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  1. TheSpinosaurus

    Last appearances

    I know that is Prince Philip's last photo, but it's not nearly as iconic as the one that started that Prince Philip is a zombie/vampire meme.
  2. TheSpinosaurus

    Last appearances

    Posting some slightly more obscure ones. Gene Wilder (2015) Greta Garbo (1990) John Surtees (2016) Lauren Bacall (2013 or 2014? Not sure, but last photo I know of)
  3. TheSpinosaurus

    What is your Myers Brigg Personality Type? (MBTI)

    Celebrity Death Predictor, to answer your question.
  4. TheSpinosaurus

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    It's actually Allen Collins who did that Free Bird guitar solo. Nonetheless Gary was equally as good, pretty sure he performed the opening solo of the song.
  5. TheSpinosaurus

    Bruce Willis

    First known photograph of Bruce Willis in public since the revelation of his dementia diagnosis.
  6. TheSpinosaurus

    Andrew Tate

    Do we have any clue on Tate's family history? His father died in his 50s, yes. But what about his grandparents and other relatives? Is there a history of cancer? etc. Nonetheless I find this very hard to believe. This strikes me as some kind of scheme in order for Tate to get out of Romania.
  7. TheSpinosaurus

    Deathlist Cup 2023

    Don't know, but I regret not thinking of him for my fun DL Cup football squad (I mean, I literally had Eric Bailly and Aaron Ramsey on my main team and Granit Xhaka as one of my subs).
  8. TheSpinosaurus

    World War II Veterans

    I'd say around 20 Pearl Harbor survivors left but even that seems to be optimistic. Could only confirm around 10 alive as of 2022. Louis Conter (101) - USS Arizona survivor Ken Potts (101) - USS Arizona survivor Joseph Eskenazi (105) - Oldest known survivor Freeman Johnson (101) Sterling Cale (101) Horace Hamilton (98) Herbert Elfring (100) Bob Batterson (101) Ike Schab (102) Mal Middlesworth (100)
  9. TheSpinosaurus

    Political Frailty

    Felipe Gonzalez Gonzalez, Mexican politician and former governor of Aguascalientes died at the age of 76. Interesting name too, can't think of any politician with a repeated name like this since Boutros Boutros-Ghali.
  10. TheSpinosaurus

    Kill or Save: UK No.1-hits of the 80s

    I'd like to see something different. Maybe the top 40 highest-grossing UK films of each decade since the 1970s. Or some UK/European football equivalent to this (though things would get nasty with that one).
  11. TheSpinosaurus

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool V

    This should qualify https://wwos.nine.com.au/motorsport/f1-2023-slim-borgudd-abba-drummer-dead/52ce6e21-da11-4571-9e87-0fe1edfd25f7
  12. TheSpinosaurus

    Salman Rushdie

    Has condemned the rewrites of Roald Dahl books, calling it absurd censorship.
  13. TheSpinosaurus

    6. Jimmy Carter

    It's the usual premature rumors that come whenever a world famous person/celebrity is near the end of life.
  14. TheSpinosaurus

    6. Jimmy Carter

    I still remember the days when Gerald Ford was the longest lived U.S President and Carter and Bush Sr. were catching up and hoping they would break the record, but thinking that both would fall short especially knowing the health issues they had (Carter with cancer, Bush Sr. wheelchair bound and suffering from vascular parkinsonism). How wrong I was. Bush Sr. broke the record and lived to the age of 94 and Carter broke the record again a few months later and just kept going and going, 95, 96, 97, 98. After a certain point I was genuinely surprised as to how he kept on going. Though it's pretty clear he's not making it to 100, Jimmy Carter has exceeded all DL expectations and has secured his place in DL history as one of it's greatest immortals. Also, the record of the longest lived U.S President is pretty much set in stone at this point, it would take Joe Biden 18 years to even reach the age of 98.
  15. TheSpinosaurus

    Bruce Willis

    I think 2026-2027 is when we should really watch out. So far what I've observed with previous celeb FTD/Lewy Body/other non-Alzheimer's dementia cases, 3-4 years after diagnosis seems to be the time when the rapid decline (and death in most cases) takes place. If Bruce doesn't die within that time, he should at least become a DL regular by then.

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