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  1. arghton

    The Dead of 2020

    Fortune teller Madam Auring dead at 80. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madam_Auring Worked for Muhammad Ali, Imelda Marcos, Robert Duvall and many more famous people.
  2. arghton

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dündar_Ali_Osman Current head of the house of Osman. Probably not famous enough for the list though
  3. arghton

    Non-British Royals

    Walther Sommerlath (the younger one and Queen Silvia's brother) dead at 86. https://www.svenskdam.se/kungligt/walther-sommerlath--sa-var-hans-sista-tid/7013653 Just around a week ago I read about him in the news, he moved to live on some royal place with his son and his son's two daughters. Both he and his son were divorced. Silvia looks pretty rough in the new photos, we'll probably soon see more losses because both the queen's and the king's siblings are aging and most of them aren't very healthy. Also, there's Marianne Bernadotte.
  4. arghton

    Predict The Biggest Death Of Each Year of the next decade

    Still time to join? 2020: Henry Kissinger 2021: Pope Benedict XVI 2022: Prince Philip 2023: Queen Elizabeth II 2024: Donald Trump 2025: Gorbachev 2026: Kim Jong-Un 2027: Pope Francis 2028: Margrethe II of Denmark 2029: Putin 2030: Harald V
  5. arghton

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    pretty damn sure they're going to go atleast somewhat near each other
  6. arghton

    Political Frailty

    Most of these are still pretty active. Here's an article about Linna from near today, month, but it's behind a paywall. Has a picture of him you can see without paying, he's looking good for someone turning 95 in a month https://www.perhonjokilaakso.fi/uutinen/602091
  7. arghton

    Arghton's deadpool

    Randi and al-Douri are my sixth and seventh hits.
  8. arghton

    Saddam Hussein

    After al-Douri's death, how many of Saddam's high ranking officers /officials or whatever are alive?
  9. arghton

    Political Frailty

    If true, this is very big news and will probably change some stuff in Iraq and the levant.
  10. arghton

    World's Oldest

    Also some weird dutch healing something say he's some kind of "wizzar" https://www.crystal-owl.com/kopie-van-kowida-message-for-the-wo
  11. arghton

    Terrorists & Topical Terrorist Targets

    Al-Qaeda second-in-command and second leader of AQIS (Al-Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent) Abu Muhsin al-Masri shot dead by the Afghan National Directorate of Security in Ghazni, Afghanistan today. He was around 61. al-Zawahiri next? https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/10/25/senior-al-qaeda-leader-abu-muhsin-al-masri-killed-in-afghanistan
  12. arghton

    World's Oldest

    Brazilian longevity claim Olimpio Martins Pires died a couple of days aged 112/110 (or something less) https://gerontology.wikia.org/wiki/Olimpio_Martins_Pires Currently alive longevity claimers are, atleast: Billafunda (Siddha) Sayadaw U.Kowida who claims to be 1112 years old. I'd say remove around 1012 years and you'd get a more realistic age. Maria Lucimar Pereira who claims to be 130. Remove around 50 years to get the actual number? Alimihan Seyiti who claims to be 134. Doesn't look a day over 100. Stephen Wright who claimed to be 119 but is apparently "only 108". If that is how old he actually is. Also confirmed supercentenarian Julio Cesar Mora died three days ago aged 110. Was known for his and his wife's combined age of 215.
  13. arghton

    Military commanders

    Some more people I'd keep an eye on: Chief of the General Staff of Republic of China (Taiwan) Liu Ho-Chien is 94. https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/劉和謙 Yugoslav fleet admiral Branko Mamula is 99 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Branko_Mamula Former Sri Lankan General Officer Commanding Cyril Ranatunga is 90 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyril_Ranatunga And former Turkish Chief of General Staff Necdet Ürug is 98 or 99. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necdet_Üruğ
  14. arghton

    The 100 Club

    Thanks for that list, I completely forget about Singh. Virginia McLaurin would be the last 1909 one if she was born that year. I'm pretty sure she is, as she has a 87 year old child. Anything English on Kozubski or Hiroshisen? I googled the name of the latter and found absolutely nothing.
  15. arghton

