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  1. Bluee

    George W. Bush

  2. Bluee

    Dementia afflicted footballers

  3. Bluee

    Harry Potter

    Maggie Smith is 88 Next Year
  4. Bluee


    All journalists are Jerks
  5. Bluee

    Who will be the last Alive

    Some are those who beat a Cancer thought to have initially been fatal, Some are those in Dangerous situations they are no longer in or general lack of news
  6. Bluee

    African Despots

    Charles Taylor is Still alive in he not been picked on DDp in 9 years
  7. Bluee


    Hulk Hogan a worthy consideration their is also Thor Hogan, Spiderman Hogan, Ironman Hogan, Wawkeye Hogan and Capatain America Hogan
  8. Bluee

    Pensionable Presidents (And Other Leaders)

    George W. Bush - DeathList Forum - DeathList Forum Their is Now
  9. Bluee

    George W. Bush

    You Called? Everyone Least Favourite US President until Mr. orange showed up
  10. Bluee

    40. Sidney Poitier

    You know its slow AF when the last post in the DL was 4 days ago Don't worry I predict we will have an 8th hit before Christmas, Probably not him, Bob Dole probably. Greaves and the Pope will follow suit you never know we might have loads of x-mas its as in 13 and 16 to rank us up to a good 13
  11. Bluee

    Missing In Action

    Does the Grim reaper himself camp he has seemed to have two thirds of the year leant his teenage lazy layabout nephew
  12. Bluee

    David Lee Roth

    This Oldies Rocker is due for a visit from Mr. Grim he is about 70 which is old in Rocker Years he is also the same Genaration as fellow Doddery Rocker Rod Stewart List Please
  13. Bluee

    Edson Arantes Do Nascimento (Pele)

    Football Defintitly No. 1 guy for next year veeeeeeery sick
  14. Bluee

    2. Betty White

    Looks likeanother Zsa Zsa, Prince Philip, June Foray situation wher she dies depressignly close to her 100th birthday (However it would have ben more depressing for Zsa Zsa since she was a total Spud) She is Number 9 possbily
  15. Bluee

    The 8th death of 2021

    Jauques Delors 4th dud month in a row guy Shiiiiiiiiiiit

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