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  1. Captain. Furzer

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    I don't think Elton john will live much longer, if he somehow makes it through 2023 then he will need to be put on the 2024 list. He just seems like the type of person who wouldn't make it far in old age, what with his history of alcohol and drug abuse.
  2. Captain. Furzer

    Pope Benedict XVI

    RIP Pope Benedict. The Ancient old prick didn't even make it to the 2023 list, nevertheless we will remember him for his great service to all his fellow peoples, You look after our late queen in the heavens above.
  3. Captain. Furzer

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Long live the queen
  4. Captain. Furzer

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Is he still not dead yet? Thought this one went years ago.

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