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  1. faustus

    Jane Goodie

    March 18th is my best bet.....dunno why though...
  2. faustus

    Jeremy Beadle

    The Beadle is currently fighting off leukemia according to ITV teletext (it will be on the beeb as well i guess)...I suppose it it quite sad really....but there again he is just another Talentless Celeb...one to watch out for !...
  3. faustus

    Jeremy Beadle

    Well, he sure took his time about it, hes been ill off and on for a couple of years now and hes my first hit in the ddp !
  4. faustus

    Luciano Pavarotting.

    ...Anyone want a discount for tickets to see The Three Tenors ? Theres a third off..... I'll get me coat...
  5. faustus

    Kurt Waldheim

    Sarcastic criticism Ronnie. Anyway tell Grim Reaper to take a lunch break, because nobody feels like waiting until July to see Waldheim's death accounted for. Bugger...I knew I should of had him in my list on DDP...
  6. faustus

    Jimmy Griffin

    He was the lead singer with Bread, but now he's brown-bread...cancer..
  7. faustus

    Jack Palance

    I think the actor Jack Palance is a ' good bet ' for this year. Not sure of his age, but he he definitely clocking up the years now....This could be one to watch out for and I am surprised he's not on the list....could he be nominated for next years list ?
  8. faustus

    Posh and Becks

    Any other suggestions ?
  9. faustus

    Ariel Sharon

    Just clever or medical....now I wonder...should I avoid my next hospital appointment ?? mmmmmm
  10. faustus

    Ariel Sharon

    Hey Devon....are you in the medical profession...or just trying to sound clever haha..
  11. faustus

    Ariel Sharon

    we was gonna have him on our team...damn...to late now durrrr..
  12. faustus

    Long John Baldry

    very good...
  13. faustus

    Long John Baldry

    nice 1 teddy...
  14. faustus

    Long John Baldry

    I will give you that one....lol
  15. faustus

    Long John Baldry

    Forgot to log in...oooops
  16. faustus

    Edward Heath

    Just out of curiosity, how old is Grim Rita ?..I am intrigued..
  17. faustus

    early warning

    i think he was on that show...i noticed that he wears a shoe-lace or summat round his neck on emmerdale...could it be choking him ?...
  18. faustus

    Bush's Chance

    bush dead or alive makes no difference...his cronies would still be making lots of money...arms dealers/manufacturers....and not forgetting the oil.....
  19. faustus

    Robert Mugabe

    The sooner someone puts a bullet in his head, the better for all in Africa...
  20. faustus

    Frank Gorshin

    When I typed his name in search box, it came up with ZIP....
  21. faustus

    Frank Gorshin

    Frank Gorshin ( he played The Riddler in naff tv series Batman ) has died aged 72, he was also a comic / impressionist....
  22. faustus

    Ian Brady

    Only the local press, which I assume to be correct and highly respected...
  23. faustus

    Ian Brady

    Yep, that ' all round mr nice guy ' is on the brink of death, according to newspaper reports. It is thought the 66 year old could die this week, kidneys and liver are failing after persistent hunger strikes. This has cheered me up no end, I need a good party.....
  24. faustus

    Who's up next to die this year?

    At last we get sum points on DDP, John Mills an he was our joker..
  25. faustus

    John Mills

    We had him as our Joker on DDP...should get some decent points for this 1, at last...

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