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  1. soapywater

    Julie Goodyear - Coronation Street legend

    Was interviewed last week for a YouTube thing. Didn’t appear on screen but sounds like, well, Julie Goodyear. Just thought it would be relevant to this thread seeing as she has retreated completely from the public eye these past few years
  2. soapywater

    Kim Jong-Un

    99% of NK’s population have less meat on them than him here, surprising they were so upset by how he looks. Then again that’s brainwashing and the fear of god knows what punishment for you. I have to commend Kim for his courageous battle against cheeseaholism though! While I can’t say the cockwomble will be missed, it’s a bit of a worry about who would step into his shoes should he cark it.
  3. soapywater

    The 8th death of 2021

  4. soapywater

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    BBC would get Huw or Fiona in for this news
  5. soapywater

    Dead Pop Stars

    2 ‘Dancing With The Stars’ contestants dead so close to each other, what with Cloris carking it recently
  6. soapywater

    Sean Connery

    Just realised all 3 people on the Goldfinger poster have died this year - Connery, Honor Blackman and Margaret Nolan
  7. soapywater

    Sean Connery

    At least he made 90 ... quite shocked as he seemed in good nick in the most recent photo I saw of him
  8. soapywater

    Roy Wood

    He appeared in an episode of the cursed show Benidorm ... mature men have never lasted long after appearing on that show
  9. soapywater

    Tom Parker

    Both Girls Aloud and The Wanted are at risk of losing a member, though I can’t help but think this one will go quicker than Sarah Harding...
  10. soapywater

    Tony Slattery

    I saw Slattery in Panto about 10 years ago! Obviously with his lifestyle it’s unsurprising to see his name cropping up here
  11. soapywater

    2. Betty White

    So she’ll be 99 by the time they film it?! That’s...impressive
  12. soapywater

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Quite heartbreaking and totally out of the blue...Sarah Harding
  13. soapywater

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Apparently he is currently ‘seriously ill’ with shingles. Maybe he won’t survive 2020 as I previously hoped here
  14. soapywater

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Hello everyone (this is my first ever comment ) I’m fairly confident Pope Benedict won’t last next year if he survives 2020. He’s very frail from recent images I’ve seen (but then again I thought he seemed really old when he was Pope ) I feel like Glynis Johns is a big possibility as well. I can’t explain it but I just get a feeling that one day I’ll be scrolling through twitter and an obituary for her will emerge.

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