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    Academic Footnotes

    Problem with most academics is they tend to disapeer when they get old or retire, so hard to tell what health they are in. For my contributions Stuart Hall (not the It's a Knockout one though they are about they are about the same age) comes to mind as he hasn't done anything in a while. Harold Bloom is 80 now and particulalry noted for his various pretensions. Also, someone who mentioned before on here who is surprisingly still alive, Christian theologian John Hick is now 88. Most of the original Post-structuralists are already dead, but on other philosophers, Jurgan Habermass is probably one of the most famous still alive and is now 81 but still occasionally pops in the media. Hiliary Putnamn is 84 but still a professor (dunno how active) at Harvard. Gore Vidal seems to make less appearances than he used to these days and say even more ridicilous things when he does and at 85 could be a decent outside bet. Doris Lessing is 91 though one a literary prize in 2007. Unfortunatly I have go and read some these people in a studenty capacity but it is an awful good way to waste time on Wikipedia if anyones interested.
  2. Ize

    Brittany Murphy

    I knew her only as the voice of Luanne in King Of The Hill, didn't know she was actually a real actress who was aparently in quite a few films I've seen. Can be very educational this death thing.
  3. Ize

    Michael Jackson

    While the media coverage is a touch ridiculous/ghoulish its hard to imagine Bill O'Reilly as a voice of common sense. His bizarre anti-media rants seem to pertain more to himself than anyone else. He has made a bigger deal out of race by claiming everyone else has made a big deal out of race (they havn't really). Although interestingly there was little concern about the sancity of media when he and his channel endlessly reported the death of talentless, micro-celebrity Anna-Nicole Smith who was, as I recall, white. But back on the Micheal Jackson death front,the website that first reported him dead are now claiming he was murdered
  4. Ize

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2010

    One highly possible candidate I stumbled upon: the oldest sitting member of the House of Lord's, the 97 year old Baron Glenamara. Hasn't voted since 2001 on anything. Good old British democracy. A former labour minister under Harold Wilson and was aparantly notorious as the Postmaster General who went after offshore pirate radio stations, so should definitly get an obit. I also came across a Lord Carrington, the longest sitting Lord-been there since 1945-but at a mere 90 and with a few speechs in the last year is probably a less likly candidate.
  5. Ize

    36. Shane MacGowan

    He's got his teeth fixed and looks fairly healthy.
  6. Ize

    David Irving

    Got me wondering for no real reason if indeed David Irving is up to anything these days-Google news seach suggests nothing too high profile or unexpected. Meeting with Nick Griffen and writing an abusive, barely comprehensible racist email to Jewish Times columist Daniel Finklestien. Par for the course really. He's email address seems to be on that page so if you feel like asking him if he's likley to die soon theres fresh info to be had.
  7. Ize

    Robbie Williams

    Robbie's becoming the Howard Hughes of the 21st century. The prodigious early success, a mother complex, the "Hollywood" years, dating all kinds of famous women, a James Bond tie-in, rumours of homosexuality, drug abuse, and the descent into madness featuring a strange beard and spending time in Nevada. Just watched the Aviator and was looking through Hughes page on Wikipedia and thinking it would make an interesting deathlist thread, and be interesting in general, if there was 21st Century Howard Hughes. First thread I open and there's the very possibility. Of course, its difficult to will someone to become a mentally ill recluse, not to mention a touch morally dubious. Gotta be the obvious candidate though.
  8. Ize

    The Sixth 2008 Success Poll

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn, thought it was time for someone I'd heard of before joining Deathlist, well I'd heard of Hilary but this one should get a bit of attention anyway. And I seem to remember an article suggesting he was dying over a year ago.
  9. Ize

    Death By Jazz

    Apologies, was news to me on the 24th. Think of it as making the jazz thread more comprehensive.
  10. Ize

    Death By Jazz

    A young Jazz man, although only a vicariously famous one, has died toady.Jason Rae, 31, was the husband of more famous Connie Rae-Bailey. He was a saxonhonist in The Haggis Horns. Died of a suspected drug overdose
  11. Ize

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2009

    The last surviving member of Argentina's 1930 world cup squad Francisco Varallo has been in the news latley (OK the odd bit of obscure football news). Now 98 his record as top scorer for Boca Juniors is under threat, although he claims he scored 15 more than offical records show.
  12. Ize

