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  1. Miracle Aligner

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    Has the secret service finally realised you've tipped above their age limits? Sorry I couldn't resist that one (you don't how disappointed I was when you said you were a chemist, that said - perfect cover).... anyway in all seriousness, I hope things work out for you looking for another job - it must be serious for them to be letting people with that much service go.
  2. Miracle Aligner


    The evening session begins in 10 minutes and Slowby has just won 13-12.....
  3. Miracle Aligner


    I think Ding could. Ronnie really hates the Worlds, I can't imagine a best of 25 is any less boring (surely even more so) with no crowd?
  4. Miracle Aligner


    Ronnie v Ding as a second round match still feels ridiculous. Also qualifier now guaranteed in the semis with Maflin's win.
  5. Miracle Aligner


    Higgins makes first 147 at the crucible for 8 years since Stephen Hendry in 2012. Bringing the all time total at crucible to 11 (3 by Hendry, 3 by O'Sullivan and one each for Ali Carter, John Higgins, Cliff Thorburn, Jimmy White and Mark Williams.)
  6. Miracle Aligner

    The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey

    To be honest a lot of northerner's would be more than happy to be transitioned to being part of Scotland
  7. Miracle Aligner

    Beirut Explosion

    I don't think we'll ever find out what actually happened here. A hezbollah factory going up and then setting off the nitrate seems the most likely.
  8. Miracle Aligner

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Looks like he's already dead. Convinced he's having 'young blood treatment'
  9. Miracle Aligner

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Nothing on royal foibles is true.... it's a fanfic site for royal fantasists.....
  10. Miracle Aligner

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

  11. Miracle Aligner


    So the first round is almost over and the second round is almost upon us. Due to the way crucible matches are scheduled (to guarantee at least 8 frames a session for viewers or more normally ticket paying audience) we won't know 2 of the second round players until after the first 2 round matches are underwater. In addition there's still 1 match to be finished tonight, I'll update as we get clarity. So the draw for the second round currently looks like..... (Best of 25 over 3 sessions - 8 frames, 8 frames, 9 frames) Judd Trump v Yan Bigtao (6 & 7 August) Martin Gould v Kyren Wilson (8 & 9 August) John Higgins 3 v 5 Kurt Maflin (5 and 6 August) Anthony McGill v Jamie Clarke (7, 8 & 9 August) ------ Mark Williams 5 v 3 Stuart Bingham (5, 6 & 7 August) Ding Junhui v Ronnie O'Sullivan (7,8 & 9 August) Mark Selby v Noppon Saengkham (6 & 7 August) Barry Hawkins v Neil Robertson (8 & 9 August) What an exciting second round. But the standout match is of course that Ding v Ronnie match, the kind of match you'd expect to be a quarter or a semi, not a second round.
  12. Miracle Aligner

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    Oh. Is that how the twitterati think it is. Going to be a more than a bit embarrassing for gov, although at least he was a minister under a different prime minister! He hardly came across as a nice guy tbf.
  13. Miracle Aligner

    Pope Benedict XVI

    The Vatican should sue him for misrepresentation for resigning on ill health. He's clearly been granted immortality by God.
  14. Miracle Aligner


    An incredible match between Jack Lisowski and Anthony McGill tonight. McGill eventually winning 10-9 with an excellent pot on the blue from about 10.5-11ft distance from the blue to the white with just the blue, pink and black on the table and both players needing blue and pink to win..... Now that's a good close match.... On the opposite spectrum Ronnie beat Thepchaiya-Un_Nooh 10-1 in a crucible record of 108 minutes for a Best of 19.
  15. Miracle Aligner


    Yan Bigtao narrowly avoids getting the bottle-job champion of the world award by winning 10-7 after being 9-2 up at one point.....

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