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  1. faustus

    Charlie Drake.

    Oh dear, Mr G...you seem to think some of these so called celebs are talented ?...there are amoeba on distant planets with more talent than them !...try not to get too upset by this..
  2. faustus

    Quiz Show Hosts

    Does anybody remember Derek Batey of Mr & Mrs fame ?...he was a useless tosspot as well..the only info i can get on him is that he's 74 and in reasonably good health...pity that and he's on about making a comeback !!!!!!....quick, run and hide.....
  3. faustus

    Posh and Becks

    ...OOOOPS Sorry...Try again later..
  4. ...and yes, I am also as blind as a bat as well !!!!!
  5. Being a relative newcomer to this excellent site and not being too clever pc wise, can we, or how do we, organise a vote/poll to elect a name for this forthcoming sprogg ?...
  6. I note that Posh Tart is up the duff yet again...They have this annoying habit of naming their sproggs from the place they were conceived...I wonder if he/she was conceived in Barking, Essex....Barking Beckham, it has a nice ring to it....
  7. faustus

    Charlie Drake.

    Here's a snippet of info, for anyone who's interested that is.. When we were first introduced to The Worker on 27th February 1965, he had already been found, and dismissed from 980 jobs over a period of 20 years, much to the frustration of local Labour Exchange counter clerk Mr. Whittaker (Percy Herbert), whose job it was to relocate him from the counter of his Weybridge office, where Charlie would bang on the counter every other morning, into permanent employment. Diminutive comedian Charlie Drake (born Charles Springall in South London on 19th June 1925) had been a TV regular since 1954 (having made his radio debut in 1951), when he first appeared as a children's entertainer alongside Jack Edwardes on Jigsaw. The pair formed something of a double-act, which lasted until 1957 when they decided to go their separate ways and Charlie moved into adult entertainment with a series called Drake's Progress, which also starred Irene Handl, Warren Mitchell and radio's famous Man-In-Black, Valentine Dyall. It is perhaps the second series of The Worker that is best remembered, when Percy Herbert was replaced by Henry McGee as the new clerk, Mr Pugh, a name which Charlie could never pronounce, instead referring to him as "Mr Peooh", the merest mention of which would lead the Labour Exchange official to yank 5' 1" Charlie off the ground by the scruff of his neck. (Drake's excuse for being so small was that as a child he'd been fed on condensed milk). These two were the only regulars on the series with a constantly changing supporting cast as Drake tried out a different job in every episode, without success. The series was revived in December 1969 for 13 more episodes and again in 1978 as part of Bruce Forsyth's Big Night Out, Henry McGee reprising his role in both runs. Drake, whose catchphrase was, "hello my darlings", also had a string of top-ten comedy records in the early sixties including Please, Mr Custer and My Boomerang Won't Come Back. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. faustus

    More Ideas & Possibles for 2005

    unfortunately..the world does revolve around the usa...pity that...as the world might just be a better place without them...
  9. faustus

    Watts up Doc?

    I hope it is serious, I have had enough of seeing ageing has beens trying to act as though they are still in their 30's....They were good in their day, but I think its time to quit now...
  10. faustus

    Ronnie Biggs

    Yes, its time he popped off and stopped wasting the taxpayers money...
  11. faustus

    Red Adair

    Better dead than Red...ie Arsenal..
  12. faustus

    Another "famous For Being Old" Candidate

    ..But it proves your worth as a DL Searcher..A valued one at that..
  13. faustus

    Another "famous For Being Old" Candidate

    A bit obscure to say the least...
  14. faustus

    General Pervez Musharraf

    I read on teletext recently that he has survived yet another assassination attempt...How many lives does this guy have left ?...Watch this space cos it's only a matter of time...
  15. faustus

    James Bond 007 (Connery/Moore/Villains etc)

    Talking of 007, old Roger Moore (the worst bond ever) is knocking on in years, could be one to watch out for in 2005...I think he's in his 70's now...
  16. faustus

    Leslie Ash

    According to BBC Ceefax she has stated ' I have made a miraculous recovery, it's a miracle '.....damn shame that....
  17. faustus

    Michael Foot

    Well, old Footy is 91 today but will he make 92 ?....
  18. faustus

    Sacha Distel

    ...There'll be no more raindrops falling on his head then..
  19. How about...'come on down & bury a celeb'.....or maybe not..
  20. faustus

    Pat "bomber" Roach

    Just found that he's in his early 60's...Thought he was older...
  21. faustus

    Pat "bomber" Roach

    Good...How old is he ?..
  22. faustus

    Edward Heath

    He is 88 today, whats the betting he doesn't make 89 ?....
  23. faustus

    Fred Dibnah

    ...in 1 of his old series, we used to see a bloke in a blue overall with his back to the camera...that was ME ! yep, it's true...i was on the dole at the time...so i couldn't be recognised....just thought i'd mention it out of interest...nothing better to do blah blah blah...
  24. faustus

    Anna Wing

    Yes...you ready need to get out more...
  25. faustus

    1. Dick Van Dyke

    As an afterthought...He might even be dead already...if so, sorry folks..!

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