    Amy Winehouse

    Amy has months to live says husband. I suppose you can interpret that as etheir nasty story selling antics or a genuine plea to his wife to stop using lots and lots of drugs. Seems a bit harsh to conclude that the grubby looking person who doesn't like being chased by paperazzi is the cause of all problems though.
  13. Ize

    World War I Veteran(s)

    If theres only 28 if them, it wouldn't be impossible for them all to die in 2008. Its amazing enough to think they are alive 91 years after the war ended. And considering must countries are down to one or two, most of them would get an obit somewhere.
  14. Ize

    Ariel Sharon

    People, and I'm primairly thinking of the not exactly Jew friendly guest, seem to forget a life support machine doesn't make you immortal. In fact its usually a pretty good sign your in poor health. But even if he wasn't in a coma, he'd be a great candidate, he's over 80, overweight and alot of people fervently wish him to die.
  15. Ize

    The Dead - 2007

    Jeffery Owen Jones journalist and more notably inspiration for a Bob Dylan song (The Ballad of a Thin Man) dead aged 64 from lung cancer.
  16. Ize

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    I'd be shocked if naked old person didn't get a tabloid obit. Esspecially if she dies fending of a chav. Obviously Castro has shown aging communists can be troublesome but might be worth considering Jiang Zemin former long serving leader of China. No information on his health (there wouldn't be) but he's now 81 ,is very rarley seen in public and has gave up the last of his offical titles. Probably a long shot though.
  17. Ize

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    The oldest surviving ex-Isreali prime minister, Ephraim Katzir is now 91.
  18. Ize

    Michael Foot

    Was intrigued by whether this is the case so did a google news search on "sudden stroke." Where a few results (12) but perhaps not the most respectable news outlets. No disrespect to thisisgloucestershire.co.uk or Harrisonburg Daily News Record. Sharing the dubious honour of claiming to know what a 'sudden stroke' is the Jewish Expotent, Wilmington Morning Star and , of course, The Daily Mail.
  19. Ize

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    Was going to add his name a few days ago but couldn't log in for some reason. Aside from having one of the highest random assination chances, he looks alot older than 70-something he is. Didn't do alot of moving or talking in that documentary etheir, sounding highly confused most of the time.
  20. Ize

    Pressing The Self-destruct Button

    I went from Shane as he's nearly fifty and only one I can't even remember a rumor about him trying to live a healthy life. He's properly committed.
  21. Ize

    Stars In Rehab

    She is only 23 and we (or at least I) don't know exactly what drugs etc she's into, so I doubt, unless she is suicidal, that she'll die in the near future. If she's as bad as the tabloids claim the alchol alone might start having some serious effects around, say, 30. If she had turned up for the Oxygen Festival a couple of weeks ago I could have given a live report, but sadly she did not. Not that I would have watched her bland jazz preformances even if she was sober, but she messed up the stage times and caused me to miss quite a few decent bands.
  22. Ize

    The Sixth 2007 Success Poll

    Went for Billy Graham soley on the basis when I looked across the top of the screen to see who number five was, I thought I seen his name. Though there is no indication he is critically ill as her, him and Messener make an interesting battle of the Evangelists, esspecially as Tammy thinks God is going to save her.
  23. Ize

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    John Hick a philosopher, is 85 this year though admittly still seems fairly active, writing articles on his website as recently as April. I'm only aware of him because we used some his books at school but I'm assured he is rather famous.
  24. Ize

    The English Language

    You were a Lurker! I've got your first album on vinyl! Had to look up that reference to my shame, late seventies British punk band known as the British Ramones to save anyone else the bother. Though there is a surprisingly long article on wikipedia about the decidedly non-punk messageboard varitey of lurking.
  25. Ize

    Damn, won't anyone die?

    I check most days but generally have a quick look at the topics and don't post. Perhaps a symtom of spending alot of time proir to regestration as a lurker. I reckon there will be quite a few to die this year. Statisitcally, it's very, very unlikley that all the over 100s will survive and there is a fair few more in the upper ninties. Tammy Faye probably, I wouldn't be sure about George Melly, don't know how bad his cancer is. Ariel Sharon would be a decent candidate is he wan't in a coma. Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Mark Felt are apparantly very frail. I would perhaps say Al Morino( one from Happy Days), he's been sick for a few years and frankly I thought he was already dead. Castro is still a possible as well. And there is usually a bunch of unexpected ones. Weren't there only something like three by this time last year anyay?

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