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  1. arghton

    Political Frailty

    https://www.outlookindia.com/newsscroll/amp/exbsp-mla-purushottam-naresh-dwivedi-passes-away-in-up/2069719 Indian Uttar Pradesh MLA and piece of shit Purushottam Naresh Dwivedi has died at age 55 from a kidney disease. Bought a 17-year old schoolgirl in 2010 and raped her with his bodyguards. Good fucking riddance.
  2. arghton

    Political Frailty

    As the oldest living state leaders seem to be a pretty strong group, here's a list of the top 5 (plus the two "unclear status" ones) a picture of the person is above his name. (101th birthday, March 2021) (Unclear status) - Josip Manolić (b. 22th of March 1920) Second Prime Minister of Croatia 1990-1991. Croatia was still a part of SFR Yugoslavia until 1991. A meme in his country for how youthful he is. Seems to still be very healthy. (100th birthday, January 2021) 1 - Mustafa Ben Halim (b. 29th January 1921) Libyan Prime Minister 1954-1957. Only Kingdom of Libya leader who lived long enough to see Gaddafi fall. (Unclear status) - Kim Yong-ju (b. September 1921?) Vice President during Vacancy 1994-1998. Not much information on how he's doing nowadays or if he is even alive. (2016) 2 - Francisco Morales-Bermúdez (b. 4th October 1921) Military dictator/President of Peru 1975-1980. Sentenced to life imprisonment in Italy in 2017. (16th of April 2021, vaccinated for COVID) 3 - Luis Echeverría (b. 17th January 1922) Mexican President 1970-1976. Banned rock music recorded my Mexican bands in 1971. He was hospitalized in 2018, is now in a wheelchair. (2016) 4 - Khamtai Siphandon (b. 8th February 1924) First the Laotian Prime Minister 1991-1998, then the President 1998-2006. Stepped down in 2006, his predecessor as President (Nouhak Phoumsavanh) lived to 98. One of the more quiet people on this list. (Late 2020) 5 - Tomiichi Murayama (b. 3rd March 1924) Japanese Prime Minister 1994-1996 known for releasing the Murayama Statement. Still in good health.
  3. Inspired by the large amount of heads of state and government who died in 2020 (Sultan Qaboos, Nkurunziza, Coulibaly, Prince Khalifa, Dlamini) and 2021 (Bakayoko, Magufuli and Deby) I've decided to make a pool focused on betting who's next. List: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_current_heads_of_state_and_government Rules: Pick FIVE current heads of state or government. Only two of them can be over 80 at the time you post your picks. Two people can't have the same leader/leaders. Designates don't count. If your pick gets ousted, retires or otherwise stops being a head of state/govt, please replace them with another. You'll have to use the same team until someone gets a hit. After that you can pick another team to replace your old team or keep going with your old team. Points: Each pick is worth 1 point unless... The younger the better-bonus: State leaders aged 50-65 will get a bonus of 1 point State leaders in their 40s will get a bonus of 3 points State leaders in their 30s (or younger) will get a bonus of 10 points Decades as leader-bonus State leaders who have ruled a country over 20 years get a 2 point bonus. Leaders who were both the head of state and the head of government get a bonus of 1 point Cause of Death-bonuses Overdoses and executions: 30 points Non-assasination homicides: 20 points Suicides: 15 points Assasinations and accidents (such as plane crashes, drowning): 10 points Had Alzheimer's at time of death: 3 points My team: Alexander Lukashenko (b. 1954) President of Belarus since 1994. Boyko Borisov (b. 1959) Prime Minister of Bulgaria since 2017. Mahamat Déby Itno (b. 1984) Chairman of the Transitional Military Council of Chad since 2021, head of state and government Mette Frederiksen (b. 1977) Prime Minister of Denmark since 2019 Denis Sassou Nguesso (b. 1943) President of the Republic of Congo since 1997.
  4. arghton

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2021 Deathlist

    Out of the three notable US politicians born in the early 1920s (Dole, Kissinger and Carter) I'm starting to think Kissinger will be the last. Last month Kissinger talked about politics for an hour in a webinar, meanwhile Dole's got stage four lung cancer and Carter looks horrible. Kissinger feels like he could go on for another two or three years
  5. arghton

