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  1. Yep, that ' all round mr nice guy ' is on the brink of death, according to newspaper reports. It is thought the 66 year old could die this week, kidneys and liver are failing after persistent hunger strikes. This has cheered me up no end, I need a good party.....

  2. The Beadle is currently fighting off leukemia according to ITV teletext (it will be on the beeb as well i guess)...I suppose it it quite sad really....but there again he is just another Talentless Celeb...one to watch out for !...

  3. Yes, the available info on Roy North & Howard Williams is ndeed very sketchy, but I found some DOB's for the following:


    Rodney Bewes DOB: 27/11/38

    Derek Fowlds DOB: 2/9/37

    Billy Boyle (if it is he) DOB: 24/2/45


    As for Roy & Howard, nil result..

  4. Yet another 'interesting' fact....he allegedly used to own a company called Stuart Hall International Travel....an appropriate accronym....dont know how true that is though, but I will try to find out..!!


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