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  1. deeuu

    Ferenc Puskas

    I agree, I don't like it? I know I'm biased, as I came up with the subheading "Will he Maygar day?, which I'm quite proud of (I started the thread, but all the previous ones (like DDT's in the I & P) were added), actually (quite rare for me) but why not change it to "he Maygar day by dying" or something akin to that? Problem being, that in Hungarian, Magyar is actually pronounced mod-yor. So it doesn't work at all really... I am shocked by the lack of erudition here really. After all you have had some considerable time to research this and work out that: a ) Puskás translated into English means Cannon b ) Ferenc is the Hungarian for Frank c ) His nickname in English was the "Galloping Major" (He was a major in the Hungarian Army and was subsequently promoted to a full Colonel in 1992) d ) His nickname in Spain was "Pancho" e ) In Hungary he was simply called either; Öcsi Bácsi (our little brother) or Öcsi Puskás (our little Puskás). So there is a lot of material to play with surely. "21 Gun Salute for the Galloping Major" or "The Cannon falls silent"? Here is a twist too, word in Budapest is that his State Funeral will be held on November 25th, which will be the 53rd anniversary of "The Game of the Century" where the "Aranycsapat" ("The Golden team") smashed England 6-3 at Wembley in 1953 and people first took note of the name Puskás Ferenc (Hungarians put family name first and personal name second!). Anyone who doubts how important Puskás was, or the influence he and his team mates had on the world game should consider this: One of the most enduring phrases used either seriously, jokingly, culturally or figuratively about football comes as a direct result of what Puskás and his aranycsapat did to England on the cold day in London 53 years ago... "4-4-2" Goodbye Puskás Ferenc, for my money the world's greatest ever footballer and a kind and genreous man. As Hungarians say Nyugodjál békében (Serene and in Peace)
  2. Surely Iain will have a "tip" or there will be something on Wikipedia soon...
  3. Ooops sorry. Is this any better Requires sign up, but worth it
  4. deeuu

    Margaret Thatcher

    Thought he was on the 1944 DL So they have ditched India and now favour call centres in Paraguay? Quite apt given Maggie's penchant for dubious South American dictators. How is the old girl anyway?
  5. Maybe particularly popular with our friends across the pond (linguistically I mean, all those obesity surveys are bobbins right ). Also a possible contender for the Deathlist Kitchen thread too. Pimp my snack Now if I could only get the Aussies to realise that Yorkies are worth importing...
  6. deeuu

    A Joke

    Nice, the one I posted earlier, that got deleted, is there...
  7. deeuu


    That's a lot of intestine to be losing
  8. deeuu

    A Joke

    [NITPICK] A US Staff Sergeant using the Celsius scale? [/NITPICK] regards, Hein So you are saying I "F'd" it up...
  9. deeuu

    A Joke

    In biology class, the teacher draws a cucumber on the board: "Children, could someone tell me what this is?" Tommy raises his hand: "It's a c*ck, Miss!" The Teacher bursts into tears and runs out. In a minute the Head Teacher bursts in: "Alright, what did you do now? It's something new every day! Yesterday you break a window, and today...," he looks around, "...and today you draw a c*ck on the blackboard?" US Staff Sergeant to his new recruits: "Write down: the temperature of boiling water is 90°." One of the privates replies, "Sir, you're mistaken - it's 100°!" The Sergeant checks in the book, and then replies, "Right, 100°. It is the right angle that boils at 90°."
  10. deeuu

    Near misses 2006

    and a relief to those of us who grew up loathing US style shock jock journalistic standards... More bizarre as Channel 9 have been trying to turn a major rescue effort into a three ring circus and barbeque, with Carlton and their breakfast anchors holding court amongst the rather backward Tasmanians. Call Alanis, there really is irony in this...
  11. deeuu

    Sir Bobby Robson

    Someone moved the goalposts
  12. deeuu

    Near misses 2006

    A bigger Australian story. Not sure whether this should be here or "Ironic deaths". Australian Channel 9 Journalist Richard Carelton dies during live TV interview at a "miraclous mine rescue" in Tasmania.
  13. deeuu

    Margaret Thatcher

    So you will be devastated when the bag croaks it fleety? Can I suggest you take a copious amount of tablets and alcohol... In fact why wait, sounds like your life is awful, being unable to pay your phone bill and the education system has obviously failed you too. Do we know if Maggie has a liking for gin? We all know Dennis was a complete dispo, is it too much to hope that Maggie may hasten her demise in a similar manner. It would certainly explain her 'sleepy moments'. Also, I wonder if Mark Thatcher may be a 50-1 DL outsider, plotting coups and associating with mercenaries can't be good for ones' health or that of ones' mother. I was disappointed to find the following quote though, as it seems that Maggie is far too astute to make us DL people happy.. She never has been a team player, has she?
  14. deeuu

    Michael Foot

    Tell that to Jane "Whizz wheels" Tomlinson
  15. deeuu

    Charles Haughey

    Looks like the Reaper is having as much trouble catching up with old Charlie as the Garda Síochána had in his 'gun running' days...

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