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  1. xXConmanXx

    Darwin Awards

    did i win this year edition?
  2. xXConmanXx

    Sickest game in the world (parts 1&2)

    Friday 832
  3. xXConmanXx

    The Dead of 2021

    Eli Soriano, a Filipino Televangelist, has died
  4. xXConmanXx

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    im not lying tho. I ain't getting banned
  5. xXConmanXx

    World's Oldest

    wait do bots count as people?
  6. I'm just gonna put don't know so i could be first of something
  7. xXConmanXx

    Queen Elizabeth II

    i am also a time traveler this time from 2126 and Queen Elizabeth became the first person ever to reach 200
  8. xXConmanXx

    What are you doing to kill the boredom.

    we need a spinoff to the deathlist, the birthlist. List 50 celebrities who are most likely to get pregnant and have a baby. Yes im that bored.
  9. xXConmanXx

    The 2021 Deathlist Cup

    bro chill i didin't even know what i was getting into back then i changed my mind about even participating
  10. xXConmanXx

    The 2021 Deathlist Cup

  11. xXConmanXx

    Sickest game in the world (parts 1&2)

    Wednesday 981
  12. xXConmanXx

    The 4th death of 2021

    also if rush isn't the 4th hit im not voting him till June/July

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