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  1. Catherine

    Sister Lucia

    I actually suggested Lucia first. I'll be quite sad when she dies, her being one of the last people to have experienced such a vision. At least she has her place in history.
  2. Catherine

    Kay Walsh

    Does anyone know how Kay Walsh is?
  3. Catherine

    Ian Paisley

    LOL. Great photo of the two comrades - you don't have one of Gerry Adams in a Rangers shirt by any chance?
  4. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0942039/board/flat/8014790
  5. Catherine

    Meinhardt Raabe

    Meinhardt Raabe is one of the last surviving cast members of The Wizard Of Oz. He is 88, however I have no information on his health. http://aol.imdb.com/name/nm0704638/
  6. Catherine

    Ruth Warrick

    Last surviving cast member of Citizen Kane, 89. Also starred in All My Children. Unfortunately I read this on IMDb: (May 2004) In very fragile health and wheelchair-ridden, 89-year-old Ruth was on hand to accept her daytime Emmy award for "lifetime achievement."
  7. Catherine

    Rosemary Kennedy

    Surely poor Rose doesn't have long left? 84, I believe and still institutionalised after her lobotomy.
  8. Catherine

    Ian Paisley

    He decided not to contest a European seat this year. Speculation has mounted about his health, although he still makes regular public appearances and digs at Catholics.
  9. Catherine

    Deborah Kerr

    I'm sad to say that the great Mrs. Kerr is not in the best of health. I read that she was too ill to travel to London to receive an OBE, MBE (summat like that) She is "frail but in good spirits".
  10. Catherine

    Courtney Love

    Courtney is unlikely to sort herself out. As previously mentioned, I can see her becoming a Paula Yates type of character very soon.
  11. Catherine

    How very, VERY frustrating!

    I'm still here, just waiting for the first result of 2004
  12. Catherine

    How very, VERY frustrating!

    It is frustrating when people are passed over but looking at some of these names, it surely can't be long for some of them. Reagan and Princess Alice have been in poor health for years despite reaching advanced age and Alastair Cooke looks to be fragile as well. As a matter of interest, what's been the longest hiatus?
  13. Catherine

    Rule change proposal for DeathList

    I don't like this proposal. It ain't broke, so why fix it? Even if it was just to improve on last years result, it wouldn't be a fair comparison. If you want to spice up Deathlist, take Stayin Alive's idea and start some betting on who'll be the next to go. BTW I think this will be a successful year as there are lots of people on it who have lived longer than anyone expected but are sure to go soon - Princess Alice is a 100% definite for this year. The number of years she's survived despite poor health in her 90's is astounding.
  14. Catherine

    Dead Losses (2003)

    I was about to post something to that effect.. Has he ever been considered for Deathlist inclusion? Maybe we need a brainstorming on well-known prisoners serving life sentences. Isn't Rose West alive?
  15. Catherine

    Michael Jackson

    It would be an amazing shot but a long one at that. I can't really see it happening. Firstly whether he is innocent or not he will pay off the child and avoid prison Then I can't see it happening if he ended up there. He's always seemed like a positive person to me despite his difficulties.

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