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Some more awards with only a few alive recipients: All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Player of the Year Award (1945-1954) Only living person awarded this is Jean Faut (b. 1925) in 1951 and 1953. Abd-el-Tif Prize (1907-1961) Living recipients: 1952 - Pierre Parsus (b. 1921) 1956 - Jean-Pierre Blanche (b. 1927), G. Georges - Mianes (b. 1929) and Jean-Marie Albagnac (b. 1931) 1958 - Despite what the wikipedia page for the award says, both recipients are dead: died in 2005 and 2012 1960 - Pierre Telliez (b. 1932) 1961 - Victor Candale (birth date unknown, unknown if still alive) Order of the African Star (1888-1962) Grand Cross Only living recipient is possibly Albert II of Belgium (b. 1934) Rex Kingsley Footballer of the Year (1951-1964) Only living recipient is Ian Ure (b. 1939) Tony Award for Best Conductor and Musical Director (1948-1964) Living recipients: 1962 - Elliot Lawrence (b. 1925) 1963 - Donald Pippin (b. 1926) Original TV Guide Award (1960-1964) Carol Burnett (b. 1933) Favourite Female Performer 1961, 1962 and 1963. Richard Chamberlain (b. 1934) Favourite Male Performer 1963. Original Prix Formentor (1961-1967) Only alive recipient is Dacia Maraini (b. 1936) Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Performance (1964-1967) Mason Williams (b. 1938) First recipient in 1964. Herb Alpert (b. 1935) 1965 and 1966. William Faulkner Foundation Award for notable first novel (1961-1970) 1964 - Thomas Pynchon (b. 1937) 1966 - Cormac McCarthy (b. 1933) 1967 - Robert Coover (b. 1932) 1970 - Larry Woiwode (b. 1941) Laurel Awards (1951-1971) Julie Andrews (b. 1935) - Top Female Star 1967 and 1968. Dustin Hoffman (b. 1937) - Top Male Star 1971. Norman Jewison (b. 1926) - Top Director 1968. American Heritage Samuel Eliot Morison Award (1976 and 1977) Last alive recipient is David McCullough (b. 1933) Hero of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (1965-1983) 1978 - Yuri Romanenko (b. 1944) and Vladimír Remek (b. 1948) Grammy Award for Video of the Year (1982 and 1983) 1982 - Michael Nesmith (b. 1937) 1983 - Olivia Newton-John (b. 1948) Poeta Finlandiae (1993-2002) Last alive recipient is Jukka Itkonen (b. 1951)
  6. arghton

    Vladimir Putin

    Picture from today. Doesn't look like the normal Putin
  7. arghton

    African Despots

    https://mobile.camerounweb.com/CameroonHomePage/NewsArchive/N-crologie-la-vice-pr-sidente-de-l-assembl-e-nationale-n-est-plus-591325 Cameroon national assembly deputy speaker Emilia Lifaka dead at 62
  8. arghton

    King Harald V of Norway

    Out of those, I'd say Carl Gustaf is the last. Much younger than all the others, still healthy and can still perform all his duties. I predict they go in this order: Juan Carlos (2021/2022), QEII (2022-2024), Harald V (2023), Beatrix(2023-2025), Margrethe (around 2024-2027) and Carl Gustaf (2035-2038). Juan Carlos: Tumour in 2010, heart surgery in 2019. Parents lived to 79 and 89. Exiled, doesn't seem like he's got long QEII: Lost husband a while ago, didn't look so great at the funeral - I'd say a couple of years while many may disagree, and she may very well live longer. Parents lived to 56 and 101. Harald V: Sick leaves, surgeries...He'll have to live three years to get to the age his father died at. Parents lived to 87 and 53. Beatrix: Abdicated in 2013. Parents lived to 93 and 94, but mother had alzheimer's for her last years. Margrethe II: Healthy, but a chain smoker. Said that she won't live for another 10 years last year. Parents lived to 72 and 90. Carl XVI Gustaf: Healthy. Parents lived to 40 and 62, however his father died in a plane crash long before he could have become king. Otherwise the Swedish royal family has male longevity: the last two kings, his grandfather and his father lived to 92 and 90.
  9. arghton

    African Despots

    Big news. Seventh longest ruling non-monarch at the time of his death. This place now goes to Nazarbayev Former Presidents Hissène Habré (b. 1942), Goukouni Oueddei (b. 1944), Former VP Negue Djogo (b. 1932) and "wise elder", Deby's first Prime Minister Jean Alingué Bawoyeu (b. 1937) are still alive.
  10. arghton

    The 100 Club

    Yad Vashem's website has a list of all the over 27000 people awarded it, but the major problem with the site is that alive people aren't mentioned alive (for example Walaszczyk) but instead birthdate-questionmark "1919-?" Some death dates aren't mentioned, for example Marthe Barnet-Cambou (born 1919, died in 2018 according to many sources) I'll try to look into it later
  11. arghton

