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  1. VileBody

    Dennis Waterman

    Is that right - can I buy it???? BTW you remember the shoe smashing down the pedal in blue and white in the opening credits of the later series? - the guvnor had a pair of them and they were knocked out by a geezer in Hammersmith to all the CID. I know, cos i was polishing them...
  2. VileBody

    Dennis Waterman

    I think you have the essence of it - there was a lot of overlap, but the old man didn't stuff security van drivers with a crowbar or threaten 18year old cashiers with a shooter - armed robbery is such a job for "brave men", of course ...might have shagged the boyos' girlfriends tho... Can't work any more now everyone's accountable...
  3. VileBody

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Christ, had major curry last night and need a bowel resection meself....
  4. VileBody

    Richard Pryor

    raider+Dec 12 2005, 12:51 AM--> QUOTE(Tom( raider @ Dec 12 2005, 12:51 AM) Twelve down, two more to go to beat the all time record! Would that be too much to ask for the next three weeks? Has any stats-freak monitored how many nominees tend to die in december? December is a great month - usually around xmas
  5. VileBody

    Dennis Waterman

    My old man was in the job at the time the Sweeney was made - not Squad but West End Clubs Squad out of West End Central from '69 to '73 - job consisted of turning up at 6pm, writing up the night before then sitting in dodgy venues talking to "faces" til 6am. Tough hours, tough days, tough men... However, my point was that the guvnor's driver once took the late great J. Thaw home from a police dinner [piss-up] and Thaw was deeply in character telling the guy that he was a S**t driver, disgrace to the job etc, so the bloke pulled him out of the back, told him he was Manc pouf actor, smacked him and left him to get the bus. Great hours, great days, great guys....
  6. VileBody

    A Joke

    You should complain, sweetie - what about my dead pope and the Irishman joke...
  7. VileBody

    Treasonable Politicians

    I do wish that were true - the reality I suspect is that you'll still have to bring in your passport, driving licence, poll tax bill, gas bill, pet registration, your mother-in-law's parrot's birth certificate and a sperm sample to be allowed to buy a train ticket. Oh, and you need the ID card. Which can't be read by the different machine on the Underground...
  8. VileBody

    God Be Praised

    Thanks all - haven't felt so welcome since I last disclosed my address to the Child Support Agency... Went profoundly mad at work - they'll probably cite all the time on DL as we row about things...
  9. VileBody

    Treasonable Politicians

    By crackey, this home hubbie thing makes you race to catch up on the DL issues of the moment. In fact I'm so absorbed with thinkinh must stop drinking and get ready for the school run run I can't think of ought relevant to contribute - but see above about 10 pages ago. (a do run run...)
  10. VileBody

    A Joke

    That's a full Ayatollah joke - what can i say
  11. VileBody

    Treasonable Politicians

    Yes, thought I was...
  12. VileBody

    God Be Praised

    Very kind! Missed you all like that cathartic waking up with sensuous hangover when you can still have a lie in - or as Bored of the Rings puts it: "Like a dog returning to a much loved spew" Nought better in the world! Great to be back!!
  13. VileBody

    God Be Praised

    Very odd not having your weird company - will endeavour to muck in again, me dears
  14. VileBody


    Robert Hardy is 80 - 2006 candidate?
  15. VileBody

    Ronnie Barker

    6 if you count the meaningless double "!" . I'm also a bit worried about the ambiguous participle or gerund use of "discussing" - are we supposed to be disgusted with "our selves (sic)" who happen to be discussing etc., or are we to be disgusted with the discussing which belongs to us? Alternatively, he (or she) may have meant "your selves' discussing" and missed out the apostrophe - that's actually quite a profound thought, ie that we should be disgusted by the actions of our inner souls or "selves" in discussing dead people. Whatever. Phuq off.

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