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  1. arghton

    50. Captain Tom Moore

    Moore is around eight months older. Tom's the Oldest newbie AND oldest on the list.
  2. arghton

    The 1st Death of 2021?

  3. arghton

    The Dead of 2020

    Some animals are celebrities nowadays and becoming even more famous. As one example, "Doge" Kabosu is much more known and will be than most of these "5 minutes of fame 50 years ago" celebrities that probably a couple of thousand people on this earth remember
  4. arghton

    Who are the immortals?

    Finnish actor Vesa-Matti Loiri is probably too young (76 in a few days) to be an immortal, but he has been near death so many times I'm suprised he's still alive. From using poisonous mushrooms, mescalin and other drugs (to once slipping on the floor because of his own bodily liquids and nearly dying because of it) to trying suicide with laxatives, being in ICU multiple times, for having diabetes, sleep apnea and other diseases (and not treating the diabetes at first), being overweight (150kg) and using alcohol and smoking since teenage it's a suprise he is still alive. He has already outlived two of his former wives and two of his sons, the question is when will he join them?
  5. arghton

    The 21st Death of 2020?

    Probably none but voted Marcos anyways.
  6. arghton

    Nazi of SS

    http://www.suomensotilas.fi/yksi-on-taas-poissa/ One of the last Finnish SS volunteers Aarne Kähärä dead at 96. There are still five of them alive, most notable and oldest being 102-year old rottenführer Veikko Kasslin.
  7. Pierre Cardin gone. Place 10 (not picked) is left with the royal couple Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. However, if Dole still lives in 2021 he'll join them. Already picked place 8 is left with only one person: Jimmy Carter, but if Carter doesn't die before 2021 Akihito will join him as the second person on place 8. Places 41 and 43 still have a ton of people but now one less.
  8. arghton

    World's Oldest

    Portugese brothers Albano and Alberto Andrade got to 111 (Albano) and 109 (Alberto) this month and therefore reached the combined age of 220. Here's an old video of them:
  9. arghton

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Vesa-Matti Loiri, Finnish actor and comedian known for the role of Uuno Turhapuro. He's going to be 76 in a week and has smoked since his teenage and probably still smokes and uses alcohol (at one point used a bottle of vodka a day). He has used a ton of drugs, including hashish, peyote mescaline, poisonous mushrooms and other drugs, has had mental health problems and has tried suicide multiple times. Has been in a wheelchair for quite long times (not currently) and was once over 150kg (330 pounds) after having operations, has hypertension, diabetes and sleep apnea. Despite all of this he has outlived two of his former wives and two of his sons. How long does he still have?
  10. arghton

    Centenarians Deadpool 2021

    1. Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 2. Kane Tanaka 3. George P. Shultz 4. Hazel McCallion 5. Tom Moore 6. Wayne Thiebaud 7. Marita Quiros 8. Boris Pahor 9. Beverly Cleary 10. Anne Buydens 11. Lucile Randon 12. Ruth Apilado 13. Harry E. Goldsworthy 14. Norman Lloyd 15. Dovid Soloveitchik
  11. arghton

    Political Frailty

    Koivisto's widow Tellervo hospitalized after a fall resulting in a broken hip: https://www.iltalehti.fi/kotimaa/a/84442ec6-3516-4a56-8cd5-fd99e84c37c8 Tellervo Koivisto is also a politician, a former member of parliament and Helsinki alderwoman. She's become very frail lately. (Has also had mental health issues for her entire life but those often aren't a large problem at 91.)
  12. arghton

    The 20th Death of 2020

    Helen Wills Smith on the 1998 list died on the 1st of January, Artie Shaw from the 2004 list and Luise Rainer from the 2014 list died on 30th of December but I can't find anyone who has died on the 31st.
  13. John Edrich dead, this means place 11 picked by The Old Crem is only left with Dole and not yet picked place 23 is left with Dick Cheney and Jimmy Carter. However on the 1st of January 2021 the survivors of this years list will be added, and place 11 will get Murray Walker and place 23 will get Harry Belafonte.
  14. arghton

    The 20th Death of 2020

  15. arghton

    Non-British Royals

    Another Nigerian traditional ruler dead (there are over one hundred of these and multiple die every year), Ikenwoli Godfrey Emiko, the Olu of Warri. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikenwoli_Godfrey_Emiko Only was on the throne of Warri (the kingdom ceased existing 172 years ago) for five years after his older brother's longer reign. Warri is a town with around 3 million inhabitants, known for oil and an unique pidgin english. Ikenwoli was 65.
  16. arghton

