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  1. Apostate

    The Dead of 2021

    been wearing his tracksters for years - still got a couple of pairs. RIP.
  2. Apostate

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    not this year but as the loss of her partner takes it's toll maybe a contender for 2022
  3. Apostate

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Out for a duke
  4. Apostate

    Time Added

    one of those players too skillful for the liking of those who ran the English national team. RIP
  5. Apostate

    William Shatner

    he's alive, Jim
  6. Apostate

    Peter Lorimer

    final whistle for Peter Lorimer remember as a kid we always said he had the hardest shot in football. RIP
  7. Apostate

    Joe Biden

    Biden looks very sprightly to me - think the Reaper's going to have to wait a while for this one
  8. Apostate

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    he's immortal they'll have to fake his death to make it seem believable
  9. Apostate

    Boxing Clever?

    a true great. one of those when you feel the loss - a sign of getting old. RIP I guess the headline might be Hagler knocked-out
  10. Apostate

    9. Murray Walker

    Unlike some other sporting commentators he retired before his powers faded. Amazingly I remember he then made a come back on Radio 5 when he was in his 80s - he was as good as ever. RIP. Barry Sheene giving Kenny Roberts the finger - "and Sheene is waving at Roberts!" LOL
  11. Apostate

    Non-British Royals

    still no sign of Princess Latifa
  12. Apostate

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    the necromancers have finished their work - expect to see his corpse staggering out of the hospital in a few days
  13. Apostate

    Tiger Woods

    don' t think Tiger's story will have a happy ending
  14. Apostate

    48. Shane MacGowan

    couple more years in him, I'd say - but he won't make 70
  15. Apostate

    8. Rush Limbaugh

    good riddance

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