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    Films with entirely dead casts

    Watched the 1954 Finnish movie "Kovanaama" ("Thug", https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0133052/) today. Never before have I seen a movie with so talented actors with the writing being very bad... Some scenes make no sense and nearly all of the characters are made to look dumb. The writer was Aarne Tarkas who had ADHD and alcoholism and died aged 52 in 1976 from a heart attack, possibly caused by alcohol use. Not one of the best movies written by Tarkas. More about the movie and Tarkas on imdb. Some amazing actors, especially Lasse Pöysti (1927-2019, main role, a reporter) and Toivo Mäkelä (1909-1979, criminal boss) Anyways, all of the cast members seem to be dead. With Lasse Pöysti's death in 2019 the only living one of the people mentioned on imdb is Lauri Elo (1928-), art director.
  2. arghton

    Gangster, Gangster

    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-58674452 Jitender Maan Gogi, notorious Indian gangster who murdered and kidnapped people, including a local singer has died in Delhi. He was shot in a courtroom by two gunmen posing as lawyers. These two men were then killed by the police.
  3. arghton

    Ice Hockey Players

    IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) President for 27 years, 71-year old putinite Rene Fasel and VP for 18 years, 75-year old Kalervo Kummola are finally retiring this month. Both were ice hockey players in the 1960s and the 1970s.
  4. arghton

    African Despots

    https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/tunisia-president-takes-new-powers-says-will-reform-system-2021-09-22/ Will rule by decree, now "officially" a dictator.
  5. arghton

    The Dead of 2021

    Pakistani actor Talat Iqbal dead in the US: https://www.geo.tv/latest/372208-renowned-pakistani-actor-talat-iqbal-dies-in-us He was in critical condition and on ventilator eight days ago but I decided not to mention it in the "hospitalised" thread as he does not have a wikipedia page and I'm not sure if he even has a proper imdb page. However, he must have been famous there as over ten Pakistani news have wrote about his death.
  6. arghton


    https://wrestletalk.com/news/superstar-billy-graham-posts-health-update-after-hospitalisation/ "Superstar" Billy Graham update: "I have been very weak since coming home from the hospital yesterday. My arms that could lift hundreds of pounds, can now barely lift a spoon of soup to his mouth. However, I shall overcome." Also had fluid in his lungs.
  7. arghton

    Political Frailty

    https://sputniknews.com/20210923/former-czech-president-klaus-hospitalised-twice-in-two-weeks-1089346186.html https://english.radio.cz/ex-president-klaus-readmitted-hospital-high-blood-pressure-8729321 Vaclav Klaus apparently back in hospital.
  8. arghton

    King Salman of Saudi Arabia

    UN Speech:
  9. arghton

    Darwin Awards

    Eliyantha White, Sri Lankan spiritual healer who "only treated VIP's" and who claimed he could end the pandemic dead from covid aged 48: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/9/23/sri-lanka-shaman-dies-covid-blessed-water-cure Treated Indian cricket stars such as Sachin Tendulkar, invited David Beckham for treatment (unclear if Beckham took the offer) and was also current Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse's personal physician. White was, of course, also a vaccine sceptic.
  10. arghton

    Nazi of SS

    Sonntag died in March 2006 and Bruß in December 2011 according to their Polish wikipedias. Not much new about Schulz or Michnia. Chance they could have died off-radar during the last five to three years? From Prophet's February list now atleast three are dead, as Stork, Oberlander and Berger and possibly also Riss. An "Aksel Andersen" born 1924 died in 2018, however I don't know if this was that Aksel Andersen.
  11. arghton

    Political Frailty

    I may have mentioned him before but former Prime Minister of Nepal Jhala Nath Khanal seems to be quite sick...He was hospitalised in October, March, with covid in May, with blood infection, lung problems and chronic pneumonia in June and got a kidney transplant in August. He was in hospital for over two months between June and August. He resigned from all his posts at the end of August.
  12. arghton

    Internet Celebrities

    Fedora Guy Jerry Messing out of ICU but is now "partially paralysed" and apparently has pneumonia: https://metro.co.uk/2021/09/22/freaks-and-geeks-star-jerry-messing-partially-paralysed-after-covid-15301621/
  13. arghton

