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  1. six feet blunder

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Is Dove Windsor an expensive bar of soap ?
  2. six feet blunder

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Prunella Scales & Timothy West
  3. six feet blunder

    Disc Jockeys

    So the year started with Tanya Roberts dead alive and finally dead and year ends with Jancice Long same senario
  4. six feet blunder


    Anyone one else get the feeling we are never going to return to anything like normality
  5. six feet blunder

    Katie Price

    The only you tube worth watching is Toyah Willcox and her husband complete bonkers the pair of them
  6. six feet blunder

    Boris Johnson

    This Boris thread will soon reach the 95 pages of Trump thread at the speed it is going
  7. six feet blunder

    The 12th death of 2021

    Leslie Phillips
  8. six feet blunder

    Who Should Make the Deathlist in 2022?

    Norman Tebbit Bamber Gascoigne Jimmy Tarbuck Virginia Mckenna
  9. six feet blunder

    The Dead of 2021

    The Newcastle Utd mens team want to play Latvia women as it will be one match they have a chance of winning
  10. six feet blunder

    Time Added

    Kenny Sansom and Dave Watson from that England squad definitely worth keeping an eye on
  11. six feet blunder

    Ask Me Anything

    Why is there only one monopolies and mergers commission ?
  12. six feet blunder

    how long till' the next hit ?

    December 25th Leslie Phillips Ding Dong Merrily On High
  13. six feet blunder

    The 11th death of 2021

    Leslie Phillips
  14. six feet blunder

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2021 Deathlist

    As does Leslie Phillips
  15. six feet blunder

    Covid 19 ------- Third wave?

    For all the anagram lovers out there Omircon = Moronic
  16. six feet blunder

    Shadow DeathList Competition 2022

    1. Leslie Phillips 2.Eileen Ash 3.Boris Pahor 4. Bob Dole 5.Jerry Lee Lewis 6. Betty White 7.Frank Field 8.Harry Belafonte 9.Jacques Delors 10.Art Rupe 11.Cleo Laine 12.Dodie Weir 13.Nehemiah Persoff 14. Tony Bennett 15.Jimmy Carter 16.Petula Clark 17.June Brown 18.Jane Goodall 19.Gudrun Ure 20.Linda Nolan 21.Michael Caine 22.Pele 23.Imelda Marcos 24.Ray Reardon 25.Mikhail Gorbachev 26.HM Queen 27.Frederick Forsyth 28.Lester Piggott 29. Angela Mortimer 30. Stanley Baxter 31.Dr Ruth Westheimer 32.Yoko Ono 33.George Foreman 34.Mary Quant 35.Henry Kissinger 36.Vic Seixas 37.Bobby Vinton 38.Eva Marie Saint 39.Doyle Brunson 40.Bobby Charlton 41.Norman Tebbit 42.James Bolam 43.Ethel Kennedy 44.Roman Polanski 45.Patricia Routledge 46. David Jason 47.David Hockney 48. Frank Ifield 49.Franz Beckenbauer 50.Col Joseph Kittinger SUBS Kevin Keegan Shannon Doherty Marvin Lee Aday Ray Illingwoth Noam Chomsky
  17. six feet blunder

    British Character Actors

    Elizabeth Larner -Up Pompei Toni Palmer -Only fools& horses Johnny Shannon - Minder
  18. six feet blunder

    British Character Actors

    Brian Murphy and William Roache
  19. six feet blunder

    People Who Are Dead According To Wikipedia...

    Fear not wikipedia looks like it is keeping the list of people who died on the toilet
  20. six feet blunder

    The 10th death of 2021

    Leslie Phillips
  21. six feet blunder

    Jimmy Greaves

    RIP Greavsie now only 8 of Englands 1966 squad remain while 16 of Germany still alive
  22. six feet blunder

    The 9th death of 2021

    Mel Brooks
  23. six feet blunder

    Gerd Müller

    RIP Gerd what a goal scoring record 68 goals in 62 internationals for West Germany
  24. six feet blunder

    Andy Fordham Memorial Darts Thread

    Surely darts players dont die they merely check out
  25. six feet blunder

    Late Euro championships 2020

    Italy 2 England 1

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