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  1. joneseuro


    I don't believe him and am filing this confession in the same draw as CJ from Eggheads' murder confession (i.e. crumbles upon investigation)
  2. joneseuro

    Pope Benedict XVI

    Why hope, when you can pray? (Specifically to St Anthony the Great, patron saint of shingles - facial or otherwise)
  3. joneseuro


    That's a sad one. I haven't a clue what he was like outside of the telly, but they're a fixture so it's a shame. Like when Dianne Oxberry went.
  4. joneseuro

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    I would quite like to see the list go in the opposite direction and try to get as many hits with less centenarians. But also I will absolutely not, in any way, be publicly upset if this doesn't happen or if people don't understand or agree with my sentiment.
  5. Ex Tory minister arrested not yet named..... hopefully his victim is being protected.
  6. joneseuro

    Jair Bolsonaro

    He's 100% going to catch it again (if that's possible). He looked noticeably ill from it, so if he's "recovered" he's also the type not to take the after effects seriously. Doesn't strike me as a "baby steps" kind of guy!
  7. joneseuro

    The 13th Death of 2020

    I'm stuck in a Desmond Tutu loop. I can't quit him. A wrong clock still dies or something. Sure that's a saying.
  8. joneseuro

    50. Peter Sutcliffe

    That doesn't seem long enough to make it a tradition (yet)
  9. joneseuro

    Donald J Trump

    Is it an inevitable landslide?
  10. joneseuro

    Boris Johnson

    All back in their usual wardrobe today. Boris must be on the mend.
  11. joneseuro

    Boris Johnson

    All of the UK newsreaders (that I've seen anyway) wearing black this morning... Remember the Peter Sissons/Red Tie/Queen Mum fiasco? Are they expecting a major announcement that nobody wants to be caught out in summer florals with ?
  12. joneseuro

    Boris Johnson

    I'm just not buying it. I've lived through too many "reports" on Prince Phil's imminent death to get in any way excited about this yet.
  13. joneseuro


    Fleetwood Mac?
  14. joneseuro


    Manchester based Bugzy Malone has been in, seemingly, quite a serious motorcycle crash. Can't find an article to link to but a video of the mangle/aftermath is causing debate on Twitter over A. Why would filming be your go to reaction to a friend coming off his bike? B. Why are you out playing on bikes during quarantine (ish) time C. You've now crashed and become a burden on an already crushed NHS. Anyway he's not dead, condition not yet confirmed though.
  15. joneseuro

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Camilla has been tested and has NOT got it which.....given the hype on just how easy to catch this virus is.....suggests trouble in marital paradise

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