    The 100 Club

    There are currently a couple of popular centenarians on the famousbirthdays site, names I'd also recommend for your pools: Kane Tanaka, #1 in 1903 births Fauja Singh, #5 in 1911 births. Even though Singh's age isn't probably that much. Boris Pahor, #18 in 1913 births Norman Lloyd, #5 in 1914 births Ida Keeling, #22 in 1915 births Marsha Hunt, #26 in 1917 births Anne Buydens, #21 in 1919 births Charles MgGee, #33 in 1919 births Arlene Cody Bashnett, #42 in 1919 births Tom Moore, #3 in 1920 births and I'd list the possible soon-to-be centenarians here too: Prince Philip, #1 in 1921 births Iris Apfel, #22 in 1921 births and Hazel McCallion, #26 in 1921 births.
  17. arghton

    Arghton's deadpool

    Don Marion Davis and Armin Hoffman are my 11th and 12th hits
  18. arghton

    Sheikh Down

    Oldest son and former deputy prime minister and defence minister sheikh Nasser dead at 72 only a few months after his father's death. https://gulfnews.com/world/gulf/kuwait/sheikh-nasser-sabah-al-ahmed-former-kuwaiti-minister-of-defence-dies-at-72-1.76024466
  19. arghton

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Per Oskar "Pelle" Svensson, Swedish Greco-Roman wrestler and lawyer died a couple days ago at age 77 after suffering from cancer. Got a silver medal in the 1964 summer olympics in wrestling, light heavyweight class. He was later the defence attorney of Finnish triple murderer Juha Valjakkala (now Nikita Bergenström, b. 1965) who murdered a family of three in 1988 and is still incarcerated, and "Bomb-man" Lars Tingström (1934-1993) who was convicted of three bomb attacks in Stockholm and claimed that he was involved in the murder of Olof Palme. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pelle_Svensson
  20. arghton

    Former First Ladies

    There are also two other centenarian first ladies; 101-year old former first lady of Chile Leonor Oyarzun https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonor_Oyarzún and 100-year old Clarissa Eden, widow of the british prime minister Anthony Eden https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarissa_Eden Phil's the oldest spouse of a current head of state at 99 and most likely the oldest spouse of a reigning head of state ever. Next up is probably (of the mentioned and notable enough ones) Norway's Queen Sonja 83, Marie of Liechenstein at age 80, and New Zealand's gov gen Patsy Reddy's husband David Cascoigne, 80.
  21. arghton

    Political Frailty

    Also mentioned in notable coronavirus victims, Felber's predecessor Flavio Cotti who was the president of Swirzerland in 1991 died at age 81 yesterday. https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/former-swiss-president-and-un-champion-flavio-cotti-dies--/46229758
  22. arghton

    Horse Racing

    A horse, but a very notable one: 1998 breeders cup winner (the horse) Awesome Again dead at 26. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Awesome_Again Died at an Old Friends Equine "retirement home" for horses. Other notable horses that live in Old Friends homes include 1996 breeders cup winner Alphabet Soup, animal actor Popcorn Deelites known from the Seabiscuit movie (played Seabiscuit) and Zippy Chippy, a horse known for holding the record of most losses in modern racing.
  23. arghton

    Films with entirely dead casts

    Most watched Finnish movie ever, Tuntematon Sotilas (1955) has two alive cast members. Anja Geissbühler will be 83 next february and isn't in a good condition and Taneli Rinne will be 87. Neither one had a big role though.
  24. arghton

    Political Frailty

    A few Finnish president's chief of staffs have died lately (Antero Jyränki b. 1933 this year and Kauko Sipponen b. 1927 last year) so I decided to check how many of these from the era when the president had almost unlimited power (During especially Kekkonen's and Koivisto's tenures. Both are dead now) inside the country are still alive. Here: Kurt Westerholm (b. 1920, died 1973) In office 1958-1966. Richard Tötterman (b. 1926, died 2020) In office 1966-1970. Saw him on television a while ago. Active but very frail and couldn't properly hear what he's saying. Juhani Perttunen (b. 1938) In office 1976-1984. Hasn't been active anywhere for years. Jaakko Kalela (b. 1944) In office 1984-2005. Looks very frail in new photos. Another group of frail people edited 6.3.2021 to add deaths of Westerholm and Tötterman

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