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  1. The Daredevil

    The 14th Death of 2022

    Douglas Hurd
  2. The Daredevil

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Oscar Quitak Lee Montague Peter Cellier Michael Craig Colin Jeavons John Cairney
  3. The Daredevil

    Who Should Make The Deathlist 2023?

    Of the names mentioned above, Rolf Harris, Joanne Woodward, Jiang Zemin, Roberta Flack, Pope Benedict and Sonny Rollins, seem most important to introduce or re-introduce in 2023. Additionally, Robert Wagner, George Alagiah, June Spencer, Françoise Hardy, Andy Taylor and Giorgio Napolitano need to be on there as debutees. I’d plump for Roy Clarke, Stuart Hall, Topol, Michael Caine, Don King, John Farnham, Alberto Fujimori and Joan Plowright along that line too. I would similarly like to see Liza Minnelli, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, General Pervez Musharraf and Imelda Marcos return. Putin will be on there (presumably in position no. 50) and so will Bob Newhart (again).
  4. The Daredevil

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Perhaps Joni Mitchell and/or Tina Turner will be back on the DL in 2023.
  5. The Daredevil

    1. Dick Van Dyke

    Went to a gym session last week
  6. The Daredevil

    32. Prunella Scales

    What rumours? I agree Scales should be dropped but Redgrave seemed better than I had imagined in recent photos. Both supreme candidates for 2024 however. Johns definitely. Graham actually still sounds pretty good for 97, despite his earlier stroke; there may be better candidates out there. Other punts from the acting world more deserving of a position next year than Scales at this point include: Joanne Woodward, June Spencer, Robert Wagner, Liza Minnelli, James Earl Jones, Vera Miles, Joan Plowright, Eva Marie Saint, Chaim Topol and Michael Caine.
  7. The Daredevil

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Kenneth Cope (has battled COPD for decades) would be a much better 2023 DL candidate than William Roache. Cope actually appeared at Roache’s trial in 2014 as a character witness.
  8. The Daredevil

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Stefanie Powers may also deserve consideration; she has had a fair share of health issues over the years, including a form of lung cancer! One would think Wagner’s Hart would go before Powers’ but one can never be too sure until it happens.
  9. The Daredevil

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    An absolute 2023 must. Roy Clarke would be another very wise 1930 born pick.
  10. The Daredevil

    Shadow DeathList Competition 2022

    @John KeyWill you run this competition again next year?
  11. The Daredevil

    The DL Prediction Game 2022

    @Book Will there be a DL Prediction Game 2023?
  12. The Daredevil

    1. Dick Van Dyke

    Some more recent photos
  13. The Daredevil

    24. Jean-Marie Le Pen

    I can also see Rolf Harris included in the top 5; Putin will likely be allocated position no. 50. Yes, the top five could be Kissinger, Barker, Van Dyke, Carter and Greenspan (in that order). Le Pen may well get unlucky position no. 13. Akihito will also be in a much too high position, as per usual. I feel pretty sure Bennett, Belafonte and Brooks will all make the top 10 too. Also agree Le Pen is a must for 2023.
  14. The Daredevil

    California Suite Cast

    California Suite (1978) was full of actors now around their 90th year, many of them already battling health issues. So who will be first out of these to go? Jane Fonda (diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in September or earlier; admits she will not be around much longer) Alan Alda (has had Parkinson’s since 2015) Michael Caine (has had mobility issues in recent years and is seemingly frail) Maggie Smith (diagnosed with Graves’ disease in 1988 and breast cancer in 2007) Elaine May (no known current health issues, but the oldest cast member here, only one north of 90) Bill Cosby (reported as blind in 2016) My thoughts: Caine in 2023 Cosby in 2024 Fonda in 2025 Alda in 2026 Smith in 2027 May in 2027 In other words I guess Caine will go first; May last.
  15. The Daredevil

    California Suite Cast

    I reckon it will be a good fight for the last survivor out of Smith and May.
  16. The Daredevil

    California Suite Cast

    And she will be placed on the 2023 DL. You can count on it. I can see her particularly at position no. 48. Caine will very likely be on there too.
  17. The Daredevil

    California Suite Cast

    Looks the healthiest candidate in recent photos
  18. The Daredevil

    Jane Fonda - Controversial Princess of a Hollywood Dynasty

    Very obvious she’ll be going on the 2023 DL. The DeathList Committee are known for their usual premature picks.
  19. The Daredevil

    Voice Actors

    Do you honestly think there’s any truth to Johns having died?
  20. The Daredevil

    People Who Are Dead According To Wikipedia...

    David Graham (actor), but has been re-edited since then to say he is alive again https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:MobileDiff/1122164710
  21. The Daredevil

    Voice Actors

    Looks like he has already. His wiki had been edited; saying he died on the 15th November 2022
  22. The Daredevil

    Clint Eastwood

    Dustin Hoffman, Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, Robert Duvall and Jack Nicholson are also possibilities. Even if this source is accurate, which I doubt, there’s no guarantee that it is referring to Eastwood, who has always looked in good shape.
  23. The Daredevil

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Also the oldest living guest star from the original Get Smart tv series, followed by H.M. Wynant and David Ketchum (series regular/Agent 13), if I’m not mistaken.
  24. The Daredevil

    Paul Hogan

    Still smoking
  25. The Daredevil

    34. Burt Bacharach

    Less frail than I was expecting, so I have immediately passed Bacharach’s spot over to Sonny Rollins on my potential 2023 shadowlist, though keeping Bacharach on my reserve list.

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