    33. Walter Mondale

    Quite suprising. I remember that he talked at some virtual meeting a couple of months ago? Also left a message that he'll be with his wife and daughter now. My bet is that it was something quick, maybe cancer. I'd have thought he would have outlived the Carter couple
  12. arghton

    The 8th death of 2021

  13. arghton

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Leslie Phillips? Abdelaziz Bouteflika? Maybe even Gorbachev? Jimmy Carter and Dilip Kumar are taken.
  14. arghton

    Political Frailty

    Covid got to Vanuatu. The country has a lot of old and unhealthy political figures and they don't tend to live very long: Presidents: Ati George Sokomanu (b. 1937) First President of Vanuatu in the 80s. Lost his wife last year. John Bani (b. 1941) Fourth President of Vanuatu. The other presidents between Sokomanu and Bani are all dead. Looks worse than Sokomanu. Kalkot Mataskelekele (b. 1949) Sixth President of Vanuatu. Iolu Abil (b. 1942) Seventh President. Philip Boedoro (b. 1958) and Esmon Saimon (b. 1955) former acting presidents, both look like sumo wrestlers. Prime Ministers: Maxime Carlot Korman (b. 1941) 2nd Prime Minister of Vanuatu 1991-1995 and in 1996. Overweight and old-looking. Also an (acting) president once. Serge Vohor (b. 1955) Third Prime Minister. Has been Prime Minister for five times, only once over a year. Bribery scandals, no known health issues Barak Sope (b. 1951 or 1955) Fifth Prime Minister. Overweight and seen using a walking stick in many photos. Ham Lini (b. 1951) Seventh Prime Minister. Brother of Walter Lini, first prime minister, who died in his 50s.
  15. arghton

    List Of Dead Commies

    Last alive recipients of different soviet and yugoslav awards: Recently extinct: Order of Victory: 20 awarded in 1943-1945 and one in 1978. Last alive recipient was Michael I (1921-2017) Marshal's Star: around 200 awarded in 1940-1991. Last alive recipient was probably Dmitry Yazov (1924-2020) Under 100 left: Order "For Service to the Homeland in the Armed Forces of the USSR": 13 awarded (first class) 1982-1990, with a little digging, found the alive recipients, listed here: 2 - Vasily Alekseevich Poroshin (b. 1938) 6 - Gennady Konstantinovich Loshkarev (b. 1938) 8 - Alexander Semyonovich Verevkin (b. 1927) 10 - Boris Nikolaevich Agapov (b. 1946) 12 - Vasily Petrovich Shcherbakov (status unknown) Pilot-Cosmounaut of the USSR: 72 awarded, probably over half are still alive. Order of the Yugoslav Star: Awarded 127 people, usually other state leaders. Alive: Elizabeth II (b. 1926), Harald V (b. 1937), Margrethe II (b. 1940), Carl XVI Gustaf (b. 1946), Farah Pahlavi (b. 1938) and Beatrix of the Netherlands (b. 1938) Yugoslav star of FRY and Serbia and Montenegro: 9 awarded 1999-2004, alive: Исмаил ал Кади, alive? Former Syrian ambassador to Belgrad in 1999. Anatoly Kvashnin (b. 1946) Ion Iliescu (b. 1930) Emperor Akihito (b. 1933)
  16. arghton

    The 100 Club

    Ruth Apilado (b. 1908) Magazine editor Stanislaw Kowalski (b. 1910) Athlete Ruthie Thompson (b. 1910) Animator Marita Quiros (b. 1911) Former first lady of Costa Rica
  17. arghton

    Political Frailty

    I'm almost willing to bet some money that H. D. Deve Gowda will outlive Manmohan Singh and Pratibha Patil.
  18. arghton

    The 100 Club

    https://news.cgtn.com/news/2021-04-18/Exclusive-Master-translator-Xu-Yuanchong-s-cure-for-a-divided-world-Zz9VuEcQta/share_amp.html Here's some videos on him.
  19. arghton

    Dementia afflicted footballers

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willy_van_der_Kuijlen Dutch national team footballer Willy van der Kuijlen dead from Alzheimer's at 74
  20. arghton

    21. Abdelaziz Bouteflika

    https://www.arabnews.com/node/1650596/middle-east "He lives surrounded by his sister and a medical team," a source close to his entourage told AFP. Bouteflika continues to "enjoy all the privileges" befitting his rank as a former leader, according to Mohamed Hennad, a former political science professor at the University of Algiers. But virtually nothing is known about his daily life. "He receives few visits. He is confined to his wheelchair and remains virtually speechless," said Algerian journalist Farid Alilat in an interview last month with Le Point newspaper.
  21. arghton

