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  1. Some statistics about Geraldo Majella Agnelo:

    Brazilian, he was created Cardinal back in 2001 by John Paul II and he was one of the last 48 Cardinals created by J P II. With his death now there are 7 Brazilian Cardinals left (6 of them are electors)
    He took part in both of the 
    Papal conclave of this century (2005 and 2013).

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  2. On 22/05/2023 at 16:51, arghton said:

    Might want to keep an eye on Camillo Ruini, major conservative cardinal. Has been quite frail/in failing health for years (already used a walking stick in 2015) but looked very frail at pope benedict's and cardinal pell's vatican funeral services in January.



    I think he can be on my list for 2024. Maybe even do Nascimento.


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