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  1. TheSpinosaurus

    The Chequered Flag

    I remember watching Patrick's Beyond the Grid interview which he had done despite his general health and his speech affected by Parkinson's disease. Glad he was able to come on the podcast, his story is fascinating.
  2. TheSpinosaurus

    Kanye West

    The moment Kanye tied the knot with Kim Kardashian he had already taken the highway to hell. I can't think of anyone who dated or married to that clan who isn't having or going through some kind of trouble.
  3. TheSpinosaurus

    In Memoriam Award 2022

    Interesting idea. I have sent my picks in.
  4. TheSpinosaurus


    After some time and effort, I have finished my early Space Shuttle era Astronaut status investigation. The early Space Shuttle era astronauts in my definition are those from NASA Astronaut Group 7 to NASA Astronaut Group 9, the "Class of 1980" as they were all selected before the actual first flight of the Space Shuttle and flew during the early flights. Also included will be payload specialists that were selected by certain organizations to deliver specific payloads. NASA Astronaut Group 7 Out of 7 people in this group, only 3 are alive. Karol Bobko - From a rather recent public appearance I would say he is in decent shape. Bob Crippen - Doing very well for his age, still quite active and involved, appears to be the healthiest of the 3 too. Richard Truly - Has not been around much, did appear in the Challenger Final Flight documentary where another DeathLister said he seemed frail. NASA Astronaut Group 8 "Thirty Five New Guys" Out of 35 astronauts in this group, 25 are still alive and I was actually surprised to see so many of the TFNGs were still around. Because of the amount of astronauts from this group still alive, I am going to filter out those I know for sure are healthy, active and certain to be around for a while so whatever names that are missing are basically not immediate DL potential. Anyway let's move on. John Creighton - John Creighton is an interesting case, he seemed to be actively involved in public life until Oct 2019 after which he suddenly stopped making public appearances, no virtual appearances or anything like that either. When someone active in public life suddenly disappears off the radar like this it's normally not a good sign. Frederick Hauck - 81 years old. Definitely a bit frail in the last public appearance I could find of him also back in 2019 but unlike Creighton has not been active. Loren Shriver - Frail, but still making appearances and giving interviews on occasion. James Buchli - Didn't look great in a recent virtual appearance. John Fabian - At 83 years old he is the oldest member of the group. He's not been around too much though looks to be doing okay. Interestingly enough John is on the Kennedy Space Center "Meet an astronaut" calendar for December 29, 2022 to January 02, 2023, we will see how that goes. Mike Mullane - Though he's still quite active I have definitely noticed him getting frailer within the last year or so. Probably most notable for the creation of his book "Riding Rockets". Robert Stewart - No news for years, last known photo I could find of him dates back to 2016 where he seemed to be doing fine but still it's quite a while ago. Norman Thagard - Still somewhat around, attending events every once in a while. Looking frail now though. James van Hoften - Again no news for years, last info I could find of him was back in 2009 where he moved to the UK to work in the board of directors for Gatwick Airport. NASA Astronaut Group 9 "Class Of 1980" Majority of this group are still alive so once again filters are to be applied here. John Blaha - As mentioned earlier, he is rather frail now and has mostly stepped down from public appearances and events. Ronald Grabe - Looked okayish in photos many years ago, no recent news. Bryan Daniel O'Connor - No relation to the far more famous Sandra Day O'Connor. There hasn't been any info on Bryan since he retired from his position as a safety chief in NASA back in 2011. Mary Cleave - Looked frail in virtual appearance in 2020, no news since then. Bob Springer - Looks okayish in recent appearances. Payload Specialists While payload specialists aren't as well known as the proper NASA Astronauts, most of them usually get an obit. Jake Garn - At 90 years old the oldest payload specialist, but is in" good health" and hopes to reach 100 years old according to a recent article which covered his 90th birthday celebration. Taylor Wang - No news in forever. William Pailes - Was still working as a teacher as of 2015 but no news since then. Loren Acton - Seemed to be quite sharp in an interview 1 year back though physically he is definitely frail. John-David Bartoe - No public news for a while but he was on the KSC "Meet an Astronaut" calendar just a few months ago so seems to be around still. Samuel Durrance - As mentioned earlier, diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease recently and mostly using a wheelchair now.
  5. TheSpinosaurus

    Who Should Make The Deathlist 2023?

    I don't know why but he's reminding me of Richard Arvin Overton and not in a good way.
  6. TheSpinosaurus

    The 100 Club

    Nice, I've always been a believer in the "99 curse" so I will keep some of these names in mind.
  7. TheSpinosaurus

    How's Your 2023 Shortlist Looking?

