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    My Opinion on unvalidated SCs: - Ese Gebelek, 128, claims to have 400 grandchildren??? That's not the only thing I doubt. Looks more like 88 rather than 128. Frail. - Swami Sivananda, 126, probably fake. Looks frail, but can still walk. He has had an incredibly healthy lifestyle, diet, and has lead a very fit lifestyle. I think there's a miniscule chance he's legit, but I highly doubt it. Unless he beat the 1 in a trillion odds, combined with a super healthy lifestyle... I doubt he's 126. - Manuel Garcia Hernandez, 126, fake. Looks 96, not 126. I'd be surprised if he's even 100. Frail, but mobile. - Marcelino Abad Tolentino, 123, fake. Documentary done on him at 119, and he could still do farm work. Probably 93. Small, but not frail. - Maria Gomes dos Reis, 122, if she was 116 I'd say her case was strong, but 122 is very hard to believe. Claims to have documentation, but I haven't seen anything yet. I'd say plausible, but very unlikely. Still, I wouldn't call her fake yet. - Andrelino Vieira da Silva, 122, more like 72. He's 122, but only if he's celebrating his birthday every 7 months. Probably mixed up with his grandfather. I'd be dumbfounded if this guy is even 100. Mobile. - Sebastiao Batista dos Santos, 121, he SOUNDS like he's the age claimed, but that'd where it ends. Probably more like 81 or 91 rather than 121. I doubt a 121 year old man could be that mobile. - Batuli Lamichhane, 120, Strongest case for someone over 118 on the gerontology fandom site. Has lots of documentation and a 1934 census record. She's the age claimed, I'd say. I talked to her great-grandson on Facebook. Has become very frail these past 3 or so years. - Zhang Meiyu, 117, likely fraudster. - Amelia Macoo, 117, also likely a fraudster. - Rosa Velandia, 116, I did some research on this case and I seemed to run into a lot of dead ends. Didn't find any evidence against her though. Should be investigated by professionals in my opinion. Might actually be 116. - Vicente Landaeta, 116, another Venezuelan claimaint??? This guy looks more like 76 than 116. I don't even think he's 95. Probably a fraudster. - Francisca Conceicao, 115, looks the age claimed. Not enough proof. However she could walk unassisted at 113, so I doubt she's the age claimed. Still possible though, as other SCs could walk unassisted at 113. Unlikely but possible. - Jose Flores Flores, 115, I've never seen any evidence against his case, but 115 almost 116 is very advanced for a male. Apparently, on 31st of December 2022 he was doing fine. I tried messaging his son on Facebook with no reply. - Anonymous Male, 115, considered "plausible" by several gerontologists. Need more documentation. Looks very frail. - Elias Chavez Alvarez, 114, the nursing home he lives at says he's 114, but his relatives claim he's only in his 90s. Has memories of the Mexican War from 1910-1920. I'm stumped on this case, especially since several sources cite that he has no family, but I think it's still an open investigation. Looks extremely frail. - Seliman Bandang, 113, Looks too young to be an SC, but you never know. Looks can be deceiving. Needs more proof, and real proof too, not some "Malaysian Book of Records". Can walk on his own, but uses a cane/wheelchair. - Otilio Dominguez Santos, 112, I'd bet dimes to dollars he's 112. Tons of documentation, but unfortunately not enough to meet standards. Talked to his great granddaughter on Facebook and he is doing fine. Looks frail, but still seems healthy. Lots of life left in his eyes. Could be the next Jiroemon Kimura if he gets validated. - Lorenzo Cayunao Millan, 112, keeps changing his birthdate. First it was May 15th, now June 17th. Considering the dates of birth of his older brother and younger sister, there's no way he could've been born when he claims he was. More likely 102, and not 112. Doesn't appear to have signs of extreme aging. - Carlos Julio Rincon Garzon, 112, researchers found he was more likely born in 1915 and not 1910. Looks strong still. Who do you think of this list is the most likely to be true? I'd have to go with Otilio Dominguez Santos, first, followed by Batuli Lamichhane, Jose Flores Flores, Rosa Velandia, and the Anonymous man from Brazil. I highly doubt any of the others are the age claimed. Maria Gomes dos Reis and Seliman Bandang have a slight chance, but nowhere near the 5 that I mentioned above. Just my thoughts. Let's hear yours...
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    Diego can like whatever post he wants to like. What does it matter to you? @Predictor you having a crummy day, and taking it out on him? I don't recall seeing in the guidelines that it's against the rules to like a post from years ago. If that's the kind of thing that upsets you, you must either be spoiled rotten, or have some serious issues you need to work on. Yikes.
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    @LafaucheuseI know it was a joke. I was playing along with it.
  4. lay_kulast95

