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  1. faustus

    Shelly Long

    Thae article sez she fell on the set of Cheers years ago...I feel a claim coming on...She's not a Scouser is she ?....
  2. faustus

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    yes, the sooner Phil the Greek goes, the better...he's an embarrassment to ths country...... Why is it that the royals are descended from greeks or krauts ? Whats happened to pure-bred english stock ?.....
  3. faustus

    Paul Marsden MP

    Is there an echo in here...?
  4. faustus

    Paul Marsden MP

    Yep....you are gibbering...
  5. faustus

    11. Dick Cheney

    Lets face it...anyone who works with dubya is liable to a heart attack anytime !!..
  6. faustus

    Arafat's (Inevitable) Death

    I hear his headgear is to be auctioned on ebay....as a tablecloth....your bids please....
  7. faustus

    Arafat's (Inevitable) Death

    To get back to the point of issue...the sooner arafat is dead, the better will be the chance of peace in the middle east...he has been a stumbling block for god knows how many years now...good riddance to him..
  8. faustus

    Steady Eddie Deady

    Yes Teddy, not bad that one, but I was trying to think of summat more elaborate....but thanks though..
  9. faustus

    Steady Eddie Deady

    A great shame is this, he was a great player and will be sadly missed....plus I can't think of any related puns to go with his demise..
  10. faustus

    Howard Keel

    Yep, he's popped his clogs aged 85...according to teletext..
  11. faustus

    Howard Keel

    just read that he died of Colon Cancer..
  12. faustus

    Howard Keel

    hope not...he was crap in a crap series...
  13. faustus

    Howard Keel

    nah...JR got him...
  14. faustus

    Abu Hamza

    Whats the difference between Abu Hamza and a trampoline ?........You take your boots off to jump on a trampoline.....
  15. faustus

    Bigwig For Earwigs

    It couldn't have happened to a nicer human being !!!..
  16. faustus

    Princess Alice

    Just been announced on BBC News 24 that Princess Alice died yesterday according to Buck Palace..
  17. faustus

    John Peel

    ....I'll get me coat...
  18. faustus

    John Peel

    ...or even ' Roll over Beethoven '....
  19. faustus

    John Peel

    Yeah, great pity, quite liked him...could his last song played on radio be ' Spirit in the sky ' ?....
  20. faustus

    Alex Ferguson

    Being a red, when the end is nigh, he'll probably get an extra 10 minutes !...
  21. faustus

    Vera Lynn

    Nice to find someone with taste in decent music...
  22. faustus

    Janet Leigh

    Lou, just FYI...read the 1st article posted...thnx..
  23. faustus

    Janet Leigh

    Janet Leigh has died aged 77, according to bbc teletext...no mention of what she died of though..
  24. faustus

    Janet Leigh

    Correction....on ITV Teletext..
  25. In a 120 yrs from now ?......mature compost !

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