just a sombre colour, such as navy blue, or burgundy red. However, I reckon they'll go with black if it's possible, just in order to prevent another Sissons.

    99% they have a black tie on. 


    intresting that journalist won’t personally  tweet Philip is very ill letting his Aussie employers do it for him. 

  4. 31 minutes ago, Kenny said:


    When I visited a friend in that hospital over several weeks, I only saw the staff use the main entrance. It's not as plush as you would expect - comfortable and a bit dated but certainly not luxurious. It's possible that The Royals and the very rich get better rooms than the hoi polloi with just BUPA insurance.

    They must being it's their regular place of treatment.

  5. 48 minutes ago, NJD123 said:

    Miriam is either telling porkies or she has an extremely old - and illegal - passport. Since when was occupation listed on a passport....

    You can have your stage name on the observation page but she uses her birth name. She can have her OBE  mentioned in it.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Mischief Girl said:

    If Prince Philip is nearing an imminent death, it isn't a Prince who's dying, it's a husband and father.  Where I live in the US, which, granted, is the middle of absolutely nowhere, at end of life family is allowed to come and visit in person.  Charles and Philip have never been close.  I cannot imagine a scenario where Charles is the one person to say their goodbyes in person.

    Her Maj and All four kids would be allowed even if at separate times.

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  7. 3 minutes ago, ECG said:


    Well it would ring alarm bells if they didn't publish a front page,  so there best off taking an article which would be going on their website anyway, and using that as a placeholder.

    I don't mean changing it but say if he dies at 2pm tomorrow a lot of people don't read the papers till the evening - that headline seems very trivial if that is the case. 


  8. 8 minutes ago, msc said:

    Despite folk knowing she was frail, there was nowt on Margaret until she died - likely as her final illness was relatively quick.


    There was regular bulletins on George VI but...the last ones had been of improved health as it wasn't the cancer which did for him in the end, it was heart failure brought on by it.

    She had a stroke Friday daytime  - had heart problems- died early hours of Sunday morning.

  9. 6 minutes ago, DCI Frank Burnside said:

    That's an interesting one. Peter Sissons announced the Queen Mother's death but don't know if he just happened to be on presenting duties that day anyway

    Martyn Lewis was called into to front the coverage relating to Diana. Granted that was in the middle of the night

    Sissons was on Duty. Lewis just happened to live near TVC so was able to come in - announce the crash - go home- come back to announce the death,

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