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  1. Katyusha

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    It's certainly not him or "BORIS ARRESTED" would be headline news everywhere, but I have to say I did a bit of a double take seeing the exact description of Tory, Male, 50s, London...
  2. Katyusha

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Happy 96th our maj, thank christ we've still avoided king Charles up to this point
  3. Katyusha

    8. June Brown

    Getting hits in bursts seems to be a theme with this year's list. Wonder if the trend will be broken in the coming weeks or we'll see another 2 or 3 come July.
  4. Katyusha

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    End of the beginning? Reckon she'll be the first double centenarian then?
  5. Katyusha

    9. Jimmy Carter

    I'm partial to "The Grand Old Duke of Pork"
  6. Katyusha

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    This just prompted me to double check, I can't believe the "jubbly" plates are real! Genuinely thought that part was taking the piss. Definitely an artefact to pass down the generations if you're lucky enough to have one.
  7. Katyusha

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Well of course he's not just going to say "actually, our claim was complete bollocks for clicks, she's fine" is he? Even if this does end up killing her maj, there is zero chance some gossip rag in the states is going to find out first - sources like that may occasionally be reliable for regular celebrity deaths, but not a chance in hell for the death of a reigning monarch.
  8. Katyusha

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    For some reason I doubt that the alt-right aligned twitter account with under 400 followers is actually a close friend of the Queen.
  9. Katyusha

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    You know, it wouldn't have cost you anything to not post that.
  10. Katyusha

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    In the eyes of the tabloid media and tory party base it would be an absolutely terrible look for Boris. As silly as it is, the sentimentalised figurehead having her suffering "ignored" is the kind of thing that sticks in the average voter's mind more than literally the entire country being locked down or ill.
  11. Katyusha

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    She probably won't die of this, but it's certainly not impossible that it will get worse and she'll deteriorate. Not to mention potential damage of "recovering" with lasting effects - what doesn't kill you certainly doesn't make you stronger when you're knocking on 100.
  12. Katyusha

    Boris Johnson

    I think it's a stretch to be honest, Labour won an outright majority there in 2019 with only 4% for the Brexit party. In Hartlepool by contrast the feelings of alienation from the Labour party are much stronger, Mike Hill only just held onto it in 2019 with a fairly evenly split Tory-Brexit opposition. Not saying it's impossible Tories would be in with a chance if they weren't currently so unpopular, but it's a different case for sure.
  13. Katyusha

    The 3rd Death of 2022

    I'll vote for Teddy this time for gits and shiggles. Kissinger's been my top choice for a while, so knowing my luck this'll be when the bastard finally keels over.
  14. Katyusha

    36. Robert Durst

    It's becoming a distinct possibility for sure. Only 10 days into January and 2 down already, and most of the list is looking in pretty terrible shape this time around. How many days until hit number 3, do you reckon?
  15. Katyusha

    The 2nd Death of 2022

    I'm going with Henry Kissinger, but it could be just about anyone on the list at this stage. I could be wrong but I feel like there's very little "padding" on this year's list.

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