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  1. IKYWN

    Ross Davidson

    Well that's an entry off my DDP for next year. You'd though he'd hang on. That's another ass I'll be kicking when I get up top.
  2. IKYWN

    Ross Davidson

    After my miserable performance on the DDP in 2006, he's definately going my next year's list if he lasts that long.
  3. IKYWN


    Apparently its true. He's toast, whoever he is.
  4. IKYWN

    Near misses 2006

    Actor Tom Bell is ringing the bell on the Pearly Gates as we speak http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/5410720.stm
  5. IKYWN

    Near misses 2006

    I´m mortified by the lack of famous deaths. I´m on holiday at the moment, (Lanzarote if your´re interested), and my holidays have always featured a famous death. Pope JP 1 and Rudolf Hess be notable examples. I emplore famous celebrities to start dying immediately before I return home next Thursday, otherwise I may suffer irrepairable psychological damage. (Of course, if a fellow Deathlister would like to go an kill a celebrity, this will help a great deal ).
  6. IKYWN

    Red Buttons

    They're droping like flies this week, though I can't see how we missed putting and 87-year old on the 2006 list.
  7. IKYWN

    John Spencer

    Well it is first thing in the morning.
  8. IKYWN

    John Spencer

    Three-time world snooker champion John Spencer has played his last frame. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_spor...ker/5171212.stm
  9. IKYWN

    Pink Floyd

    I presume he's now Comfortably Numb, or did he forget to Breathe?
  10. IKYWN

    Norman Wisdom

    Recovering? Back on his feet? Has this man no consideration for other people's feelings? He's on my DDP list for goodness sake!
  11. IKYWN

    Near misses 2006

    Do you think he'll start singing "My Ears Are Alight?" if they cremate him??
  12. IKYWN

    Pete Doherty

    A BBC poll is currently giving 96.33% to 3.67% on a Is Pete Doherty...? A rock hero or A 'worn-out addict' question. No guesses what way the 96% is leaning.
  13. IKYWN

    Pete Doherty

    Yep, he's been arrested again http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/4951078.stm
  14. IKYWN

    Pete Doherty

    There must be more people following his criminal career than have ever followed his so-called musical one.
  15. IKYWN

    Gene Pitney

    An interesting fact has emerged about his death. If he had started travelling from Cardiff, it would have taken him just about 24 hours to get to Tulsa.
  16. IKYWN

    Gene Pitney

    Was it just a case of him carking, or was it a John Entwistle-type death with a whore and a bag of cocaine? Something's got a hold of his heart Looks like a mad rush to be the first to report Pitney's death. Have to say I'm really surprised that he's died. Especially since he was only 65. Saw him on tv just over a year ago and he looked fine.
  17. IKYWN

    Sir Patrick Moore

    I'm praying for his soul......... to rapidly depart his body, as he's on my DDP list.
  18. IKYWN

    Gary Glitter

    There's no doubt a lot of corruption in Vietnam and he's quite wealthy by their standards. I'm sure he'll be able to make himself quite comfortable. What will happen when he gets extradited back here and the British press get hold of him is a different matter. I'd put him down as a possibility for 2008.
  19. IKYWN

    Peter Osgood Dies

    My aunt knew his aunt. Possibly still does. My aunt is still alive but I don't know whether Osgood's aunt is. Possibly he was at her funeral.
  20. IKYWN

    Pete Doherty

    Obviously couldn't face up to George Michael hogging the limelight.
  21. IKYWN

    Near misses 2006

    I wonder if they'll feed him to the sharks?
  22. IKYWN

    Pete Doherty

    Our Pete has been sentenced to a 12-month community order. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/default.stm I can't help thinking if it was me who'd been repeatedly caught with large quantities of narcotics I'd now be worried about dropping the soap in the showers. However, on reflection the sight of the Shambling One being followed around by the tabloid press trying to catch him within a mile of a speck of coke is sure to be entertaining. Not to mention the attempts by the same tabloid scum to trap him into buying vast amounts of laughing powder so they can print him all over the front pages of thier crude little comics.
  23. IKYWN

    DL Members' Secrets

    This has all the makings of a classic farce. Why don't you get Brian Rix round as well so his trousers can fall down at the right moment? I might use this as the basis of a film script. Personally I have no deady secrets and am therefore an ideal candidate for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats.
  24. IKYWN

    Pete Doherty

    "Doherty appeared in the same court last week to admit possessing heroin, crack cocaine, morphine and marijuana." He's a one-man walking drugs department store isn't he?
  25. IKYWN

    Pete Doherty

    And apparently for assault as well. There's conflicting reports that he's been remanded in custody or been released on bail. I can't wait for the trial. "The defendant asked for 5,768 similar offences to be taken into account".

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