    World's Oldest

    https://gerontology.wikia.org/wiki/Arnold_Hawkins Arnold Hawkins, second-oldest man in Canada and oldest man born there died four days ago aged 110. Had longevity in his family: Grandmother lived to 107, two of his uncles lived to 100+ and sister lived to 99. His wife also lived long, to 96 and wife's sister lived to 106. The five oldest people in Canada currently are: 1. Cecile Klein, 114, I've mentioned her before, oldest and one of the last living subjects of Edward VII. 2. Shige Mineshiba, 112. Born in Japan, quite a miracle how she is still alive: Had a myocardial infection at the age of 87 and has had dementia for around 12 years. 3. Yvonne Delorme-Martel, 111. Wheelchair-bound. 4. Anonymous of British Columbia, 111. 5. Ja Hyung Lee, 111. Oldest man in Canada, born in Korea.
  14. arghton


    Japanese professional wrestler Rumi Kazama dead aged 55 from endometriosis: https://www.pwinsider.com/article/151008/llpws-rumi-kazama-passes-away.html Co-founder of Ladies Legend Pro-Wrestling with Shinobu Kandori.
  15. arghton

    Jesse Jackson

    https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/22/jesse-jackson-discharged-from-hospital-after-covid-parkinsons-disease-treatment.html Jesse Jackson out of rehab center and back home.
  16. arghton

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Johnson is vaccinated, I do not know about Queiroga but Bolsonaro "probably" isn't. Looking at his twitter, wouldn't be suprised if Queiroga has given the virus to a lot of people. Has participated in multiple events during the last days
  17. arghton

    General Non School Massacre Thread

    https://uk.news.yahoo.com/two-police-officers-among-five-183830837.html Almaty, Kazakhstan: Two police officers came to a house to enforce an eviction notice. The man who was going to be evicted opened fire, killed two police officers and three other people.
  18. arghton

    The 100 Club

    https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erkki_Saxén Erkki Saxen, Finnish professor and cancer researcher died on 24th of August the day following his 100th birthday. He was the widower of wartime President of Finland Risto Ryti's daughter Eva Saxen (1922-2009) and the father of cancer researcher Irma Thesleff (1948-).
  19. arghton

