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  1. j0neseur0

    Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    fun fact, the stock photo "model" behind this much memed viral image is called Mike Baldwin.
  2. j0neseur0

    Conspiracy Theories

    Not a good year to be a Tennis player from that list!
  3. j0neseur0

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    It got boring
  4. j0neseur0

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Would be interested to see the viewing figures for tonight's News at 10 compared to the previous few night's (especially if there's figures that show the "switching off" at 10:05 once Reeta Chakrabarti didn't deliver the goods). Will give a good idea of how many ghouls are out there!
  5. j0neseur0

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    You've not got dark mode on have you?
  6. j0neseur0

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Wonder is Boris' big lockdown breif on Monday just happens to scrap the limit on funeral attendants.....
  7. j0neseur0

    Hugh Bonneville

    Meh. Still looks too much like Paul Burrell.
  8. j0neseur0

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    It's not a huge hint...just a fun "maybe a hint" kind of thing and it's based on there being detailed plans in place within all news establishments (print and televised) to ensure that when a Royal dies they announce it respectfully, promptly and in line with strict policies/procedures. (I.e. don't announce it wearing a low cleavage polka dot dress, don't post the headline next to a comedy story etc) So the Guardian going black could be seen as them expecting to have to be in an official state of mourning any time now.
  9. j0neseur0

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Nice spot! Newsreaders on the BBC still wearing colours though (not standing by in a safe little black number to announce something mournfully)
  10. j0neseur0

    Demi Lovato

    Agree it seems way too soon to be doing this kind of thing with her. It feels like a really foolish idea. I've got a lot of respect for people that purposely just stop being famous once they hit a wall like she did. Health over Fame, your recovery and beyond doesn't need documenting. I can't think of specific examples who have done that but maybe that's the whole point ha.
  11. j0neseur0

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    His wife's the crash causer in that relationship.
  12. j0neseur0

    The 5th death of 2021

    Yokey Doke for me
  13. j0neseur0

    how long till' the next hit ?

    6th March
  14. j0neseur0

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    If I was a betting man, I would bet that he is going to discharged alive and well
  15. Not a whole load of royalists on here then
  16. j0neseur0

    New Here And Just Saying Hello

    Nice to meet you, Cecilia.
  17. Stevie Nicks et al Any of the As and Bs of ABBA John Waters Michel Sardou
  18. j0neseur0

    Sock puppet accounts

    I had a 14 year gap almost of not posting at all, but was still reading the forum frequently. As in I'd have been sad if my account had been deleted due to inactivity.
  19. j0neseur0


    I used 14th Feb as my punt for the "Next Hit" poll so will stick with that for continuity. Makes my Yoko vote on the "Who's next" poll redundant though if right. Turmoil.
  20. j0neseur0

    Michael Barrymore

    It was about this time a year ago when that new Barrymore doc came out to renewed scandal and pitchforks ready.....but the attention lasted about twelve hours as almost immediately after Schofield came out as gay, Caroline Flack passed away and Wuhan started playing up. Bet he couldn't believe his luck.
  21. j0neseur0

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    Well I enjoyed him
  22. j0neseur0

    how long till' the next hit ?

    Feb 14th *again*
  23. j0neseur0

    The 4th death of 2021

    Beatle #5
  24. j0neseur0

    The 3rd death of 2021

    Gex the Gecko
  25. j0neseur0

    how long till' the next hit ?

    14th Feb again, why not

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