    Joseph Estrada

    Erap's 84 today (19th April). Small chance of a birthday death!
  22. arghton

    Military commanders

    And Mohammad Hejazi, deputy commander of the Quds Force since Soleimani's assasination has died aged 64-65: https://english.alarabiya.net/News/middle-east/2021/04/18/Deputy-commander-of-Iran-s-Quds-Force-Mohammad-Hejazi-dies Hejazi was attacked by his own heart.
  23. arghton

    Three Steps To Heaven

    The only somewhat notable Finnish rockabilly musician, Alpo "Aikka" Hakala (1957-2021) died a week ago as I mentioned in the rock thread before this thread was made. He got a stroke in 2013 after which he was bedridden and later couldn't communicate at all. Should've picked him in some of the smaller pools as he was already dying years ago but I have a very shitty memory. Anyways, here's an useless list of some rockabilly musicians who could make good picks on some pools now or in a few years, or are just aged, just to see who's alive in 10 years: Ace Andres (b. 1958) No known health issues, but very quiet nowadays. Bobby Fuller Four: Randall "Randy" Fuller (b. 1944) Bobby Fuller's younger brother. Bobby died in 1966. Dalton Powell (b. 1942) and DeWayne Quirico (b. 1942) Other Fuller musicians, not much of them on the internet. Jerry Miller (b. 1943) another Bobby Fuller Four musician. Looked quite bad in 2015. ---- Jimmy Bowen (b. 1937) Wouldn't consider him in the next few years. Plans to live to 150 and from what I've heard, is still very healthy. Billy Burnette (b. 1953) Was hospitalized last september with covid. Sanford Clark (b. 1935) Condition unknown Lawrence "Larry" Collins (b. 1942) The alive Collins kid Crash Craddock (b. 1939) Haven't found any information on his condition Sonny Curtis (b. 1937) Friend of Buddy Holly. Can still perform Donald "Don" Everly (b. 1937) The alive Everly brother. Looks great. Dave Edmunds (b. 1944) Retired in 2017. Duane Eddy (b. 1938) Healthy octogenarian? Steve Earle (b. 1955) History of drug use (Cocaine, was a heroin addict) and lost his son Justin Townes Earle (1982-2020) last year to overdose of fentanyl-laced cocaine. Narvel Felts (b. 1938) Has also lost his son, but in 1995. Robert Gordon (b. 1947) Still performs, doesn't look very great though Glen Glenn (b. 1934) Ronald Hawkins (b. 1935) Still performs Wanda Jackson (b. 1937) Widowed in 2017, retired in 2019. Queen of Rockabilly Roddy Jackson (b. 1942) Still perfoms according to wikipedia but looked 80 in 2014 Brenda Lee (b. 1944) Had health problems in the 1970s (blood clots, stomach and kidney problems) in great condition now Jerry Lee Lewis (b. 1935) Legend, had a stroke in 2019. Bob Loyce Moore (b. 1932) Father of recently semi-retired 69-year old R. Stevie Moore. Sparkle Moore (b. 1936) Couldn't find anything except 2010 pictures. Roy Moss (b. 1929) Alive??? Keith O'Connor Murphy (b. 1944) Steve Nardella (b. 1948) Doesn't look great? Johnny Powers (b. 1938) Will he outlive the wrestler with the same name born in 1943? Terry Williams (b. 1948) and Billy Bremner (b. 1946) Bobby Sowell (b. 1947) Casey Royer (b. 1958) Former Social Distortion member. Overdosed in 2011 while watching television with his 12-year old son. Shakin' Stevens (b. 1948) If I remember right, he has a thread Billy Swan (b. 1942) Old guy with white beard. Widowed in 2003 Vernon Taylor, Jim Teachenor (b. 1937) Hayden Thompson (b. 1938) Whatcha Gonna Do? Marty Wilde (b. 1939)
  24. arghton

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Around 130 thousand people in my country watched it. Probably the most talked about death here in the last three or four years.
  25. arghton

    African Despots

    https://malawi24.com/2021/04/18/former-vice-president-malewezi-dies/ Justin Malewezi (1943-2021) first Malewezi vice president along with Chakufwa Chihana (1939-2006) has died at age 77. They were the vice presidents of Bakili Muluzi (b. 1943, ruled 1994-2004), the first president since ancient dictator Hastings Banda (1898-1997) Malewezi was a lifelong public servant.

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