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    @Lafaucheusewhy do you doubt it?
  5. lay_kulast95

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    Marcelino Abad Tolentino's claimed 123rd birthday confirmed. Unfortunately he is now wheelchair-bound. https://www.gob.pe/institucion/pension65/noticias/738924-pension-65-el-usuario-mas-longevo-del-pais-cumplio-123-anos
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    I feel Lamichhane is 119 because there have been January 1934 census records proving her age. And I do feel Mr. Flores Flores is also the age claimed, but we'll know for sure if these early life documents surface. Personally, I have not seen any evidence AGAINST these cases, but I'm not saying it's not out there. But you are right I've seen so much fakery its hard to know these days. There are families who claim to have an SC relative when their inner motivation is just to be on the big screen for having a relative who's WOLP. No disrespect toward Bandang of course, but he does not look nearly 113 and I'm not entirely sure of being open to the possibility he's the age claimed. He himself might believe he's turning 113 this month, but his family knows the truth and they might be going along with his claim in order to get some media attention. Not saying he's fake, but not saying he's got a high chance of being his age though. And I cannot believe Zak keeps posting his videos on here! Zak has some good theories about Calment but my god he needs to start posting more evidence rather than just the same thing over and over again I've watched his Calment theory videos and they go in one big long Loop. He has no new debatable evidence. I spoke with Zak a while back, and I told him I was behind him 100% on his signature theory and a couple of other things, but I told him he needs to explain things more simply rather than to just use all this circular logic to keep trying to convince people of the same thing over and over again. Personally I doubt Calment was 122, and I have a very unique perspective on how I came about to that conclusion. This is off topic but I'd like to add this here since it's been on my mind for a while. I'm VERY glad that Robert Young has been banned from the110club! Cheers! It's a lot more pleasant on there without some condescending jerk talking down to everyone and treating people like their some piece of filth lying in a gutter. If he's gonna act like that then he absolutely deserves to be banned and fired as president from LQ. And to think that he had the audacity to go on the global supercentenarian forum and spy on us, and to badger people for information is beyond me. Yeah, we've got a 2nd pandemic on the move and it's called "Robert Young's tyranny". I'll bet dimes to dollars that I could get on any subway and pick any random person and they'd be a lot less arrogant than Young. I mean my god, who does he think we are? Some lab rats that he can just pick on whenever he needs to get out the anger from his day? Dude needs to grow up and act like a 48 year old gerontologist instead of acting like an 8 year old who's been spoiled rotten by mommy and daddy. And just to let you know I've gotten some hell on the global supercentenarian forum myself, it's slowly turning into the110club with witchy members being condescending for making the slightest little mistake or talking slightly off topic. I personally find it healthy to go off on tangents, because that's how you discover more knowledge. Just my two cents. Peace
  7. lay_kulast95

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    @arghton What do you mean Mrs. Batuli Lamichhane looks closer to 40 than 120? I have done some deep digging here while I've been left "in the dark" and I have found a substantial amount of evidence that assures Mrs. Lamichhane was indeed born on March 23, 1903 and is currently 119 years & 359 days old. I'm not saying this evidence is 100% guaranteed but it definitely supports her case. I spoke with her great grandson on Facebook and he has submitted her documentation to Guinness World Records and they are reviewing her case right now as we speak. If this is true, this means that Mrs. Randon would have never been the WOLP. As for Mr. Jose Flores-Flores I spoke with the news station who interviewed him and they claim to have early life documents proving his age, and 1948 military records that also support his age. They told me that his family cannot pay the fee to apply to get his documentation checked. I told the news station that to apply for the WOLM title is completely free. They wrote back and told me they have contacted his family. I also wrote a personal message to his son explaining the GRG, LAS, and LQ. Haven't heard a response. If these early life documents actually exist Mr. Flores-Flores would be the WOLM, and the 2nd oldest man ever documented after Jiroemon Kimura. He would also be the 3rd oldest living person. I have also "discovered" the case of an Ethiopian man claiming to he 170 years of age. Obviously his claim to fame is false, but I have done some deep digging and have been in contact with the news station from his hometown. Apparently his oldest son is 93. While this man is NOT the age claimed, if his son is REALLY 93 and has not inflated his age, this man is definitely a Supercentenarian and should go down in our record books. If his son is 93, he's probably around 110-112 but definitely not over 117. I'll update what comes from this.
  8. lay_kulast95

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    I'm very pleased to see a new photo of Mr. Mora. He does look frail, but there's lots of life left in those eyes.

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