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  1. Poetry Man

    Wendy Richard

    So bye bye Wendy, you were great, In are you being Served; But being served no longer, At least, that's what I heard. You made a disc when you were young With someone called Mike Sarne; I bet they re-release it, And it goes to number 1. But tomorrow night at 9.30, On Long Island PBS TV; I'll gladly switch the box on, Because with the gang, that's where you'll be. Behind the counter, with the lady with the pussy, And that other dead guy, who acts like a proper wussy, And I shall morn. Written in the style of Wendy Cope
  2. Poetry Man

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn is a very very long name; And I have to confess, it's hard to rhyme, But I really could have done it, but like Alex, I've run out of time. I wanted to make this poem good, because he deserves a real good tome, But it's very nearly five o'clock - and I have to rush off home. I'll try again tomorrow, because tomorrow is another day, Well for me perhaps, but not Alex, life is just funny that way. So rest well Mr. Solzhenitsyn - if anyone deserves it, it's you, And i'll read your book tomorrow, and this time, all the way through!
  3. Poetry Man

    Russell Watson

    Well I don't know about Banshees Scream, but anybody that can say "Linguistic Linda Lovelace" can certainly call me Fluffy Bunny! LOL!
  4. Poetry Man

    Russell Watson

    OK - I am not prone to replying to people who think this site is sick, or that in this particular thread, we members of Deathlist.net are being cruel to Russell Watson. I think he should shoulder some of the blame, perhaps even all of it. If he had not become ill, he would not have even been considered for the list until at least 2050, so frankly it is Russell's fault. Now I am sure some of you doubters out there think I am being cruel, but people.... he did get ill! He started it! Not us and I think he owes us all an apology. If I was write to my poem before he died, do you think he might record it? Poetry Man. PS: I looked up "scat" - what a mess!
  5. Poetry Man

    Charlton Heston

    "Get your hairy paws off me," Was what old Charlton said; He cannot say it more, Cos Charlton Heston's dead! He played so many varied roles, All good, so one supposes, But I guess the best he ever did, Was play that bloke called Will Penny. (Are you sure?) He held his rod up in the air, And the Red Sea? It did part, He rode in a race in ancient Rome, In a fancy horse and cart. He starred in a film where the theatre shook, As San Fran had a Quake, Then he played another part And was speared to death with a stake. So bye bye Chuck and thanks a lot For all the pleasure and fun; There'll never be another like you, You were the only one. Poetry Man Circa 4/07/08.
  6. Poetry Man

    Francis Pym

    If you said to me, it would be him, I'd never have guessed old Francis Pym! Poetry Man in the style of Ogden Nash - March 2008
  7. Poetry Man

    Edmund Hillary

    I feel a poem coming on: "River Deep, Mountain High" as sung by Tina and Ike, Edmund went up that mountain, it was one hell of a hike; And now Sir Eddie's bit the dust, and gone up even higher, Or perhaps he went the other way, which would be much more dire. So Bye Bye Edmund, I couldn't be sadder, Unless you were the other Edmund - you know, he of Blackadder, From now on and for all time, it is ever rest for you, Ever rest above Everest, how fitting, how thrilling - how true. Poetry Man - Circa 2008, Danbury, Connecticut, USA.
  8. Poetry Man

    Elizabeth Edwards

    Well I am disappointed - I thought she was the daughter of Percy Edwards - the guy that used to do bird impressions.
  9. Poetry Man

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    Lord David Attenborough... surely he cannot survive 2008 can he?
  10. Poetry Man

    Barbara Kelly

    I was sorry to hear that Barbara Kelly died, she of 'What's my Line' fame, and I think, Criss Cross Quiz many years ago. Although I may be wrong on that.
  11. Poetry Man

    Tim Johnson

    I am dissapointed that Tim Johnson has been added to the 2007 list. He may be an American senator, but the only thing he is really famous for, is his current ill-being and its possible consequences. It is this very ill-being that has thrust him into the headlines, if it were not for this I doubt the people who have constructed the 2007 list would have ever heard of him.
  12. Poetry Man

    Gerald Ford

    So say Bye-Bye to dear old Gerry, He was Pres, when it was hairy, You'll never see the likes of him-a-gan When they bury him deep, in darkest Michigan. Rest in Peace. Poetry Man, circa 2006 in the style of nobody.
  13. Poetry Man

    Joseph Barbera

    Such sad news, for me, more for you, Let me just say: Yabba, Yabba Dabba, Dabba Doo. (to be read with respectful pause between first and second Yabba and first and second Dabba.) Poetry Man 12/19/2006
  14. Poetry Man

    Al Lewis

    He led a life so full of funsta Did our Al, old Granpa Munster, So flap your cape, become a Bat, In the Munsters -you were quite good at that. Poetry Man - 2/9/06
  15. Poetry Man

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2006

    Reg Varney

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