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  1. arghton

    Silvio Berlusconi

    Matteo Salvini says Berlusconi is not well, but will "pull through, being the fighter he is" https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20210514-berlusconi-not-very-well-but-will-bounce-back-salvini Article also mentions that according to an unconfirmed report his condition has become worse due to an intestinal infection.
  2. arghton

    Political Frailty

    Some politicians may be full of crap, but that list has a couple of horrible names: 2. Francisco Morales-Bermúdez (b. 1921) Military dictator. Life imprisonment for "forced disappearances", a nicer word for ordering murders and the disposal of the corpses of the victims. 3. Luis Echeverria (b. 1922) Had a role in the 1968 Tlatelolco massacre and the 1971 Corpus Christi massacre, the later happened during his tenure. Halcones death squads. Political opponents tortured and assasinated. "Forced disappearances". Cartel connections in his family. Charged with genocide but federal court ordered his absolute freedom in 2009. 4. Khamtai Siphandon (b. 1924) Unelected dictator of a one-party country. According to Amnesty, Lao People's Army kills and rapes civilians. During Siphandon's presidency, 30 young people were arrested for protesting peacefully and sentenced to 10 years in jail. One died in jail. Not as horrible as Sayasone, but still a horrible dictator. 6. Kenneth Kaunda (b. 1924) Freedom fighter but also a despot who ruled for nearly 30 years. 8. Lubomír Štrougal (b. 1924) Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia 1970-1988. During his tenure, the secret service obtained forced "confessions" by means of torture, including the use of psychoactive drugs, blackmail and kidnapping. 9. Guillermo Rodríguez (b. 1924) Military dictator but apparently great for the country's development. 10. Ali Hassan Mwinyi (b. 1925) Another African despot. Corrupted. 12. Mahathir Mohamad (b. 1925) Ancient antisemite, anti-LGBT racist, claimed that muslims have the right to kill millions of French people. 13. Yang Hyong-sop (b. 1925) Pro-nuclear weapons North Korean former Presidium Chairman 18. Abdoulaye Wade (b. 1926) Corrupted nepotist, tried to constraint the press. 19. Jiang Zemin (b. 1926) Became the leader of China after the Tiananmen protests, before that closed a newspaper for reporting about the protests. 24. Arturo Armando Molina (b. 1927) Attempted to silence opposition, murdered dissidents and priests. 27. Kim Yong-nam (b. 1928) Good friend of the Kims. 37. Zhu Rongji (b. 1928) Another Chinese leader. 41. Sam Nujoma (b. 1929) Freedom fighter/despot And that's just some of the ones in the top 50!
  3. arghton

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Someone help me with this one: Chhouk Rin (b. 1953?) From Wikipedia: Chhouk Rin is a former Khmer Rouge commander. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of three tourists, Australian David Wilson, 29, Briton Mark Slater, 28, and Frenchman Jean-Michel Braquet, 27 at Phnom Voar in 1994. In 2005, he escaped to Phnom Penh where he evaded capture because he believed that Sam Bith (1933-2008) and Nuon Paet are the guilty ones. Talked a lot about in the early 2000s, has a thread. Chhouk was alive in 2013 when this picture was taken. Already in 2004 at the brink of death suffering from malaria, heart problems and tetanus. 2010 he had AIDS, malaria and a liver disease. Was/is kept in the overcrowded Prey Sar prison (500 capacity, 10000 inhabitants) Another one I couldn't find a recent mention is jail dodger Mam Nai (b. 1934), Kang Kek Iew's (1942-2020) second hand man described as the "most frightening Khmer Rouge individual".
  4. arghton

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2022

    To replace Lloyd and Madoff: 14. Marsha Hunt 43. Luis Echeverria
  5. arghton

    The 100 Club

    Dead. Also, Stefán Þorleifsson, oldest man in Iceland and Six people, six months pick died completely off our radar on 14th of March: https://www.visir.is/g/20212084947d
  6. arghton

