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  1. doomchanter

    The Chequered Flag

    Bernie Ecclestone looks like a shrunken Andy Warhol As I often say after an extra heavy night on the sauce "I feel like Andy Warhol looks"
  2. doomchanter

    Prince Philip Or Nelson Mandela?

    There has been a lot of chat around my workplace as to who will be the first to croak. Early this year discussions were rather heated with money on the table when it looked like a photo finish. Sadly the issue has yet to be resolved - leaving a rift between the flag waving royalists (who took offence) and the rest of us. A pompous state funeral would have rounded 2013 of perfectly. No pleasing some folks.
  3. doomchanter

    Michael Jackson

    God almighty! lets pray that Maggie Thatcher slips away tonight or its going to be 24/7 on the news!!
  4. doomchanter

    Michael Jackson

    anyone want to buy some tickets?
  5. doomchanter

    Margaret Thatcher

    "maggot hatcher"
  6. doomchanter

    Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Mudslides

    Can any of our members hazzard a guess at the toll from Wilma? Two points to bear in mind are : Some simulations have it heading for Florida, governed by Jed? Bush. They have had a few days warning. My guess is less than 250
  7. doomchanter

    George Best

    I must express my dismay on the lack of a thread to discuss the ledgendary "Huricane". I like many others have much to say on the subject. Why dont they give George another liver ? He seemed to get quite a good milage out of the last one considering it was second hand. Maybe other members feel the same?
  8. doomchanter

    Ronnie Barker

    Maybe some good will come out of all this tradegy, Ronnie Corbet could pair up with Ernie Wise in a "comedy" duo and do a saturday night special with Cannon and Ball (star guest Bruce Foprsyth)
  9. doomchanter

    Ronnie Barker

    It was not long ago I was watching a rerun of "open all hours" and I thought to myself what a load of sh**e . Perhaps other members have had a similar experience.
  10. doomchanter

    Ronnie Barker

    I wonder if Ronnie had a prerecorded tribute to David?
  11. doomchanter

    Ronnie Barker

    I just saw David Jacobs in a perecorded tribute, god he looked old....
  12. doomchanter

    Ronnie Barker

    By the way are any of the Goons still breathing?
  13. doomchanter

    Ronnie Barker

    I just heard a classic quote on sky news..."Its a bit like losing Eric Morcambe again"....pass the sic bag
  14. doomchanter


    You can make your own "white dog turd" by gently drying a standard dogs egg in a corner of your living room , sadly this dried morsel lacks the moist "tread" of the original and also the flavour
  15. doomchanter


    Has anyone seen any children with "scoobies" recently? My local shop seems well stocked but they don't seem to be shifting too many. Prehaps members would like to nominate other crazes that are about to "bite the dust", the "internet" for example.

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