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  1. Kirbo

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    It might be too late to contribute to 2023, but I started making a yearly list of my own, and this is what I have so far 1. Eugenia Cooney 2. Nigel Starmer-Smith 3. Queen Elizabeth II 4. Linda Nolan 5. Prunella Scales 6. Marsha Hunt 7. June Spencer 8. John Cleese 9. Tammy Slaton 10. Keith Ape 11. Ayman Al Zawahiri 12. Shane MacGowan 13. Bob Barker 14. Harry Belafonte 15. Jimmy Carter 16. Mikhail Gorbachev 17. Emperor Akihito 18. Jean Marie Le Penn 19. Bill Treacher 20. Julie Andrews 21. Stanley Baxter 22. Timothy West 23. Vessa Matti Loiri 24. Olivia Newton John 25. Michael Schumacher 26. Celine Dion 27. Pelé 28. Elton John 29. Berry Gordy Jr 30. Willie Nelson 31. William russell 32. Patricia Routledge 33. Kim Woodburn
  2. Kirbo

    Ideas and possibilities 2022

    As bleak as it is, I doubt Eugenia Cooney will make it another 10 years. She could possibly make next year's list Also if Ayman al-Zawahiri is really alive, I doubt he will be for very long

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