    Minimalists (and other classical composers/musicians)

    https://kultuur.err.ee/1608212824/suri-helilooja-ester-magi Ester Mägi, called the First Lady of Estonian Music has died aged 99. Wikipedia: Amongst her best-known works are her Piano Sonata (1949), Piano Trio in F minor (1950), Piano Concerto (1953), Violin Concerto (1958), Symphony (1968), Variations for Piano, Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra (1972), Bukoolika for orchestra (1983) and Vesper for violin and piano/organ (1990, arranged for strings in 1998).
  7. arghton

    MMMDP 2021

    MMMDP Form Guide #11 Kenneth Kaunda Our favourite Zambian despot, old KK celebrated his 97th birthday a while ago. Hospitalized frequently in the 2010s, overweight, can't talk or walk properly anymore and couldn't focus on the camera when visited by the Chinese ambassador a few days before his 97th. One of the last two alive founding fathers of Africa, Kaunda ruled his country for nearly 30 years from 1964 to 1991. African despots have been falling like flies during the last few years (Jawara, Mugabe, arap Moi, Mubarak, Ben Ali and Traoré) and nobody would be suprised if Kenny was next.
  8. arghton

    48. Shane MacGowan

    I'll be suprised if he makes it to 65.
  9. arghton

    From Cleric To Relic

    Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association cult leader Supreme Master Ruben Ecleo Jr. dead... https://www.pna.gov.ph/articles/1140195 Son of Ruben Ecleo b. 1934 d. 1987, called the Divine Master, Ecleo Jr. was serving a life sentence in jail for killing his wife in 2002.
  10. arghton

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    1966 Eurovision participant for Sweden with Lill Lindfors, Svante Thuresson dead at 84: https://www.svd.se/jazzmusikern-svante-thuresson-ar-dod
  11. arghton

    2. Betty White

    https://www.tmz.com/2021/05/11/betty-white-keeps-busy-quarantine-covid-update-summer/ Her rep Jeff Witjas tells TMZ that White is "keeping herself busy" home by reading, watching tv and doing crossword puzzles. Signs letters and makes phone calls but doesn't leave her home much. (has limited visits with friends and loved ones through the window of her home, doesn't go shopping)
  12. arghton

    Political Frailty

    Added 1970. Have I missed anyone? Please mention if I have.
  13. arghton

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Another prize with multiple frail and old recipients... UNESCO Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize Named after Félix Houphouët-Boigny (1905-1993) former dictator of Ivory Coast. Awarded for the first time in 1990. Described by UNESCO: "The Prize was established in 1989 by a resolution supported by 120 countries and adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO at its 25th session. It is in line with the philosophy of UNESCO’s founders who, in the preamble to the Organization’s Constitution, solemnly declare that: “Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.” The General Conference of UNESCO conferred on the Prize the highly symbolic name of Félix Houphouët-Boigny, the "Sage of Africa". In his lifetime, President Félix Houphouët-Boigny appointed intuitu personae Mr Abdou Diouf (b. 1935), former President of the Republic of Senegal, Patron of the Prize, and Mr Henri Konan Bédié (b. 1934), former President of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, Sponsor of the Prize. In establishing this Prize, the General Conference of UNESCO wanted to reaffirm its commitment to peace and dialogue between cultures and civilizations. It desired to endow itself with a significant instrument so as to encourage and honour all those who contribute to bringing about a world of greater mutual support and human fellowship. In order to achieve the objectives of the Prize in favour of peace, an International Commission for Peace Research was also set up by UNESCO. Composed of eminent figures, this Commission is engaged in an in-depth study on peace, conflict resolution and dialogue among civilizations and cultures." All human recipients: 1991: Nelson Mandela (1918-2013) and F.W. De Klerk (b. 1936) 1993: Yitzhak Rabin (1922-1995), Shimon Peres (1923-2016) and Yasser Arafat (1929-2004) 1994: Juan Carlos (b. 1938) and Jimmy Carter (b. 1924) 1995: Sadako Ogata (1927-2019) 1996: Álvaro Arzú (1946-2018) and Rolando Morán (1929-1998) 1997: Fidel V. Ramos (b. 1928) and Nur Misuari (b. 1939) 1998: Sheikh Hasina (b. 1947) and George J. Mitchell (b. 1933) 2000: Mary Robinson (b. 1944) 2002: Xanana Gusmão (b. 1946) 2003: Roger Etchegaray (1922-2019) and Mustafa Cerić (b. 1952) 2005: Abdoulaye Wade (b. 1926) 2007: Martti Ahtisaari (b. 1937) 2008: Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (b. 1945) 2013: François Hollande (b. 1954) 2017: Giusi Nicolini (b. 1961) An odd relic that's still awarded sometimes. From 1991 to 2005 the President of the Jury that decides these was Henry Kissinger.
  14. arghton

