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  1. ~Jonathan~

    Red Buttons

    Red Buttons' real name was Aaron Chwatt. More on him here. [Moved from near Misses thread - ff]
  2. ~Jonathan~

    Harold Pinter

    Not if he persists in smoking heavily he won't. Yeah Harold has been something of a disappointment on the death front, seeing him give that Nobel speech sitting down and with a blanket over his legs I thought a couple of months tops but nope, there he was a few weeks ago giving a studio interview for a BBC arts programme. He looked terrible mind you so he'll be a candidate for 2007 maybe
  3. ~Jonathan~

    Ideas and possibilities for 2007

    Karl Malden. He's a possibility for this year as well. He was born in 1912 so I feel perhaps a better possibility of carking it than even Eli Wallach

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