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  1. I don't think he was dead at the time, but he probably is now. There used to be a retired copper living opposite me. He was the guy who found Lucan's car in Newhaven. A few years ago he was interviewed on a documentary. He dies a couple of years back, so I suppose he was a very minor celebrity himself

  2. It seems ot be a pretty fruitful time for a certain Mr G Reaper today


    Jazz composer Billy Taylor



    Some skinny model



    Some bloke who wrote about art. Pretty minor I do admit



    And finally, the guy from Boney M. This is rather a big one, has it been reported elsewhere?


  3. Elizabeth Beresford, Creator of the Wombles, has died aged 84.

    She has an obit on the BBC News website: Link.


    She is also a unique pick on the DDP for Short Distance Clara. Don't know if she is a party pooper yet...


    That'll teach her to wombling in the snow


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