    Political Frailty

    https://puheenvuoro.uusisuomi.fi/jyrkikasvi/kevat-on-toivoa-taynna/ New blog post. Says that he has already lived longer than what was expected at the start of this year, is in "better condition as expected" (not a corpse). Lives values are good and he says that his cancer hasn't spread in the liver. According to him, not having kidneys has helped with some of his meds. He's in hospital dialysis. CT scan at the start of June if he's still alive.
  15. arghton

    People Who Are Dead According To Wikipedia...

    I'm sure that account is his (https://www.villagevoice.com/2017/05/30/long-islands-98-year-old-former-congressman-eats-dumplings-hates-trump-makes-tweets/) but it could've been written by someone else.
  16. arghton

    People Who Are Dead According To Wikipedia...

    Nothing new about Wolff but the ip that added the death date was from Englewood Hospital and Medical Center
  17. arghton

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Updated for the death of Norman Lloyd: All of the cast of Saboteur and Spellbound are dead.
  18. arghton

    48. Shane MacGowan

    Sounds worse than in the last video, says he has "all sorts of ailments at the moment"
  19. arghton

    Kim Jong-Un

    https://www.newsweek.com/kim-jong-un-firing-squad-conductor-1590226 Kim never stops suprising me: "A recent report from a South Korean newspaper said that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered the execution of a choir conductor, who was allegedly shot 90 times in front of members of the public. The report also said members of the choir were forced to march past the dead body." Who's worse, Jong-un or Teodoro Mbasogo?
  20. arghton


    NLE Choppa is one rapper I'm watching. Got a child last summer, said he was "spiritually awakened" and started a "healthier lifestyle" March 29th of this year he was arrested for burglary, drug (marijuana and more importantly anxiety meds) and weapon charges. May 3rd he and his "crew" were involved in a fight in Santa Monica. Using tons of money on rings and chains. A good candidate for the next premature rapper death
  21. arghton

    Who are the immortals?

    Talking about outliving your successors, R. L. Bhatia (b. 1920 or 1921), the governor of Kerala 2004-2008 (Gowri amma was the Minister of Agriculture, Soil Conservation, Soil Survey, Warehousing Corporation, Diary Development, Milk Co-operatives, Agricultural University, Animal Husbandry and Coir during his tenure) has outlived four of his successors (three of his immediate successors), all younger than him (R. S. Gavai 1929-2015, M. O. H. Farook 1937-2012, H. R. Bhardwaj 1937-2020 and Sheila Dikshit 1938-2019, however Nikhil Kumar, P Sathasivam and Arif Mohammad Khan are alive) They celebrated his 100th in July 2020, but wikipedia says he was born in 1921. Even more interestingly, Kenneth Kaunda, already an immortal, has outlived 14 of his successors as the Secretary General of the Non-Aligned Movement, 8 of which were his immediate successors (Houari Boumédiène 1932-1978, William Gopallawa 1896-1981, Junius Richard Jayewardene 1906-1996, Fidel Castro 1926-2016, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy 1913-1996, Zail Singh 1916-1994, Robert Mugabe 1924-2019, Janez Drnovšek 1950-2008 and later ones: Branko Kostic 1939-2020, Dobrica Ćosić 1921-2014, Suharto 1921-2008, Nelson Mandela 1918-2013, Hosni Mubarak 1928-2020 and Mohamed Morsi 1951-2019) If he lives long enough to see Borisav Jović (b. 1928) and Stjepan Mesić (b. 1934) die, he'll have outlived 13 of his immediate successors.
  22. arghton