    Quite well. My main list will be the Death By Numbers 2023 but I plan to participate in most of the Death Pools for 2023. I will give a teaser for 5 names that you can expect to see in my Death By Numbers list and possibly quite a few of the other ones. 1. Well known UK TV celebrity recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. 2. Ex-FIFA World Cup German footballer, suffering from severe dementia for many years now. 3. South American politician and Legendary DeathList immortal. 4. American actress from the Golden Age of Hollywood who I am very surprised is still alive. 5. Somewhat well known UK author who is the spouse of a celebrity journalist.
  8. TheSpinosaurus

    Deathrace 2023

    Johnny Ruffo (Joker) Derek Draper Eva Marie Saint Pele Sandra Day O'Connor Constantine II of Greece Jonnie Irwin Rob Burrow Alberto Fujimori Jimmy Carter Rolf Harris Andy Taylor (Duran Duran) Glynis Johns Vicky Phelan Horst-Dieter Hottges June Spencer Giorgio Napolitano Jean-Pierre Jabouille Pervez Musharraf Joan Ganz Cooney Subs Barbara Walters James Earl Jones Tom Stafford (astronaut) Alfred Brendel Tony Bennett
  9. TheSpinosaurus

    Plane, Train And Automobile Crashes

    6 fatalities confirmed, no named victims though as of yet. https://www.kosu.org/u-s-news/2022-11-13/6-people-are-confirmed-dead-after-2-planes-collided-mid-air-at-a-dallas-airshow
  10. TheSpinosaurus

    Political Frailty

    Knowing he's had oral cancer and major jaw surgery as well, I must say this doesn't bode well for John Farnham.
  11. TheSpinosaurus

    Political Frailty

    What the hell is up with his face? Looks like he had either a severe stroke or some kind of jaw surgery maybe?
  12. TheSpinosaurus

    Kill or Save: UK No. 1-hits of the 70s

    47 Don McLean - Vincent 46 Nilsson – Without you +4 44 Alice Cooper – School's Out 40 The Sweet – Blockbuster 38 Slade – Cum On Feel The Noize 35 Suzi Quatro – Can the can 35 Lieutenant Pigeon - Mouldy Old Dough 32 Slade – Merry X-mas everybody 32 Wizzard – See My Baby Jive 29 Rod Stewart – You Wear It Well 28 T.Rex – Metal Guru 26 10CC – Rubber Bullets 24 Simon Park Orchestra - Eye Level 22 Gilbert O´Sullivan – Get down 21 Wizzard – Angel Fingers 20 T.Rex – Telegram Sam 19 Chicory Tip – Son of my father -6 18 The New Seekers – I'd like to teach the world to sing 4 Slade – Skweeze me, pleeze me
  13. TheSpinosaurus

    The 2023 Crowdsourced Deathlist

    I have sent in my picks.
  14. TheSpinosaurus


    I have just recently discovered that two Shuttle-era astronauts don't seem to be in the best of health and who you might want to keep on your radar. Samuel Durrance was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease a year ago and in recent photos he is definitely frail and appears to only be able to walk short distances, using a wheelchair otherwise. Samuel is a payload specialist who flew on two Shuttle missions. John Blaha has become rather frail now and doesn't plan on being in many events anymore due to this, according to a friend in one of my space chat groups who met and spoke with him recently. John flew on several Shuttle missions and most notably spent 4 months in space aboard the Mir space station. I'm not too sure on Durrance getting an obit but then again Millie Hughes-Fulford and Lodewjik Van Den Berg got obits and they are both payload specialists. John Blaha on the other hand would definitely get obits. The early shuttle-era astronauts are definitely an aging bunch, I plan on doing a detailed investigation on their status soon and will update you when I have finished it.
  15. TheSpinosaurus

    Kill or Save: UK No. 1-hits of the 70s

    24 Alice Cooper – School's Out 24 10CC – Rubber Bullets 24 Lieutenant Pigeon – Mouldy old dough 24 David Cassidy – How can I be sure +4 20 The New Seekers – I'd like to teach the world to sing 20 T.Rex – Telegram Sam 20 Chicory Tip – Son of my father 20 Nilsson – Without you 20 Royal Scots Dragoon Squad – Amazing Grace 20 T.Rex – Metal Guru 20 Don McLean – Vincent 20 Slade – Take me back 'ome 20 Donny Osmond – Puppy love 20 Rod Stewart – You wear it well 20 Slade – Mama, weer all crazee now 20 Gilbert O´Sullivan – Clair 20 Chuck Berry – My ding-a-ling 20 The Sweet – Blockbuster 20 Slade – Cum on feel the noize 20 Donny Osmond – The twelfth of never 20 Gilbert O´Sullivan – Get down 20 Wizzard – See my baby jive 20 Suzi Quatro – Can the can 20 Slade – Skweeze me, pleeze me 20 Peters & Lee – Welcome home 20 Donny Osmond – Young love 20 Wizzard – Angel Fingers 20 Simon Park Orchestra – Eye Level 20 David Cassidy – Daydreamer/ The Puppy Song 20 Gary Glitter – I love you love me love 20 Slade – Merry X-mas everybody 16 Gary Glitter – I'm the leader of the gang (I am) -4 14 Little Jimmy Osmond – Long haired lover from Liverpool 6 Dawn ft. Tony Orlando – Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree -2

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