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  1. When The

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    Neil Cavuto has a long history of frail health. Maybe he will be a hit in 2024. Cavuto has survived cancer, MS, heart surgery and It's surprising he's lived this long despite so much crazy health issues.
  2. When The

    Buzz Aldrin

    Just looked at those pictures. Buzz Aldrin certainly looks like an older Robert Morse.
  3. When The

    how long till' the next hit ?

    Oops I meant 2023
  4. When The

    how long till' the next hit ?

    the morning of january 17 2023
  5. When The

    First Celebrity Death You Remember

    I remember when actress Elizabeth Taylor died in 2011. That's the earliest one I could remember.
  6. When The

    Hollywood Possibilities

    I don't know if this has been posted anywhere yet but actor Mark Patton is in very poor health.
  7. When The

    Elvis Presley

    Now that this randomly happens, the Academy is definitely gonna feel an urge to give him his award.
  8. When The

    Joe Biden

    If it gets any worse it's gonna be Watergate all over again...
  9. When The


    This guy has been in failing health for years. I thought he died years ago. Anyway here's the post according to the article:
  10. When The

    Kim Jong-Un

    Do you guys think that Choe Yong-rim would get any coverage if he dies? Yong-rim is close to the Kim family and once held positions of power in North Korea. However, I don't know if he is still active in NK politics in 2023. I actually wonder if he could actually already be dead. The most recent article I could find about Choe Yong-rim is an article from Al Jazeera which mentions him being removed and replaced by the NK cabinet. The regime is very secretive and isolated so we never really know what happens to these people.
  11. When The

    King Constantine II of Greece

    Given the circumstances, I think they might be moving Constantine into hospice care or something like that. I think they are taking him out of the ICU so he can spend his final hours at home.
  12. When The

    The 100 Club

  13. When The

    King Constantine II of Greece

    I actually question how Greece is gonna react to his death... I don't know if Greeks are going to look at him in a positive or negative light.
  14. When The


    Apparently French Montana's bodyguard is injured, along with some rapper named Rob49. Can't find any updates in French Montana's condition.
  15. When The

    Welcome to Jackass

    This thread loves talking about It's favorite star... Anyway Margera says he almost died from seizures, a blood infection, and pneumonia. He's a possibility for 2024.

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