    Political Frailty

    Also here's a list of the first leaders of countries that gained independence when the Soviet Union collapsed: Lithuania (11th of March 1990): Vytautas Landsbergis (1932-) Head of State as the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania 1990-1992 Kazimira Prunskienė (1943-) Prime Minister 1990-1991 Georgia (9th of April 1991): Zviad Gamsakhurdia (1939-1993) President 1991-1992. Died in unclear circumstances. (Murman Omanidze (1938-2020) Acting Prime Minister 1991 for five days. Died from covid in Russia.) Besarion Gugushvili (1945-) First Prime Minister 1991-1992, now lives in exile. Estonia (20th of August 1991): Heinrich Mark (1911-2004) Last President 1990-1992 and Prime Minister 1971-1990 in exile. Arnold Rüütel (1928-) Presidium Chairman 1983-1990, Chairman of the Supreme Council 1990-1992 and later President 2001-2006. Lennart Meri (1929-2006) First post-Soviet President 1992-2001. Died of a brain tumor in 2006. Interim Prime Ministers: Edgar Savisaar (1950-) 1st Interim Prime Minister 1990-1992. Was critically ill in 2015, leg amputated. Tiit Vähi (1947-) 2nd Interim Prime Minister 1992 and later 1995-1997. ----- Mart Laar (1960-) First non-interim Prime Minister 1992-1994 and later 1999-2002. Stroke in 2012. Latvia (21st of August 1991): Anatolijs Gorbunovs (1942-) Acting President 1991-1993. Guntis Ulmanis (1939-) "First" post-Independence President 1993-1999. Ivars Godmanis (1949-) First post-Independence Prime Minister 1990-1993, also 2007-2009. Suffered head injuries in 2008, aged a lot during the last years. Ukraine (24th of August 1991): Leonid Kravchuk (1934-) First acting President 1991 and first President 1991-1994. Still active. Vitold Fokin (1932-) First acting Prime Minister 1990-1991 and first Prime Minister 1990/1991-1992. Also still active. Belarus (25th of August 1991): Stanislav Shushkevich (1934-) Head of State as Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Belarus 1991-1994. Vyacheslav Kebich (1936-2020) First Prime Minister 1991-1994. Died from covid. Transnistria (25th of August 1991, unrecognized): Igor Smirnov (1941-) President 1991-2011. Moldova (27th of August 1991): Mircea Snegur (1940-) Chairman of the Presidium 1990, President 1990-1997. Widowed in 2019. Valeriu Muravschi (1949-2020) First Prime Minister 1991-1992, died of cancer after a coma. Kyrgyzstan (31st of August 1991): Askar Akayev (1944-) First President 1990-2005 until he was deposed. Son died in 2020. Nasirdin Isanov (1943-1991) First Prime Minister 1991, died in a car crash. Uzbekistan (1st of September 1991): Islam Karimov (1938-2016) President of the Uzbek SSR 1990-1991, President of Uzbekistan 1991-2016 until his death from a stroke. Abdulhashim Mutalov (1947-) First Prime Minister 1992-1995. Tajikistan (9th of September 1991): Qahhor Mahkamov (1932-2016) First "President" (pre-independence) 1990-1991. Died from long illness. Qadriddin Aslonov (1947-1992) Acting President 1991 at the time of independence. Killed by militants. Rahmon Nabiyev (1930-1993) President 1991. Died of heart attack/suicide/murder. Izatullo Khayoyev (1936-2015) First Prime Minister 1991-1992. Died from a long illness. Armenia (23rd of September 1991): Levon Ter-Petrosyan (1945-) First President 1991-1998. Lifelong smoker but still active in politics. Vazgen Manukyan (1946-) First Prime Minister 1990-1991. Still active. Azerbaijan (18th of October 1991): Ayaz Mutallibov (1938-) First President 1991-1992. Son died in 2011, widowed in 2019. Hasan Hasanov (1940-) First Prime Minister 1990-1992. Turkmenistan (27th of October 1991): Saparmurat Niyazov (1940-2006) President 1990-2006. Died from a heart attack and/or IHD and kidney failure. Han Ahmedow (1936-2006) First and last Prime Minister 1989-1992. Died from a heart attack after being refused treatment, 15 days before Niyazov. Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (1st of November 1991 to 1st of May 2000, unrecognized): Dzhokhar Dudayev (1944-1996) President and Prime Minister 1991-1996. Assasinated with laser-guided missiles. Russia (12th of December 1991): Boris Yeltsin (1931-2007) President 1991-1999. Died of congestive heart failure. Viktor Chernomyrdin (1938-2010) Prime Minister 1992-1998. Died after a long illness. Kazakhstan (16th of December 1991): Nursultan Nazarbayev (1940-) President 1990-2019, Chairman of the Security Council 2019-. Survived covid in 2020. Sergey Tereshchenko (1951-) Prime Minister 1991-1994. 40 names, 17 of which are dead and a lot of the living ones are quite frail. Bonus, Russia's satellite states: Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh (10th of December 1991): Artur Mkrtchyan (1959-1993) First Head of State as Chairman of the Supreme Council 1992. Killed in his apartment under mysterious circumstances. Oleg Yesayan (1946-) First Prime Minister 1992. South Ossetia (21st of December 1991): Torez Kulumbegov (1938-2006) Chairman of the Supreme Council 1990-1991. Died after a serious illness. Znaur Gassiev (1925-2016) First post-independence Head of State 1991-1992. Death cause not mentioned. Oleg Teziev (1948-) First Prime Minister 1991-1993. Unknown if alive, no English wikipedia page. Abkhazia (23rd of July 1992): Valerian Kobakhia (1929-1992) Chairman of the Supreme Soviet 1990, signed declaration of sovereignty. Died of unknown/unmentioned causes. Vladislav Ardzinba (1945-2010) Chairman of the Supreme Soviet 1990-1994 and President 1994-2005. Died in Russia in 2010 after a long period of declining health. Gennadi Gagulia (1948-2018) First Prime Minister 1995-1997, resigned due to bad health. Later Prime Minister 2002-2003 and 2018, died in office in a car accident.
  20. arghton

    Class of 1924

    Seven left after Kaunda died in June.
  21. arghton

    Suicidal Celebs

    Swiss nihilist journalist, writer and literary critic Roland Jaccard dead from suicide by barbiturate overdose at 79: https://www.letemps.ch/culture/roland-jaccard-disparait In 1990 he said that he would "give himself 10 more years". Apparently also did not want to live longer than his father did. Died two days before his 80th birthday. Picture from August.
  22. arghton

    Political Frailty

    Paulias Matane (Governor-General of Papua New Guinea 2004-2010) is 90 today. Picture is from the 2nd of September.
  23. arghton

    Political Frailty

    Now he is dead: https://www.arabnews.com/node/1932671/middle-east Morsi died in 2019, Mubarak in 2020, Tantawi in 2021. Adly Mansour and Abdel Fattah el-Sisi 2022 and 2023?
  24. arghton

    13. Henry Kissinger

    Here's a picture of him from today, meeting President of Finland Sauli Niinistö: Looks great for someone his age. My post from Saturday did not age well.
  25. arghton

    Businesspeople, Investors, Ceos

    About the "bad health" part... According to a Helsingin Sanomat obituary he spent his last five years in a care home unable to move in failing health. Does not sound like a nice way to die.

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