    The 100 Club

    Suprising how there aren't any males born in 1912 notable enough to have a wikipedia page. From 1913, however, 4/5 of the people notable enough to have a wikipedia are male: Carl J. Shapiro, Madoff investor and last of Madoff's "big four", 107 Toko Shinoda, Japanese painter, 107 (Only female in this group) Vance Trimble, Pulitzer prize winner and journalist, 107 G. Venkatasubbiah, Indian lexicographer, 107 Boris Pahor, Slovene writer and concentration camp survivor, 107 Out of these, I'm betting on Shapiro being the first to die and Venkatasubbiah or Pahor the last. Pahor is probably the only somewhat internationally famous of them from Necropolis and probably the oldest internationally famous person if Kane Tanaka's fame for being the world's oldest person for over two years isn't counted. 1911? Three left, four if you count Marita Quiros who doesn't have an English wikipedia page but is linked on the "list of living centenarians" page. 3/4 female. Marita Quiros, former Costa Rican first lady, 109 Renee Simonot, mother of Catherine Deneuve, 109 Eileen Ash, cricketer, 108 and turning 109 on october 30th. Robert Marchand, cyclist, 108 1910 is more balanced. One female and one male supercentenarian. Stanislaw Kowalski, masters athlete, 110 (Also the oldest living man in Poland and the oldest living man with a wikipedia page) Ruthie Thompson, animator, 110 Nobody from 1909, 1908 has only Ruth Apilado, founder of America's Intercultural magazine. 112 years old.
  16. arghton

    World War II Veterans

    Is anyone keeping track on the last medal recipients of WWII? I've found a couple of medals where there are only one or two left of the ones who recieved it (or of the ones who recieved it during wwII) Medal of Honour (United States, awarded 473 times): Charles H. Coolidge, Technical Sergeant, 99 DEAD Hershel W. Williams, Chief warrant officer 4, 97 Victoria Cross (United Kingdom, awarded 182 times): John Cruickshank, Flight Lieutenant, 100 Mannerheim Cross (Finland, awarded 197 times): Tuomas Gerdt, Sergeant, 98 DEAD Military Order of William (Netherlands, awarded ? times): Kenneth Mayhew, Major, 103
  17. arghton

    Military commanders

    There are an increasing amount of known military commanders who haven't been involved in wars. For example Klenberg, who I mentioned in the first post, never fought in any war.
  18. arghton

    Political Frailty

    I've decided to do one of these "remaining WWII vets" things for remaining Finnish WWII vets. Mauno Koivisto (1923-2017) was the last living prime minister and the only president who served. There are multiple ministers living who served/born before 1928: Ele Alenius (b. 1925) was a minister in the Paasio I and Koivisto I cabinets. Heimo Linna (b. 1925) was a minister in the Sorsa I and Miettunen II cabinets. Aarno Strömmer (b. 1927) was a minister in the Liinamaa cabinet Taisto Tähkämaa (b. 1924) was a minister in the Sorsa II, Koivisto II and Sorsa III cabinets. Sinikka Luja-Penttilä (b. 1924) Health minister 1979-1982. Didn't serve. There are multiple parliament members who served/born before 1928: Pentti Poutanen (b. 1922) Parliament member 1970-1987 Pekka Haarla (b. 1923) Consul, Parliament member 1966-1972 Artturi Niemelä (b. 1923) Parliament member 1970-1975 Sinikka Luja-Penttilä (b. 1924) Mentioned above, parliament member 1966-1983. Didn't serve Taisto Tähkämaa (b. 1924) Mentioned above, parliament member 1970-1991 Ele Alenius (b. 1925) Mentioned above, parliament member 1966-1972 Jutta Zilliacus (b. 1925) Parliament member 1975-1987. Didn't serve. Väinö Vilponiemi (b. 1925) Parliament member 1962-1975. Heimo Linna (b. 1925) Mentioned above, parliament member 1966-1987. Heikki Hasu (b. 1926) Olympic gold medalist, parliament member 1962-1966 and 1967-1970. Anna-Liisa Hyvönen (b. 1926) Parliament member 1972-1980. Didn't serve. Carl Olof Tallgren (b. 1927) Mentioned above, parliament member 1961-1975. Irma Rosnell (b. 1927) Parliament member 1954-1987. Didn't serve. Sauli Hautala (b. 1927) Parliament member 1975-1983 and 1987-1991. Pirkko Ikonen (b. 1927) Parliament member 1983-1991. Didn't serve. Elsi Hetemäki-Olander (b. 1927) Parliament member 1970-1991. Didn't serve. Ensio Laine (b. 1927) Parliament member 1968-1995. Oili Suomi (b. 1927) Parliament member 1970-1972 and 1977-1979. Didn't serve. 1928-1929, didn't serve: Raimo Ilaskivi (b. 1928) Parliament member 1962-1975. Helvi Hyrynkangas (b. 1928) Parliament member 1979-1983. Liisa Hilpelä (b. 1928) Parliament member 1983-1991. Tellervo Koivisto (b. 1929) Former First Lady, parliament member in 1975. Erkki Pystynen (b. 1929) Former Speaker of the Parliament, parliament member 1975-1991. Orvokki Kauppila (b. 1929) Parliament member 1970-1972.
  19. arghton

