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  1. TheMoose

    Ian Paisley

    there'll never be another paisley eh? What about JR?
  2. TheMoose

    Margaret Thatcher

    perhaps with the added stress of Mark being arrested she might just pop her clogs... and did I read something about Mark Thatcher possibly being handed over to a cannibalistic Dictator? now that could be a supprise entry for 2005... (if he lasts that long) "Thatcher has been charged with violating South Africa’s anti-mercenary law and faces 15 to 20 years in prison if convicted. But lawyers in Equatorial Guinea say they may extradite him to stand trial in their country — where cannibal Obiang is said to eat the testicles of his enemies." - The Sun Article
  3. TheMoose

    Things to do while waiting for Death ... 2004

    Yetisports Tried these? this kill's plenty of time where I work, we keep a running tally of scores and it gets VERY competitive

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