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    Veritas....though god knows why...i'm just sick of all the others...i suppose all polits ar full of c**p...
  2. faustus

    Gerry Adams & Martin McGuinness

    It's not about so called 'Hard men' or 'Respect'. it's about who controls the drugs & crime in general...They are just gangsters & always have been....
  3. faustus

    Basil Brush's Misters

    Yes, the available info on Roy North & Howard Williams is ndeed very sketchy, but I found some DOB's for the following: Rodney Bewes DOB: 27/11/38 Derek Fowlds DOB: 2/9/37 Billy Boyle (if it is he) DOB: 24/2/45 As for Roy & Howard, nil result..
  4. faustus

    George Kennedy

    He also played a bit part in Sgt Bilko, he was an MP...
  5. faustus

    DeathList "Dead" Chat!

    ok lets chat..
  6. faustus

    Melita Norwood

    All I know is that she is in her late 80's...
  7. faustus

    Stuart Hall

    Yet another 'interesting' fact....he allegedly used to own a company called Stuart Hall International Travel....an appropriate accronym....dont know how true that is though, but I will try to find out..!!
  8. faustus

    Diego Maradona

    Just saw him on the tv news, what a mess !....still, serves him right, the fat argie tosser....
  9. faustus

    Near Misses for 2005

    ...but now he's brown bread ( i'm in the right thread now ! )...
  10. faustus

    General Pervez Musharraf

  11. faustus

    General Pervez Musharraf

    Dead man walking....
  12. faustus

    Pink Floyd

    YEP !!!
  13. faustus

    Carry On Dying

  14. faustus

    Pink Floyd

    Point taken...
  15. faustus

    Carry On Dying

    yes, a bit drooopy to say the least..
  16. faustus

    Pink Floyd

    oh dear ! do none of you guys have any taste in music !....never mind...
  17. faustus

    Carry On Dying

    good idea....amanda barrie, barbara windsor (poorly, one to watch ) etc..
  18. faustus

    Paul Gascoigne

    There are unconfirmed reports that G8/Gazza could probably suffer from Terets Syndrome ( i think thats how its spelt ), does anybody have any info on this ?....
  19. faustus

    Deathlist 2005

    Nice to see John Mills still up there, he's my best bet for this year...
  20. faustus

    Fred Dibnah

    what treatment and medication do you suggest ?
  21. faustus

    The Ultimate Irony?

    Might be a possibility, if only he was famous enough, but who am I to judge...
  22. faustus

    One We Can Be Sure Of

    Both Dirty Den & drug dealer Paul will meet a sticky end at the hands of 'All round Mr Nice Guy' Andy & his cronies....
  23. faustus

    Bad News

    Does Mr De Grey look a bit like Bin Laden ?....So thats where he is...
  24. faustus

    Viktor Yushchenko

    So thats where General Noriega ended up, the yanks turned him and now he's working for them ha ha...
  25. ...I'll stick my neck out and go for Simon Wiesethal, dunno why, just fancy him to pop off any day now...You never know !..

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