    Military commanders

    William Carr died last week aged 97. http://www.rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca/en/article-template-standard.page?doc=farewell-to-the-father-of-the-modern-rcaf/kfi7pv9j
  20. arghton

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    These have probably been mentioned multiple times before, but Khieu Samphan. Last surviving senior member of the Khmer rouge, will be 90 next year and spending the rest of his life in jail. Also in pictures taken 6 years ago, for example his wikipedia picture, he looks like he has a mold farm on his head. One of the former Zambian presidents Kenneth Kaunda/Rupiah Banda/Guy Scott: Kenneth Kaunda is turning 97 next year. Rupiah Banda doesn't look frail, but he's overweight, turning 84 and was just diagnosed with colon cancer. https://www.lusakatimes.com/2020/10/17/zambias-fourth-president-rupiah-banda-diagnosed-with-cancer-of-the-colon/ Guy Scott is just 76 but has Parkinson's disease and looks very frail. When you look at these photos from January he looks much worse than what he looked a couple of years ago. https://www.lusakatimes.com/2020/01/22/kambwili-visits-ailing-guy-scott-declares-his-readiness-for-2021/ https://zambiareports.com/2020/10/15/update-guy-scott-discharged/
  21. arghton

    Political Frailty

    https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-11600817 Marjatta Väänänen, a politician in Finland during dictator/president Kekkonen's presidency (served as minister of culture and minister of education in the 70s/80s) has died from a long term illness. A name probably everyone finn over the age of 50 recognizes. She was 97. One of the last members of the 70s-80s centrist group "Black dozen" in the parliament that opposed changes to Finland's foreign policy and were on "Kekkonen's side" who, however, already had advanced alzheimer's disease back then. This means there are only two members of the Black dozen (Musta tusina) alive, Taisto Tähkämaa (b. 1924, former defence minister and minister of agriculture and forestry) Heimo Linna (b. 1925, another former minister of agriculture and forestry) The liberal K-line has more living members: Seppo Sarlund (b. 1942, lobbyist) Paavo Väyrynen (b. 1946, perennial candidate for president and veteran politician) Mauri Pekkarinen (b. 1947, has held multiple positions in governments during the 2000s, now a MEP) Seppo Kääriäinen (b. 1948, former defence minister) Matti Vanhanen (b. 1955, current minister of finance. Has had some heart problems.) edit: Got them wrong, the K-line was on Kekkonen's side and the Black dozen opposed Kekkonen. Decaying brain
  22. arghton

    Six people, six months

    At the moment, at 4 points: gcreptile - Toots Hibbert, Mike Sexton, Betty Dodson and Lee Kerslake 3 points: Joey Russ - Toots Hibbert, Mike Sexton and Pat Smullen 2 points: The Old Crem - Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Tommy DeVito GuyFromFuture - Toots Hibbert and Tommy Devito The Unknown Man - Pranab Mukherjee, Norbert Stiles Paddyfool - Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Norbert Stiles 1 point: theoldlady - Roberta McCain (Me) - Roberta McCain markb4 - Roberta McCain Kenny mccormick - Roberta McCain Perhaps - Pranab Mukherjee WEP - Christopher Vialva the chilean way - Norbert Stiles redrumors - Norbert Stiles Charlotte's Controller - Norbert Stiles
  23. arghton

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    Also, talking about Shitu he's been through, his first wife was killed by the Kuomintang
  24. arghton

    Internet Celebrities

    Talking about Chase, I know three other instagram fame cats that have beaten all the odds and lived. Xherdan, Sphynx with a lot of wrinkles. Not exactly sure of the condition. https://www.instagram.com/xherdanthenakedcat/?hl=en duo, two faced cat doing good with treatments. https://www.instagram.com/duotwofacedcat/?hl=en Jasper, cat with feline herpes. He's lost both eyes to it and has also had a stroke but can live a mostly normal life and is doing well. https://www.instagram.com/jazzy.purrs/?hl=en Some would say that these cats are scary. Maybe, but I respect all of them, as they have survived with these conditions. Edit: Sadly Jasper died one month after this post was written.
  25. arghton

    Arghton's deadpool

    Sheikh Sabah is my only death who isn't a celebrity parent (1/5). It sure has been a bad year for celeb parents.

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