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  1. Katyusha

    41. Pelé

    December 10th
  2. Katyusha

    41. Pelé

    Agreed but a very big "if", I'd be surprised if he makes it to the second half of this month
  3. Katyusha

    Jiang Zemin

    Weren't you sure rumours of his imminent death were complete bollocks?
  4. Katyusha

    24. Jean-Marie Le Pen

    I'd put him in the top 5 if he makes it to next year, the man's looked rough as arseholes for a while but definitely acceleratingly in decline. I could see him dying right near the end of the year and causing a hasty reshuffle as with Betty White.
  5. Katyusha

    The 11th Death of 2022

    Inshallah Kissinger finally makes it to Satan's front door
  6. Katyusha

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-63177669 Conor Burns sacked from cabinet and Tory party after claims of "serious misconduct", seems to be sexual in nature? Investigation to take place, held his Bournemouth seat quite comfortably in 2019 but with the current state of polls and possible nature of his incident could make it a fairly easy pickup for Labour should he have to resign.
  7. Katyusha

    Rolf Harris : Stairway To Heaven ?

    I'd put money on him dying within the next few months, if he makes it over the finishing line of this year though he'd be a good pick for top 5-10, basically guaranteed highly notable hit.
  8. Katyusha

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Christ, I honestly feel sick. The Queen was a presence so big, so constant and seemingly eternal it's almost impossible to imagine her truly being dead. Words can't express how immense this loss is for the world, commonwealth or not. Rest in Peace
  9. Katyusha

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    It definitely seems the media is priming for the announcement she's passed. Updates are remarkably vague which is never a good sign from the palace.
  10. Katyusha

    19. Leslie Phillips

    Perhaps he wished for immortality on a monkey's paw without specifying youth and health? My best guess since I can't think of how else someone can be half way in the grave for 10+ years without falling the rest of the way in.
  11. Katyusha

    how long till' the next hit ?

    2nd of September, suspect the floodgates will open somewhat as we're getting later in the year
  12. Katyusha

    15. Mikhail Gorbachev

    Oddly poetic to see the last person to rule over Russia AND Ukraine die at the same time the relationship between the 2 nations couldn't be worse. To think at the end of the cold war the world was full of visions of a peaceful world free from dictatorships and threats of war - how young and stupid a thought.
  13. Katyusha

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    It's certainly not him or "BORIS ARRESTED" would be headline news everywhere, but I have to say I did a bit of a double take seeing the exact description of Tory, Male, 50s, London...
  14. Katyusha

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Happy 96th our maj, thank christ we've still avoided king Charles up to this point
  15. Katyusha

    8. June Brown

    Getting hits in bursts seems to be a theme with this year's list. Wonder if the trend will be broken in the coming weeks or we'll see another 2 or 3 come July.

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