    Silvio Berlusconi

    Again? I should bet on Berlusconi dying before old Napolitano.
  23. arghton

    World War II Veterans

    https://www.iltalehti.fi/kotimaa/a/9edafd37-b61d-436a-a3d1-dc640f8be468 Hemmi Jaara, a Finnish 96-year old WWII veteran has died. An active man in many WWII veteran associations, Jaara was also known for his rare love story: Jaara met his future wife, Eila, in an "senior meeting" in 2016. After talking to each other they found out they were both born on the same day, Seventh of November 1924. They got married the same year and were married until Eila Jaara's death on the 1st of July 2020.
  24. arghton

    African Despots

    Valentine Strasser (b. 1967), currently the earliest living leader of Sierra Leone 1992-1996 could very well be a goner soon despite his young age. Critically ill in 2019, sent to Ghana for treatment and now lives in poverty in Ghana. Looked skeletal in 2019. From a 2015 article: "Six months after self-coronation, he was responsible for the execution of 29 “rebels”. All of these people have been deemed innocent. When the journalist forced him to reflect on these murders, his response was stylistically cynical: “Fuck off, man. In Texas they kill people every day.” Today, the 48 year old Strasser is a washed up alcoholic living in his mother’s house. He is easily the poorest retired African dictator, earning a pension of $46."
  25. arghton

    Political Frailty

    Group of Seven (named Group of Eight 1997-2014) participants alive (1975-2000) 1975 and 1976: None 1977 and 1978: Jimmy Carter (b. 1924) 1979: Jimmy Carter and Joe Clark (b. 1939) 1980: Jimmy Carter 1981-1984: None 1985-1987: Brian Mulroney (b. 1939) and Jacques Delors (b. 1925) 1988 and 1989: Brian Mulroney, Jacques Delors and Ciriaco De Mita (b. 1928) 1990: Brian Mulroney, Jacques Delors and Toshiki Kaifu (b. 1931) 1991: Brian Mulroney, Jacques Delors, Toshiki Kaifu, John Major (b. 1943) and GUEST: Mikhail Gorbachev (b. 1931) 1992: Brian Mulroney, Jacques Delors, John Major and Giuliano Amato (b. 1938) 1993: John Major, Bill Clinton (b. 1946) and Kim Campbell (b. 1947) 1994: John Major, Bill Clinton, Jacques Delors, Silvio Berlusconi (b. 1936), Jean Chrétien (b. 1934) and Tomiichi Murayama (b. 1924) 1995: John Major, Bill Clinton, Jean Chrétien, Tomiichi Murayama, Lamberto Dini (b. 1931) and Jacques Santer (b. 1937) 1996: John Major, Bill Clinton, Jean Chrétien, Jacques Santer, Romani Prodi (b. 1939) and GUEST: Michel Camdessus (b. 1933) 1997 and 1998: Bill Clinton, Jean Chrétien, Jacques Santer, Romano Prodi and Tony Blair (b. 1953) 1999: Bill Clinton, Jean Chrétien, Tony Blair, Gerhard Schröder (b. 1944) and Massimo D'Alema (b. 1949) 2000: Bill Clinton, Jean Chrétien, Tony Blair, Gerhard Schröder, Giuliano Amato, Romano Prodi, Yoshirō Mori (b. 1937) and Vladimir Putin (b. 1952).

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