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  1.  Commtech Sio Bibble

    1. Dick Van Dyke

    Despite a slight physical decline in the past year, he is clearly as mentally strong as he has ever been.
  2.  Commtech Sio Bibble

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Milos Zeman and Ghislaine Maxwell dropped from the D40.
  3.  Commtech Sio Bibble

    Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    Actress Elisa Cowley (IMDb) who appeared on Corrie as the surrogacy councillor a few weeks ago has died.
  4.  Commtech Sio Bibble

    David Crosby

    It's not even on the Yahoo News site, it's on Yahoo Finance for some reason.
  5.  Commtech Sio Bibble

    First Celebrity Death You Remember

    It's having the reverse affect with me. A lot of people here are older than my parents (born 67/68), resulting in me sitting here feeling like a child.
  6.  Commtech Sio Bibble

    Ron Jeremy

    Ron Jeremy: US porn star declared unfit for sex crimes trial
  7.  Commtech Sio Bibble

    The deaD of 2023

    Is there a thread for Directors, editors and the such (Behind the Camera folks), because a lot of those deaths get reported here. If there isn't such a thread I would like to put forward the idea of having one.
  8.  Commtech Sio Bibble

    Mysterious thread…

    OJ Simpson
  9.  Commtech Sio Bibble

    how long till' the next hit ?

    Feb 5th
  10.  Commtech Sio Bibble

    Mysterious thread…

    1. I was going to put this myself but I don't know if I actually want to know 2. I'm not that bothered about specific individuals but I would love to know about CIA involvement in JFK, RFK and especially MLK (who was almost certainly killed by the CIA in my mind) 3. He was 100% killed, the question is how and by who.
  11.  Commtech Sio Bibble

    Mysterious thread…

    I'm hoping for a deathbed/post-humours confession from Wagner, I don't think Walken would have actually had anything to do with her death but it he undoubtedly could have helped cover it up. Bur even if it was proven that Wagner did kill her, Walken wouldn't admit to being in the know. As for DB I think he is almost certainly died jumping from the plane and was not at all a professional, the mystery for me is who actually was he and where is his corpse (given he died).
  12.  Commtech Sio Bibble

    Mysterious thread…

    Did Wagner kill Natalie Wood? What happened to Louis Le Prince? Who was D.B Cooper (and what happened to him)? What happened to JFK's brain after the autopsy? Did Hitler truly only have one ball? Where is the Tomb of Alexander the Great? Where is Harold Holt's body (if he is dead)? What the hell happened to Zigmund Adamski?
  13.  Commtech Sio Bibble

    First Celebrity Death You Remember

    I have a vivid memory of the differing reactions my parents had when Maggie Thatcher died, and my mum playing ding dong the witch is dead much to the confusion of 10 year old me. This thread has also made my realise how young I am in comparison to a lot of the other members.
  14.  Commtech Sio Bibble

    Joe Biden

    If he is going to resign can he do it before the 20th of January so that Kamala Harris is only allowed a maximum 6 years rather than 10.
  15.  Commtech Sio Bibble

    Joe Biden

    Jill Biden undergoes surgery to remove two cancerous lesions. Don't know how this hasn't been (to my knowledge) mentioned yet, I only picked up on it at the end of Joe's speech when the press were asking how his wife is.

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