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  1. Flufen

    2. Henry Kissinger

    Sadly, he died an old, rich, powerful man who never faced any kind of justice for his part in the 1969-73 US bombings of Cambodia
  2. Flufen

    50. Shane MacGowan

    I foolishly forgot to include him on my shadowlist this year, looks like my wishing paid off!
  3. Flufen

    First Celebrity Death You Remember

    The first celebrity death that I remember was that of Ernest Borgnine, but the one I remember even better was Margaret Thatcher when I was 9 - I was sat in Sainsbury's cafe with my mum, saying something like "she was a great woman" (all i knew about her was that she was the first female prime minister) and my mum said "no, she really wasn't" then said what she'd done. My hatred of the tories started not too long after that
  4. I could just imagine steam shooting out of his ears, his head rattling like an old kettle until whatever little thing he calls a brain pops out of his head, overheated from 2 minutes of thinking
  5. Flufen

    6. Jimmy Carter

    I agree, plus his presidency (at least to me) seems like such a small footnote in his career compared to everything he's done since then that people all around the world will remember him for his deeds of goodwill. The UK would do well to have a former statesman like him imo
  6. Flufen


    Sprucing up my life with an avatar on deathlist dot net
  7. Flufen

    So... What Games Are You Playing?

    Been playing Final Fantasy 16, definitely not as amazing as FF9 or 6 but such a compelling story, not to mention the soundtrack and characters. I really recommend it
  8. Flufen

    Joe Biden

    American politics are so weird sometimes. I didn't hear any right wingers call Trump mentally impaired when he said and did any of his weird shit
  9. Flufen

    38. Rolf Harris

    I believe that at least in the case of Rolf Harris, his wife stuck by him because of a mix of health issues and longevity - they HAD been married since 1958. I suppose the rest of Rolf's family may have stood by him because they didn't want to stress his wife out?
  10. Flufen

    The 7th Death of 2023

    Still holding out for Carter even with hospice barely cracking his rigid outer peanut shell
  11. Flufen

    38. Rolf Harris

    Mm, even with the advanced age and neck cancer I still worried he'd somehow manage to cling on. A very dumb and unfounded worry but still
  12. Flufen

    Barbara Walters

    https://eu.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/books/2021/06/24/susan-page-barbara-walters-biography-coming-out-2023/5328463001/ The article's over a year old now, but given how little we've heard of Barbara Walters in the past 6 years a biography could tell us more about her current condition, if her later years are included ofc That said I do think she's just got dementia and could probably go next year
  13. Flufen

    Queen Elizabeth II

    No bunting or anything outside my neighbours' houses, but plenty in the nearby town centre. My town's mostly retired folk and tory voters so it's not really surprising lmao Queen's got a good couple years left in her yet but then again anything can happen between 95 and 100 really

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