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  1. soapywater

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    Wow, they certainly had faces you couldn’t forget, I only knew them from being an unapologetic fan of the ‘Masked Singer’ franchise and they appeared on the French version. Possibly the first contestants to die from any version of that show? God knows…
  2. soapywater

    The 1st Death of 2022

    Noam Chomsky. Still shook about Betty White carking it on NYE, who was her last minute replacement on the list?
  3. soapywater

    Betty White

    Oh ffs. Thought she was a dead cert to hang on to 100
  4. soapywater

    Tom Parker

    Currently watching him on This Morning, seems quite lively esp considering the 12 month prognosis from last year
  5. soapywater


    And since then, John Challis (Monty, died 2021) Una Stubbs (Diana, died 2021) Bobby Ball (Ron, died 2020) Roy Hudd (Maurice, died 2020) Barry Chuckle (Crostini, died 2018). It’s mostly male comedy actors of a certain age, so Tim Healy and Brian Murphy best be cautious. No regular female cast member has died (yet).
  6. soapywater

    The 10th death of 2021

    Went for Sidney Poitier yesterday but realised I should look closer to home this time - Leslie Phillips.
  7. soapywater

    The 9th death of 2021

    Chuffed that Abdelaziz’s demise proved my guess correct on the last thread, now my instincts lead me to Sidney Poitier.
  8. soapywater

    Julie Goodyear - Coronation Street legend

    Was interviewed last week for a YouTube thing. Didn’t appear on screen but sounds like, well, Julie Goodyear. Just thought it would be relevant to this thread seeing as she has retreated completely from the public eye these past few years
  9. soapywater

    Kim Jong-Un

    99% of NK’s population have less meat on them than him here, surprising they were so upset by how he looks. Then again that’s brainwashing and the fear of god knows what punishment for you. I have to commend Kim for his courageous battle against cheeseaholism though! While I can’t say the cockwomble will be missed, it’s a bit of a worry about who would step into his shoes should he cark it.
  10. soapywater

    The 8th death of 2021

  11. soapywater

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    BBC would get Huw or Fiona in for this news
  12. soapywater

    Dead Pop Stars

    2 ‘Dancing With The Stars’ contestants dead so close to each other, what with Cloris carking it recently
  13. soapywater

    Sean Connery

    Just realised all 3 people on the Goldfinger poster have died this year - Connery, Honor Blackman and Margaret Nolan
  14. soapywater

    Sean Connery

    At least he made 90 ... quite shocked as he seemed in good nick in the most recent photo I saw of him

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